Last night, a testimony of healing rocked the Bay Area.




Last night, a testimony of healing rocked the Bay Aream.  People felt the power of God out on the street even before the meeting began.  My wife’s opening prayer literally ignited the power of God in worship.  This was the largest crowd ever at Dream House.  Scores of people had never been to Dream House before.  They came to hear an amazing story and to see miracles.  They were not disappointed. 

Tee stood and her husband Jim before the people and began to list all of her diseases.  By the time she was finished you knew that essentially she raised from the dead.   Her statistics alone are mind boggling.

-For 43 years she endured pain. 

-She lost her gall bladder, appendix, and her liver was so toxic it was poisoning the other vital organs of her body.

– A car wreck exacerbated her scoliosis leaving her two inches shorter from disks that made her spine telescope down on itself.

-On top of all of this, she had diabetes, heart disease, and terminal liver disease-a liver so toxic that it was poisoning the vital organs around it.  She could not get a liver transplant because she was too diseased to survive surgery.

-She had  6 months left to live at the time of her healing.

Then she was healed!  She described the moment that the power of God enveloped her.  “I do not remember anything that Mario said.  I was overtaken by the power of God.  My husband and others told me later that Mario had listed every single disease that was in my body.”

For the first time in 43 years she had no pain.  She went to her doctor and the tests verified an unspeakable miracle.  No diabetes, heart disease, scoliosis, and the most baffling thing to doctors she said was that “they saw a new liver in the X-rays!”  And finally, she testified, “I am now two inches taller!”

You would think that the next thing to do would be to pray for the sick since faith was high in the room.  Instead, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the words of Jesus, “that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins, I say to the crippled man rise up and walk.” 

I told the audience, “you now have proof that Jesus was no mere man.  You now know that the message of the Gospel is true.  Come to Jesus and be saved!”   Soon, lost souls streamed to the front of the Dream House to be saved. 

Once the new converts were safely being cared for in our prayer room.  The miracles began.  Joyce was healed.  We now refer to her as Rejoyce because she was overhauled.  The Holy Spirit revealed that she was being eaten up with pain from every joint in her body.  Warm oil coursed into her and she took off around the room trying out her new arms, legs and joints.  This touched off a storm of healings that would soon wipe out heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and a litany of other disorders.

How do you end a night like this?  We all stood and sang Victory: Put foot on the head of the devil!”  That is indeed what God did through us on this historic night at the Dream House!

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