Easter Miracle at Clearlake First Assembly

Easter Sunday April 8, 2012 at Clearlake First Assembly of God at approximately 7:20PM. Mario scanned the audience his eyes fixed on a woman about half way back of the church to his left.  He then asked the man beside her to stand.  He then told the man  that he needed a miracle but that first God was going to touch the woman with him.  He told this man to place his hand on her spine.  Then Mario asked her the strangest question.  He asked her if her ribs were dislocated from her spine.  She began to wave frantically to acknowledge that this was true.  Mario then asked them to stand in the center aisle.

Mario proceeded to instruct the audience that they were about to see a miracle and that when they did they were to give all glory to Jesus Christ.  Then he turned back to the woman and told her that she lived in excruciating pain in her neck, spine, arms, legs, and stomach because of a car accident. The prayer of faith came forth.  A heavenly glow was on her face, tears flowed freely and she began to declare how God had identified her exact condition and that she was now completely free of the hellish pain that enslaved her. The audience sent a holy roar of praise to God. 

Mario then turned his attention to the man.  He told him to place his hand on his abdomen.  The man reported that something happened to him in that moment.  Just days before his world was shattered when he found out that he had Hodgkin’s and now he stood in the atmosphere of supernatural miracles giving God all of the glory for his miracle!

This touched off a wave of reports of healings that blanketed the entire audience.  Not one section of the Church was left untouched by the supernatural presence of God.  An amazing sense of compassion gripped the audience as they laid hands on each and every sick person in the building.

Easter Sunday night is a terrible night for a service.  This is common knowledge and it is why Pastors avoid it like the plague.  Yet one more sacred cow was slaughtered as the people in this region overflowed the building showing that their hunger for revival knows no bounds.

The evening ended with a crescendo of worship and a determination bring everyone that needs a miracle to the next meeting. There is no let up and the momentum keeps growing.

Souls is all that really matters. The most important announcement for Mario Murillo Ministries is that on this Easter Sunday you can add 50 more to list of those who came to the altar for God’s ultimate miracle.  This means that hundreds have now been to this altar and the harvest has not even begun in this region.

The people of Clearlake First Assembly of God have done a lot to make it possible for more to be seated in their building.  They now want to open up this meeting to every church, to every hurting soul to come and receive a miracle.  One more service has been added.  Tonight at 7PM but the doors will open for early seating at 5PM.  Clearlake First Assembly 4472 Snook Avenue Clearlake, CA 95422 Call (707)994-3122.


One thought on “Easter Miracle at Clearlake First Assembly

  1. !!!!! Shundai!!!!! Yalamakunda!!!!!! Halleluyah!!!!! By faith, we receive this impartation of signs wonders and supernatural miracles for Portland, Oregon and the whole great North West!!! Thank you Jesus for allowing us to be alive to see this great Harvest of souls. Oh God, oh God, oh God!!! If my husband doesn’t take me down there I’ll just have to get translated for a couple of hours:0)

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