What happens now: Make this Valley Full of Ditches

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Make this Valley Full of Ditches

By Mario Murillo

What happens in Los Banos now? I have already gone on record as saying that this is the greatest revival spirit that I have ever seen.  So we just keep going this week right?  No actually we are going to wait until Sunday September 7th.

This makes no sense. Stop the rallies at the peak of momentum?  How can you stop when multitudes are being saved and healed? In the natural it makes no sense but in the world of the Spirit it makes perfect sense.  This is because a strange and wonderful guidance from the Lord has come about Los Banos.    These last few weeks were but a taste of His glory.  He is providing a short period of preparation for the real glory and the real harvest.

Here is a story from the Bible that explains what God is doing: 2 Kings 3 beginning with verse 15: “‘But now bring me a musician.’ Then it happened, when the musician played, that the hand of the Lord came upon him.16 And he said, “Thus says the Lord: ‘Make this valley full of ditches.’ 17 For thus says the Lord: ‘You shall not see wind, nor shall you see rain; yet that valley shall be filled with water, so that you, your cattle, and your animals may drink.’ Then verse 20 says, “Now it happened in the morning, when the grain offering was offered, that suddenly water came by way of Edom, and the land was filled with water.”

3 Kings needed water for their armies to avert disaster.  The prophet Elisha was called to save the day.  They fully expected him to lead them to water but instead he said, “Make this valley full of ditches.” God wanted them to make a container for the miracle!

what if

God had to stop us! Holy Spirit is saying to the army in Los Banos, “MAKE THIS VALLEY FULL OF DITCHES.  We are to dig ditches to contain the massive miracle that is coming.  By stopping we are not retreating we are advancing.

What do these ditches look like?  We dig ditches in prayer, planning and preparation.  If hundreds are saved we need to make nets to contain the catch.  If meetings go on night after night we need to pace ourselves so that we do not grow weary in well doing.  And finally, we must dig in and brace ourselves for the unexpected onslaught of the enemy.

The next few weeks are crucial to the outpouring of God Los Banos.  We are making the greatest statement of faith imaginable. Here is our confession: “Lord You are about to send us rain, harvest and blessing on a massive scale.  We are going to contain it!

This is an opportunity that we cannot waste.  God is about to show up on a level of power that is like nothing any of us have ever seen before.  Pastors do not shrink back from your duty!  Ignite the people, give them their marching orders.  Tell them it is now or never.

september return



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By Mario Murillo


It is a challenge and an honor to tell you about last night.  To do this correctly I must start with a brief backstory. 


Sitting on highway 152 connecting Interstate 5 and Highway 99 Los Banos is known as a city that you pass through on your way to somewhere else. Los Banos is a modern Bethlehem, a community that is overlooked but chosen by God to give birth to a great miracle.


The town’s economy was agricultural until the housing boom.  As home prices soared in the San Francisco Bay Area, developers lured commuters to the affordable housing here.  Then the whole thing came crashing down when the great recession hit.  People simply chose to abandon their homes leaving entire developments desolate.  Gangs saw an opening and came to add to the misery, on top of all this the state cut off water to the farmers.  This was a town that was being pummeled by the three “D”s: Drugs, Depression and Drought.


Pastors began to pray together, intercessors walked the streets of Los Banos pleading for God’s intervention. Year in and year out the prayers went up to God. Then it happened. 

souls saved in Los Banos



I know that I am speaking with the blessing of the pastors when I tell you that God’s not-so-secret weapon here is John and Rita Calderon who lead Day 3 Church.  John and Rita carry a jealousy destroying humility and love that has gained the unqualified respect of the other pastors.  Without this, the miracle could not have happened.  Everybody knows that this couple is as devoted to the success of all the churches, not just their own.


July 13, 2014 in Los Banos will be remembered in the annals of revival.  That is when meetings began so pure and powerful that the guest evangelist will barely get an honorable mention.  This was nothing but God answering a cry so deep and so sincere that it jolted heaven into action.


People asked people to go to the meetings and they said yes. Pastors gave the order and the Body of Christ came to attention.  Something wonderful began to brood over the city.  Conviction gripped lost souls and the altars filled every time we gathered.  The evangelist would wade into the audience and give detailed descriptions of disease to complete strangers igniting faith resulting in instant healings.

Hundreds have been saved and healed and now we come to the meeting last night.  Expectancy crackled as the crowds poured into the theater.  The worship began 30 minutes early.  The people lifted a crescendo of worship that I have never seen before.  This glorious uprising of song was their anthem of gratitude to God for the hope and love that had come to town.

Unlike other nights, this night God began to heal en masse.  A blanket of healings settled gently but forcefully on the people.  After a couple of sweeps of power, words of knowledge appeared.

Woman leaves her wheelchair and begins to run!

The evangelist walked to the back right hand side, asked a woman to stand and began to describe every ailment in her body.  She was broken by disease, her blood, heart, lungs, bones and muscles were weak and pain ridden until that moment when Jesus took them all away.  When asked to walk, she ran, and then she jumped and danced before God.


The power of God came in a rush of words and commands to be healed.  The people jumped into the fray and began laying hands on others who were sick and healing came quickly.  Miracles kept flowing for several minutes.   The evangelist asked all who were healed to stand and give witness to their miracle.  Fully a fourth of the audience is on their feet declaring their healing.

In an atmosphere like this you can make plain calls to Christ.  No sugar coating, no apologies just come and make Jesus Lord.  So many, came forward so fast, that it stunned us all.


















Los Banos: Now I know what I have been preparing for.

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Los Banos: Now I know what I have been preparing for.

By Mario Murillo

Someone once said to me “everything you have been through has just been preparation.”  What they did not know and what I did not know is what that preparation has been for.  Now I know.  Of all the meetings that we have done none comes close to the firepower of this one. All of the elements of moral awakening are coming together to take over a region in the very heart of California. Marshall all of the adjectives you want and they will be sadly inadequate to describe the power that radiated inside the room last night.  Describe revivals past that have been engraved in history books and there are so many eerie similarities that I actually fear to recite them, what if Sinners weep openly during the sermons.  Healings are reported without warning.  Pastors, civic officials, and prominent business leave their egos at the door and present themselves before God with total abandonment. I know when people worship God with lukewarm hearts.  I also know when people abuse worship into an emotional high.  None of those are here in this meeting.  Christ is exalted when Jason leads the singing, Christ is all in all to the audience, and Christ permeates every note song by every humble heart in this meeting.

The innocence, the purity, and the honorable nature of this event make me hesitate to tell people about it.  I do not want the hand of man to contaminate this wondrous demonstration of power. However, God does not want to us to keep this to ourselves. The signal is being sent far and wide that a fountain has ruptured the powers of darkness in Los Banos!  The Holy Ghost is speaking forcefully, “come and drink freely of the waters of life!” Never before have I seen the Word of God pierce an audience the way that it does here.  Never before have I seen the work of faith to receive impossible miracles run so deep in hearts. Los Banos 2 copy We have lost control of this meeting.  God is leaping over tradition and agendas.  Something has gotten into God and into these people that is unstoppable.  They are possessed by a holy and unbreakable conviction that God’s time has come for Los Banos and the surrounding region. The physical drought is not over but the spiritual drought is completely over. The fire, glory and power continue tonight.  I have zero doubt that later tonight I will bringing an astonishing update of healing and deliverance on an unprecedented scale!

held over




A harvest of young souls can be right at our doorstep.  How tragic if we miss it.  If you want to save them then here are three things to look at:


Be true to the message: The best messengers have always been faithful to their message.  Proverbs 25:13 Says, “Like the cold of snow in time of harvest, Is a faithful messenger to those who send him, for he refreshes the soul of his masters.” God is refreshed when His servants are true to his message.

We feel the pressure to alter or sidestep the parts of the Gospel that we think will turn off young people.  Mark Dever said, “People often try to improve the gospel, but in “improving” it, they always end up losing it. This gospel we have received is itself full and lacks nothing. Thus, to add to it is only to detract from it—and from God’s glory.”

Woodrow Wilson said, “the proof that the Gospel is divine is the preaching it has survived.”  Indeed, it is a miracle that all of the tampering with the message of Jesus has not killed it.

The Holy Spirit is a big reason we preach, the Cross, the Blood, Heaven and Hell.  He uses these themes in His work to convict lost souls.  Billy Graham was often accused of preaching simple sermons.  Over and over again, you could hear him say, “the Bible says.” Yet, look at the results. Millions came forward and he shattered attendance records all over the world.

His secret was to build a sermon that the Holy Spirit could use and not try to dazzle the audience with oratory.



Method: Now that we know what to say, let’s talk about how to say it.  As I said yesterday, the enemy we face is sophisticated, organized and well-funded.  Any endeavor with a human origin is doomed from the start.   We must saturate our plans in prayer and only apply solutions from the Holy Spirit.  The ideas must and will come from Him.

While our message does not change our method will and must change.  It has always baffled me how preachers are courageous to alter the Gospel but cowards to alter their traditions.

How we look, where and when and what time we meet are all up for grabs.  Defeating a culture of selfishness is job one.  Until the passion to win youth becomes greater than our fear of obeying God we will get nowhere.

Your method will be original.  The youth culture in your area may seem like all the rest but it is not.  What worked in another county let alone another state may not work in your area.

Take Northern California for an example.  When I am at Bethel in Redding they worship for an hour.  When I am at the 209 Awakening in Manteca they begin with intercessory prayer and get straight into the Word.  Both are products of obedience not copying.

My guess is that Jesus has already told you what to do but it seems so ridiculous that you struggle to obey.

Miracles:  The truth is God is calling and bringing forth a people who will live and operate in the heavenly in His Kingdom realm rather than in this limited earthy realm. God is giving birth to and raising His sons who will recognize they are supernatural and not just humans.

The agency of the supernatural must now permeate all of our efforts.  Supernatural events have always been a part of youth culture.  It is not our job to create a youth miracle but to recognize it when we see it.  It will happen among them and be directed by them.  Our role is mentor with the Father’s heart.

Right before the Jesus Movement revolutionized America Look Magazine said this “If there is a solution for our youth it must spring up among them.”  As a matter of fact, the Jesus movement was the result of God pouring out His Spirit on youth.  At first pastors ordered them to cut their hair and fit into the church mold.  Thank God they dropped that insanity and let the youth express the supernatural.


Not only this but God is always telling youth what He is about to do.   Young people have always been Jesus’ favorite way to bring the church the latest news.  However, at this moment in history He is saying the most explosive things He has ever said to youth and He is giving them a job that He has never offered before.   So the bottom line is we don’t create a youth revival we stay out of its way.


final day 3 church copy

God’s Plan to Win the Youth of America

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God’s Plan to Win the Youth of America

By Mario Murillo

The title sounds arrogant and self-serving.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  This is about how there must be must be a plan from God.  He loves America and He loves our children.  He will not sit out the most despicable, generational power grab in our nation’s history.

The enemy we face is sophisticated, organized and well-funded.  Any endeavor with a human origin is doomed from the start.   Going forward, we must saturate our plans in prayer and only apply solutions from the Holy Spirit.  The ideas must and will come from Him.


I am saturated by the conviction that we will find the strategies we need.  God will grant the words that will silence our enemy and the miracles that will confirm and convince a secular generation to come to Christ.

First, let’s get real about what happened.  They went after our children with a vengeance unseen in history.  Obama and a harem of Hollywood operatives seduced them.  A battery of activist University Professors bullied them.  A malignant media poisoned the well and politicians flat-out lied to them.

The younger generation was seduced by promises of a better life and the Church was caught flat-footed.

But the God haters have taken it to a new level with our children by revising history and banning free speech.  As of now, any moral teaching that violates their agenda is deemed hate speech.  George Orwell said, “In times of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

George did not mean revolutionary in the way we have come to use it i.e. “a revolutionary way to wax your car.”  He meant that those who spoke the truth would be deemed enemies of the state.

Isaiah said it this way, “They say that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right; that black is white and white is black; bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.” -Isaiah 5:20

Charles Krauthammer agrees, “The left is entering a new phase of ideological agitation — no longer trying to win the debate but stopping debate altogether, banishing from public discourse any and all opposition.”


Experts say American youth are a lost cause to Christianity because it is virtually illegal to preach the Gospel to them.  How can we expect to counter the onslaught of modern evil and win the young?  How can we expect to compete with such monstrous power?

We can more than compete because greater is He who is in us that he that is in the world!

However, there is another big reason for hope:  THE AGENDA HAS BITTERLY FAILED AND YOUTH KNOW IT.

Youth have seen the beast!  They are feeling the aftermath.  The brave new world of justice and prosperity never dawned.  The equality never transpired, for that matter neither did the medical coverage, nor the promised hope and change.  What they do see is an angry self-serving tyranny that has endangered their future.

The wreckage of his administration and the cruelty of his actions toward political enemies are now painfully clear to youth in America.

In a detailed, national poll released last month by Harvard’s Institute of Politics, nearly half of young voters said they would recall President Obama if they could.

A door has opened and it will not stay open long.  While that door is open the American church can truly shine.   I have no doubt that you are about to gain a great weapon in the struggle to win this generation.

I believe that for every concerned Pastor, youth leader and parent or young believer there is a plan instructions.  I can sum them up in three words:




Tomorrow I will reveal the power behind these three words.  For now rest in the fact that you will get your plan, a plan to win American Youth to Christ!

Once again revival is striking Northern California

final day 3 church copy


Here is the very latest from Los Banos.  This Friday night the pastors of Los Banos have called for a city wide night of intercession for continued revival.  When is the last time you have heard of the pastors in a city dropping their doctrinal differences and telling their people that we will not be separate churches but the one true Body of Christ and pray?

Confirmations of healing are coming from many sources…indeed the medical community in Los Banos should brace themselves for a wave of testimonies of diseases that have vanished and deliverance from medications!

Most exciting is the fact that the army that left last Monday night made a list of hundreds of names of loved ones that they are praying will be saved.  However, they are not just praying, they are witnessing and inviting them for this weekend.  I get real excited thinking about the evangelism outbreak that has begun!  Stay tuned for more.

Now for those of you who have not yet read the blog below we present again the report about Monday night.


Los Banos 2 copy





The Los Banos Baptism

By Mario Murillo

2 Chronicles 29: 36 Then Hezekiah and all the people rejoiced that God had prepared the people, since the events took place so suddenly.

As 50 plus people make their way forward to surrender to Jesus a towering roar rises to heaven.  I cannot remember a crowd this explosive to celebrate souls saved.

I knew this was going to happen.  The worship team had tilled the soil in the souls of the unchurched.  The hunger for Christ was unmistakable; there was no time to lose.

I immediately start a clear and simple appeal.  The Holy Spirit’s call to come to Jesus overpowers the people. This is just the beginning of the night!

Want to know if it’s real revival?  Make a sudden announcement.  No one knew there would be a meeting tonight until the final moments of last night.  Nevertheless, the theater is full again.

Ask any Californian what it is like to change your job schedule or your children’s schedule with this little warning.  I don’t want to even know what kind of radical changes people endured to be back tonight.

Now I am facing my greatest test.  These people are expecting a miracle service but I am supposed to preach revival.  This is the second great test of true revival: are the people there for God’s agenda or their own?

Then the word of the Lord came forth.  Satan meant to turn Los Banos into a dumping ground for drugs, violence and a habitation of broken dreams.  God sought a core that would bring living proof of the power of God to this city.   The burning question is can you become one and discard your plan in exchange for God’s plan for Los Banos?

Never, and I mean never have I seen an audience embrace the word so whole-heartedly.  They did not merely absorb the word, they consumed it.  By unanimous acclamation the crowd declares war on Satan and vows to follow the Captain of our Salvation into battle.

I stand dazed as the dream of a lifetime is coming true right before my eyes.  I feel hope, not only for Los Banos but for America.  But this was not the crescendo of this night….that came next.

Because of drought Los Banos is surrounded by fields of dry grass.  Yet, if you were to soak that grass in gasoline and toss a match, the ignition would not compare to the roaring flames of revival the rose from these people at yet another sudden announcement: The words tumbled out of my mouth…”we are going on next week!”

Mario Murillo

P.S. When we had completely forgotten about the healing service, God showed up and began to heal all over the theater!








By Mario Murillo

The last days are dangerous and wonderful.  However, prophecy teachers often sound like a blind committee describing an elephant. One grabs the tail and says it is like a great snake, another feels the ears and declares it flat winged like a great bird still another grabs its legs and compares it to a tree stump, and finally, one touches the belly and calls it a whale! They are all correct and they are all wrong. Likewise, fear mongers grab a single verse and run wild.

Look at what I call the Apocalyptic Elephant:


Those who teach that the end times are desperate evil and starvation are right. Those who predict a time of vast prosperity and breakthrough for the righteous are also right.

It is correct to say that natural disasters await us but it is also correct to say that these will be times of refreshment, favor and protection. It is true to say that we will go through some things and it is equally true to say that we will escape many things. It is accurate to believe that men will be more perverted than ever and on the other hand, that the Glory of God will rise on the church as never before.

More people than ever will fall away, men will hate the gospel as never before, yet it is just as true that prophecy points to the greatest harvest of souls ever.

Bible Prophecies are not contradictions, they are paradoxes. Do they force you to dig in and pray?  Yes they do!  I believe that they are mysterious by design so we’ll press into God.  They force a dynamic tension: be ready for a soon coming and while you dig in for the long haul.

God is not concerned the about the circumstances of the future so much what kind of person you will be in those circumstances.

apocalyptic elephant


In these last days, you will either absorb stress or you will radiate the power of God. This is why I am asking you this question that I regard as the most important question anyone could ask you in these end times: Are you a Catalyst or a sponge?

What is a Sponge?  A sponge absorbs the color, smell and flavor of whatever is going on around it and allows circumstances to control it. Sponges are depressed simply because they are told to be depressed. A sponge cannot let a grudge go. They believe that the whole world is against them. They struggle to see how anything is their fault.

sponge face

If you meet a sponge, you will soon hear about everything they have suffered and you will hear who or what they blame for their suffering.  They sit back and passively accept the lie that the crisis is out of control.

Now let’s see the awesome life of the Catalyst. Scientists define a catalyst as, “Any element that changes everything around it without itself undergoing a change.” The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest catalyst in history. The world was totally changed by this unchangeable force.

The catalytic nature of Christ must live through us in the end times! Daniel said, ‘The people who know their God will be strong.” This is a promise that we would draw on the life of God and it would overrule and neutralize the emotional erosion in the end times.

Paul described the catalyst this way, 2 Co 4: 16 “For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.” The world cannot taste of this renewable energy!

The catalyst sees that what is in them is more powerful than what is going on around them! “Greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world!” (1 John 4:4) The catalyst looks for exploits not exits!

The Catalyst knows that when times get tough, that The Holy Spirit will make them tougher than their times! The Catalyst does not wait for a cold chill, a hot flash or the brush of Angel’s wings before taking action! The Catalyst is decisive, expectant and ever seeking an adventure in faith.


The declarations of a Catalyst.

When you decide to be a Catalyst, you are making several declarations.

1. You take full responsibility for your mistakes and you refuse to waste time blaming others.

2. You are suspicious of your own moods and feelings and refuse to let them factor into your final decisions.

3. You sense the needs of the people around you more than your own needs.

4. You have tapped into an intimate prayer time with Christ that replenishes your soul.

5. You view world events from the perspective of God’s throne.




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