Before and after the Warrior’s Workshop

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Before and after the Warrior’s Workshop

By Mario Murillo

Millions of Christians are done with watered-down Christianity.   To them, it has been a terrible waste of time and money.  They say that modifying the Gospel “not to offend” totally backfired.   By omitting the “offensive” parts they also removed its power to transform society and contributed to the downfall of our nation.

They are intensely frustrated.   They see large churches filled with people who are systematically weakened—too weak to ever impact American culture.  They say we are losing the battle for America’s soul for stupid reasons.  They remember the legacy of true Christianity.  They know its power to change nations.

We have the best message humanity has ever heard—and the best book ever written.   We have the all-powerful Holy Spirit sent to aid us.   We have access to power, strategy and wisdom.  All of this and more was supposed to direct our operations.

They ask disturbing questions.  Why have we cast it aside?  Why have we accepted a cheap substitute?  Why would we rather let America die than admit our desperate need?

But they also see their own need.  A fast growing number of Jesus followers want training and power.  They want the skills of their spiritual ancestors.  They want the Jesus within them to overtake the culture around them.  They want to convert lost souls to Christ.  They want to see true signs and wonders.  They want to see victory in their everyday life.

God forged a new weapon at Mario Murillo Ministries—a weapon that answers the monumental, unspoken frustration in the heart of millions of believers.  It will yank believers out of the Christian Witness Protection Program and turn them into lions.

We call it the Warrior’s Workshop.  A workshop that makes a bold claim:  With just 3 skills we’ll revolutionize America.  You will get these skills at my Warrior’s workshop…a workshop that took me 40 years to build.

The best way I can describe it is this:  The object of military training is not to prepare men for war but to make them long for it.   The same is true of this workshop—it makes you yearn to reach out—heal the sick—and walk in total victory.

Give me just 3 hours and you will be revolutionized.   Why not you? You can become the effective weapon our nation needs now.

Our first workshop was in Reno on July 9th.  The results were startling.  Not only was the hall packed but the response was 100% positive.  It was everything we hoped for.  Those who attended said they will never be the same.

Proving that Reno was not a fluke, the Workshop in Yuba City CA on July 27th brought the same incredible impact.

Houston warrior ad

The next Warrior’s Workshop is in Houston TX

Saturday August 20th at 10: AM at New Life Church 10800 Hammerly Blvd, Houston, TX 77043

The workshop is free but you need to register.  Click on the link below to register instantly.



Or if you are interested in bringing the Warrior’s Workshop to your city contact us!



DNC Speaker Shouts Her Abortion and the Crowd Cheers

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DNC Speaker Shouts Her Abortion and the Crowd Cheers

When talking about abortion, Democratic politicians and activists usually prefer to speak euphemistically: The dismemberment or lethal poisoning of a baby who hasn’t been born yet is almost always referred to as “reproductive health care” or “a woman’s choice.” The group NARAL, once known as the National Abortion Rights Action League, went so far as to change its name to NARAL Pro-Choice America so its supporters and allies could avoid saying the a-word.

But there’s been a growing push on the left to not only defend abortion as a necessary evil that should be “safe, legal, and rare” but to celebrate it as a positive good. (See the #ShoutYourAbortion Twitter campaign of 2015.) And so on Wednesday evening, Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, took the stage at the Democratic National Convention and told the story of the time she aborted her first child because it was an inconvenient time to become a parent.

“To succeed in life, all we need are the tools, the trust, and the chance to chart our own path,” Hogue said during her DNC speech. “I was fortunate enough to have these things when I found out I was pregnant years ago. I wanted a family, but it was the wrong time. I made the decision that was best for me—to have an abortion and get compassionate care at a clinic in my own community.” At this point, applause and cheers could be heard in the crowd. “Now years later, my husband and I are parents to two incredible children,” Hogue continued.

Prior to Hogue’s speech, the 2016 Democratic convention was already shaping up to be the most pro-abortion political convention ever. The Democratic platform was changed this year to call for the repeal of the Hyde amendment in order to provide unlimited taxpayer-funding of elective abortions for Medicaid recipients. Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood made the case for that policy in her speech Tuesday night.

And Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine flip-flopped on the issue of taxpayer-funded abortion at some point in just the last few weeks as he joined the Democratic ticket. That’s something Joe Biden, a supporter of the Hyde amendment, never had to do to become Obama’s running mate in 2008.

Trump uniquely suited to this American moment


Trump uniquely suited to this American moment

By Dr. Ben Carson

Donald Trump, until now considered by many to be a fringe candidate with poor prospects at winning the national election, has now solidified his role as a leading contender for President of the United States. Though Trump lacks some of the traditional trappings of political leadership, he is, in tone, style, and substance, uniquely suited to the prevailing mood of the American electorate.

His appeal resonates among a large segment of Americans who feel disaffected and excluded by the current political system. He has bluntly opposed the reigning consensus about the stark challenges America is facing when it comes to crime, national security, immigration, trade and economic growth. And he has painted a more realistic picture of what is actually happening than the polls, government statistics, and media pundits have been able to muster.

Trump’s outright repudiation of both the Democrat and Republican establishments show him to a be a man who cannot be easily bought by the special interests controlling the major political parties.

These qualifications alone make Trump a force to be reckoned with. While his style and tone are unusual, they are not unique to American politics. In some ways Trump’s style closely mirrors the passion and anti-establishment fury expressed by the insurgent candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

Though Sanders has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton, his willingness to vigorously stump for Hillary Clinton (which remains to be seen) will be the most pivotal factor in the Democrats’ ability to generate enough passion to mobilize a largely complacent, unmotivated voter base this fall.

Why are the messages of insurgent candidates like Trump and Sanders resonating so deeply among the electorate? It is their perceived lack of political experience that makes all the difference. Washington has been ruled by an increasingly inbred cabal of insiders for the past fifty years or more. Nothing exemplifies this insider problem more than the prospect of the wife of a two-term President being chosen as the party’s new nominee.

It is especially ironic that a party that claims it stands for diversity could not produce ‘fresher’ leadership coming off the heels of a “popular” two-term incumbency. But more critically, entrenched insider advantages have eroded our ability to choose effective leaders, and hampered our ability to compete globally.

Trump’s qualifications start with his outsider status, but also importantly include his success as an entrepreneur, an employer of thousands of people, and a family man who has raised several successful children. In Trump, everyday Americans see an example of how hard work, playing by the rules, and setting high personal standards can benefit them.

They see Trump’s success, not as an anomaly, but as a blueprint for their own path to freedom and prosperity. Trump’s outsized impact on the business world, and on the culture of entrepreneurship in this country, is unprecedented among political candidates.

Trump’s vision for how to get America working again, by protecting our markets and growing the economy, stands in stark contrast to the Democrat’s vision — which is largely focused on class warfare and economic redistribution. How, when the country is almost twenty trillion dollars in debt, are we supposed to redistribute anything — unless we first grow the economy?

Trump’s lack of political experience further benefits him when one considers the failure of political insiders to advance a pro-America agenda the past eight years. Congress has been hopelessly deadlocked, failing to pass even the modest policies they have proposed — on job growth, immigration reform, or even entitlement reform, and even more dangerously, bringing the country to the brink of insolvency several times.

Does Trump speak in broad, grandiose terms? Yes. Is Trump’s oratorical style prone to hyperbole? There is certainly a case to be made to that effect. But is his heart in the right place in terms of wanting to do the right thing for the American people? The answer to that is also a resounding yes!

Though he has shown outright contempt for current public policies — whether on immigration, trade, or national security – Trump has demonstrated a profound respect for the will of the American people. Perhaps, for once the people know best rather than the professional politicians. After all it was the king’s horses and king’s men who broke the American economy and caused the worst recession in almost a hundred years.

And it is those same officials who have failed to revive the moribund American job market (low unemployment statistics means nothing in the context of all-time low labor force participation rates) or restore America’s standing on the global stage. Hillary Clinton, despite her litany of excuses and denials, has made the global situation worse by creating failed states that have become virtual snake pits of violent extremism.

Trump has also been careful not to over-promise by offering specific policy prescriptions that in fact might not work. He has taken a wait and see attitude, because as an entrepreneur (rather than a central planner), he knows that at times the actual territory differs from the map, and adjustments need to be made to stay on course. He does not believe in constraining himself to a certain set of actions, when facts on the ground might demand different solutions.

As a candidate, Trump has offered a broad set of policy prescriptions, that will be further tailored as situations evolve. He has already signaled his willingness to adjust in light of circumstance; for example, he recently amended his proposal for a blanket ban on Muslim immigration, to include a more tailored vetting process that focuses on countries that have been infected by terrorist infiltration — several of those countries are in Europe, not the Middle East.

Trump is not ignorant of the fact that Islamic extremism primarily harms Muslims in majority Muslims nations, but he is clear on his priority about protecting Americans first. Donald Trump knows we must engage in world trade in order to grow our economy, but he also knows that the American consumer market is a highly-prized asset, and wants to bargain for a fairer deal with our trading partners.

If these aspects of Donald Trump’s platform seem like they are rooted in common sense – that’s no coincidence. Trump has perfected the art of leadership under conditions of uncertainty more successfully than any of the other candidates who have run for President this election cycle. While Hillary can spend other people’s money and risk other people’s lives and still live to tell the tale, Donald Trump’s own livelihood, and that of his family and employees critically depended on his leadership.

There was no buck to pass, no American taxpayer to pick up the pieces should he fail. This has made him shrewd, conscientious and ultimately accountable to the people who depend on him to go out and win in the marketplace.

America has to come to grips with the fact that it can no longer afford to serve as the world’s policeman. Confronted with the reality of a pernicious national debt, America has to become shrewder about where and when it exercises military power.

Trump has done nothing more than tell the sober, honest truth, when he conditions continued American military support for NATO on Europe’s own willingness to financially support its’ own defense. If one looks at countries around the world that have made significant economic progress — most notably Germany, India and China — they have not had to dedicate a significant portion of their GDP to defense spending. America has largely paid the tab for Europe’s peace and prosperity.

Conversely, if one looks at the collapse of the Soviet Union, it crumbled from within because its leaders failed to match the size of their military ambition with a corresponding attention to robust economic growth. And in any case, why is anyone even their outside emphasis on nuclear proliferation anymore, when the clear and present danger comes from non-state actors using unconventional warfare tactics?

Perhaps the chief reservation among many establishment Republicans and other undecided voters about Donald Trump was the fact that they were not sure whether he was seeking the Presidency merely to feather his own cap, or whether he actually believes he can make a contribution and do the hard work necessary to move the country forward. Trump’s speech at the GOP convention should put a rest to those concerns.

In the speech, Trump showed both strength and sensitivity; he showed that he could address concerns of those outside of his base — appealing to African Americans on the basis of economic justice. Furthermore, Trump has put his money where his mouth is — fully committing both his personal fortune, his energy, and that of his entire family, towards garnering the support of the American people.

As we go into the final stretch of the general election, the American people are taking a hard look at the candidates and what they represent. Donald Trump has made a pretty robust case for restoring America to greatness under strong executive leadership. At this stage of the game, it is up to the other side to convince us that Trump’s approach is in fact not uniquely suited to this American moment.

Our sense of things is — that is going to be a hard sell.





Democrat operative says Hillary would support total gun ban

Adan Salazar – JULY 25, 2016

Editor’s note: This is a Project Veritas exclusive in association with Infowars. James O’Keefe appeared on the Alex Jones Show on July 25 to discuss the story. Listen/watch here. Check out Project Veritas here.

If your goal is an outright gun ban, you need to use terms such as “common sense gun legislation” to fool the public, a Hillary Clinton campaign delegate admitted in a recent undercover sting video released exclusively to Infowars.
“Saying you want to ban guns altogether, that’s going to piss everybody off,” the Clinton alternate delegate, Mary Bayer, told a Project Veritas reporter.
Instead, Bayer revealed, Democrats use “moderate” language when it comes to guns to obscure their true purpose, a complete elimination of the Second Amendment.
“You have to take that sort of moderate… ‘We just wanna have common sense legislation so our children are safe!’” Bayer told the reporter, adding, “You say shit like that, and then people will buy into it.”
Bayer also admitted Hillary “for sure” would support banning guns, and said the only way to actualize that goal would be to “get Democrats in office.”
The delegate’s admission is particularly concerning given the fact that Clinton campaigns on the promise of enacting “common sense approaches” to gun control if elected president in November.
.@hillaryclinton: ‘We must stand against violence everywhere, and that includes common sense gun measures’
3:08 PM – 22 Jul 2016

Bayer’s revelations of a potential gun ban are also reminiscent of sentiments made public in 2014 by Poughkeepsie Mayor John Tkazyik, once a member of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” who warned that the billionaire’s anti-gun group – largely comprised of Democrat mayors and which advocated “common sense gun laws” – was a cover for gun confiscation.
“Under the guise of helping mayors facing a crime and drug epidemic, MAIG intended to promote confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens,” Tkazyik penned in an op-ed for the Poughkeepsie Journal, confirming what many already suspected about the group.
The latest damning sting video follows another Project Veritas effort in which reporters posing as the group “Citizens Against Senseless Violence” asked anti-gun politicians if they would display signs on their front lawns declaring their homes “Gun free zones.”

Unsurprisingly, none of the politicians wanted the sign displayed at their homes.  Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe says his organization will also be seeking additional support for his anti-gun effort from delegates at the Democrat National Convention this week in Philadelphia.



Islamist knifemen forced priest, 84, to kneel and filmed his death as they slit his throat: Hollande says ‘France is at war with ISIS’ after jihadists storm French church during Mass chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’

  • Priest had throat cut while another hostage is fighting for life after knifemen burst into Normandy church at 9am
  • Reports that one of the attackers shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as they launched attack at Gambetta Church near Rouen
  • Vatican has condemned the ‘barbaric’ killing of the 84-year-old priest and an anti-terror investigation is underway
  • ISIS claim responsibility for the atrocity while Francois Hollande says France is ‘at war’ with the terror group
  • One of the attackers lived locally and had electronic tag having been jailed in France for trying to travel to Syria
  • French authorities revealed this afternoon that they have arrested a third man in connection with the attack 

The ISIS barbarians who stormed into a church in Normandy filmed themselves butchering an elderly priest after forcing him to the ground at the altar, it has emerged.

The 84-year-old priest, named as Jacques Hamel, had his throat cut while a nun is critically injured in hospital following the raid which saw five people held hostage by ISIS assailants shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

The two killers were ‘neutralised’ by marksmen as they emerged from the building, which is now being searched for explosives. French president Francois Hollande said France is ‘at war’ with ISIS while the terror group has claimed responsibility for the killing.

One of the men who stormed into the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray near Rouen during mass was a local man, who was being monitored by electronic tag after being jailed for trying to join fanatics in Syria.

This afternoon it emerged that the murdered clergyman was deputising while the parish priest was on holiday. French authorities say they have arrested a third man in connection with the attack.

It comes as it emerged that the building was one of a number of Catholic churches on a terrorist ‘hit list’ found on a suspected ISIS extremist last April.

There are also reports that one of the attackers was a local resident who was under electronic tag surveillance having been jailed in France for trying to travel to Syria in 2015. His bail terms allowed him to be unsupervised between 8.30am and 12.30pm – the attack happened between 9am and 11am.


Politifact: Democrats never mentioned terrorism on Day One of DNC

By TYLER PAGER 07/26/16 09:13 AM EDT

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Republicans’ claim that Democrats did not mention terrorism or ISIL on the first night of the Democratic National Convention is correct, Politifact said Tuesday morning.

“Based on our searches of C-SPAN closed-captioning text, Congressional Quarterly transcripts and other video archiving services, we couldn’t find any speaker who mentioned “ISIS,” “Islamic” “terror,” “terrorist,” or “terrorism” during the first day of the convention,” Politifact wrote.
The fact-checking website did add the caveat that the Democrats still have three days to discuss terrorism at the convention and the first day of the convention was not meant to focus on foreign policy. Additionally, Hillary Clinton on Monday called for action against ISIL at a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina.
“We need to lead other countries in stopping ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other radical jihadist groups,” she said. “We shouldn’t leave that to the rest of the world to figure out on their own. That won’t keep us safe.”

Republican nominee Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence pounced on the Democrats on Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina for failing to mention ISIL.
“We need to change our foreign policy to focus on defeating and destroying ISIS, a word you didn’t hear last night at the Democrat convention,” Trump said. “You didn’t hear it. They don’t want to talk about it. Because in a very true way, they really established ISIS because of weakness.”


Today at the Democratic National Convention

Bernie booed

Watch what happened today at the DNC when Bernie Sanders tells them that they need to vote for Hillary Clinton


PHILADELPHIA — Sen. Bernie Sanders sent a text message to the leaders of his delegation pleading with them not to protest on the Democratic convention floor Monday night.

“I ask you as a personal courtesy to me to not engage in any kind of protest on the floor,” he wrote in the text message to his delegate whips. “Its of utmost importance you explain this to your delegations.”

He signed the text, “Bernie.”

Many of his delegates did not heed his warning, as some Sanders supporters interrupted the convention’s opening prayer with chants of “Bernie!” DNC Chair Rep. Marcia Fudge reprimanded the delegates for interrupting her opening remarks when she said she was “excited” to help elect Hillary Clinton and Sen. Tim Kaine. “Excuse me!” she pleaded, as Sanders delegates interrupted her with boos and chants of “Bernie.”

“We are all Democrats, and we need to act like it,” Fudge said.

Later, Sanders sent an email to his delegates saying that their movement’s credibility would be “damaged” by “booing, turning of backs, walking out or other similar displays.” Sanders said such demonstrations are “what the corporate media wants.”


something horrible is coming


By Mario Murillo

Lot told his wife not to look.  I am telling you not to look.  Something is coming that is so horrible, so mind-numbingly vile that you dare not cast your eyes upon it!  It will infect your brain.  I will fill you with apocalyptic rage.  It will cling to your skin like agent orange.  Once you see it you cannot unsee it!

What is it?  It is the Democratic National Convention.

The convention will officially open.  Then delegates will be compelled to witness a ghoulish operation.  Cosmetic surgery will be performed on the ugliest reputation in political history.  20 major scandals will be lanced like boils.

The subject—wrapped in bandages—will be hoisted to the ceiling of the Wells Fargo Center to be struck by lightning.  As the surgical table descends people everywhere will be screaming IT’S ALIVE! IT’S ALIVE! IT’S ALIVE!

If that happens…a contingency plan is in place.  Finding the reputation still unbearable they will launch into a scorched earth assault on Donald Trump and white people.

They will challenge the Guinness book of world records for the amount of misinformation, vitriol, condescension and false accusations ever dispensed in a span of a few days.

Let me translate Democratic Convention lingo into English: “We’re incompetent and criminal but they are racist.  We have destroyed the economy but they hate Mexicans.  We have turned the Middle East into Armageddon but they don’t want enough bathrooms.  We may not have stopped ISIS but we are stopping American Law Enforcement.”

They will have zero to offer America.  The entire case will be Hillary is horrible but Donald is worse.

The music will swell…an undetected vapor of cannabinoids will waft through the vents helping inquiring minds to embrace the ultimate absurdity: “America is already great.  People are doing better than ever.  Terrorism is just something that most folks don’t think about.  Who needs jobs?  We got free stuff.  Keep everything the way it is.  You can trust me.  We have no plan but we don’t have to plan…we’re the democrats.”

The viewing audience will be treated to a separate narcotic—the media.  Should any speaker suddenly spill something accurate, rational or honest they will instantly pounce on it and hypnotize the faithful back into the fold.

Viewer’s Warning:  Your blood will boil. You may lose hair…and worse yet—I.Q. points. Keep bricks far from your television.  And remember, no matter how loud you scream at the talking heads—they can’t hear you.

Why risk early aging and hardening of the arteries?  When that morbid curiosity—like slowing down to see a train wreck—overtakes you, fight it!  Fight it like the bubonic plague.  Inviting those airwaves into your home is like inviting nuclear waste.   In the name of all that is decent and good…fight the urge!

My advice: Read the Bible.  Pray for revival.   Watch old movies.  Workout, talk a walk… buy the shoes and eat the cookie. Anything, but do not subject your body mind and spirit to this nameless horror.


And in a related story:

Kerry: Air conditioners as big a threat as ISIS

European Union Climate Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete welcomes U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, from left, in Vienna, Austria, Friday July 22, 2016. (AP Photo/Ronald Zak)

European Union Climate Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete welcomes U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, from left, in Vienna, Austria, Friday July 22, 2016. (AP Photo/Ronald Zak) ( )

Secretary of State John Kerry said in Vienna on Friday that air conditioners and refrigerators are as big of a threat to life as the threat of terrorism posed by groups like the Islamic State.

The Washington Examiner reported that Kerry was in Vienna to amend the 1987 Montreal Protocol that would phase out hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, from basic household and commercial appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and inhalers.

“As we were working together on the challenge of [ISIS] and terrorism,” Kerry said. “It’s hard for some people to grasp it, but what we–you–are doing here right now is of equal importance because it has the ability to literally save life on the planet itself.”

Kerry said that most of the substances banned in the Montreal Protocol have increased the use of HFCs and claimed that the coolant was thousands of times more potent than CO2. He added that the increase of HFCs has led to the trend of global climate change.

“The use of hydrofluorocarbons is unfortunately growing,” Kerry said. “Already, the HFCs use in refrigerators, air conditioners, and other items are emitting an entire gigaton of carbon dioxide-equivalent pollution into the atmosphere annually. Now, if that sounds like a lot, my friends, it’s because it is. It’s the equivalent to emissions from nearly 300 coal-fired power plants every single year.”

Members of the Montreal Protocol have met their obligations and have aided in the shrinking of the hole in the ozone, as well as created jobs and improved the quality of life, Kerry said.


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