Raging against the dark night: Lessons I learned after being robbed at LAX.



Raging against the dark night: Lessons I learned after being robbed at LAX.

Okay, for those of you that heard about this on radio in LA. It is true, I was robbed inside of the Los Angeles International Airport.  Somebody came up in a crowded gate area and snatched my briefcase with all my credit cards, laptop computer and cell phone.  I was supposed to go on TBN within a few hours.  I had no way of knowing if I was going to make it on the telecast. 

Sitting in LAX all of those hours some unfamiliar feelings surfaced in me. Frankly, I was traumatized and felt stupid, helpless, and violated.  It felt as if the grace to travel had just lifted off of me.  The thought of boarding another plane became unbearable.  In case any of you were wondering why I seemed a little, shall we say distracted on the program, well now you know.

I assumed I could shake this off when I got home but no. My son was actually able to track my  phone online.  In fact, we had the address of the individual in Gardena who we are pretty sure has my phone and everything else.  However, the police said that they could not go over there.  They wanted me to go over and then call them from the house.  New feelings were surfacing in me beyond the violation, fear of traveling, and stupidity.  Now I felt like I was being humiliated.

God showed me what this attack had started long before I was robbed at LAX.  He showed me that I was chafing under the fresh mandate to buy a tent and win a million young souls. He showed me that I was weary of controversy. Most of all, He showed me that the devil was calling me out.  Just like a schoolyard bully, he was calling me out.  He was telling me to power down and accept new limits on my life.

 Then I was haunted by the an opening stanza by Dylan Thomas, “Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rage at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” His father had been a robust, militant man most of his life, and when in his eighties, he became blind and weak, his son was disturbed seeing his father become “soft” or “gentle.” In this poem, Thomas is rousing his father to continue being the fierce man he had previously been.

 Sitting in prayer it felt as if the younger me had come to visit the current me.  That fiery rebel who took the Gospel to Berkeley must not become an venerated elder statesman…I must remain a fierce man.

This younger me knew why I must continue to speak out and make Satan pay whenever he hits me.  The younger me understands why people are wrong to want a more harmless version of Mario.

 I must march into jets, pulpits, and into the business of those who want to destroy our precious freedoms.  I must, many times more, face the mini death in meetings where I surrender to the signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit.  If you are squeamish about confronting our president and his destructive plans for our nation then this is fair warning…I must rage against the unspeakable dark night of his second term on office.

9 thoughts on “Raging against the dark night: Lessons I learned after being robbed at LAX.

  1. Mario thank you for this commentary. I have been sitting here at my computer feeling sorry for myself about getting old, and various physical things doctors keep finding. My attitude will be changing. Thanks again and see you Friday night. with repect, Hope

  2. Yep the devil has to pay for his assaults on us. Souls souls souls Lord and more. We must keep going forward no matter what and he thought he would stop you. More power from on high for our God most high. Just to add that i read your book Fresh Fire about 25 years ago as a new christian. You are an inspiration to me.

  3. We will beat our arrows on the ground! We will attack until our enemies are annilated. We will not back down. We will not take ‘No’ for an answer. We will not become weary of waging war! Our best revenge is doing damage to satan’s kingdom. There is no stopping it … Revival is ours! Can’t wait for our next prayer meeting!

  4. Awesome Mario! No matter what our age go forth with the mandate the Lord has placed on our life. An encouraging Word!

  5. Brother,

    Thank you for sharing. Your experience reminds me of one of my Dallas, Texas trips. I had all my personal property in a rent a car. A GPS in the window is what tipped off the robbers. They took my GPS, a nice laptop with all my messages and teaching notes, prophecies, dreams, banking info, all personal stuff, photos, travel itinerary and expensive digital camera..Etc. All conveniently packed in one nice traveling backpack. I parked the car 20 feet in front of a well known restaurant with large windows so I could keep an eye on it and less than 10 seconds everything was gone. Needless to say I was traumatized and felt stupid, helpless, and violated too. It felt as if the grace to travel had just lifted off of me. Your exact words were mine too. There’s more to this four day adventure but it’s not for immediate release.
    Lesson learned, be prepared for random attacks, be alert and realize I’m armed and dangerous when armored with Holy Spirit. Now the enemy is relentless but God told me to let go of the Old Manna, so I did and He’s given me territory strategies. Every major city has it principalities that we need to address with our Lord and King prior to entering any territory. Anyhow I pray you retrieve your property due to their sin overwhelming them so we may see repentance and salvation.

    Love in Christ,

  6. Our dear brother in the Lord….Mario…Jim and I saw the TBN broadcast, and were wondering what was up..you did not seem yourself. Jim and I immediately felt the urge to begin praying for you!
    II Thessalonions 3:1-5 has been continually on my heart since our pray…now I know why!
    Thank you Mario for never backing down or giving up! I’m so sorry this happened to you, and so glad you are OK…to GOD be ALL the Glory!


  7. Mario, the word is, ‘I WANT MY KNIFE BACK.’ If this does not make sense please get ahold of Bill Johnson. Nothing less than the best is due back to you. You know that I hold you and Mechelle with the deepest regards.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this. Although having just turning only 50 recently… that number still looks strange.. sometimes I feel so very old and worn. Often in the past year or two, I miss terribly the passion, fire, strength and energy of my youth, when I felt like I could take on the world and unstoppable. Ay… I rarely am in that place anymore. Now they seem to be replaced with determination and maybe grit..lol. While there is still passion, it is different. Much of the time it is just the lifelong love for Him, and our history that keeps me from sitting down, just when it’s time to get up and get started. I heard Bob Jones say a few years back, “the devil is trying to get you sit down and give up… DON’T SIT DOWN”. Enough said.

    Thou, I’m reminded of an encounter in the midst of a time of hell and turmoil. I hugged Jesus, He hugged me back. When I let go (of the anointed actor playing Jesus in the passion play), HE didn’t let go. In that embrace I was shaken by Love, a Love that permeated. As I was shaking, He took me back and shook things off, discarding what needed to be discarded, revealing what needed to be, etc. And for a few amazing moments, I was back in that place of renewal. While there’s more to be done, it revealed that all of that passion, drive, fire etc was still at the core of my being; it had just been covered up, like under a pile of clothes that need to be cast off. But He knew, even when I did not, that all was still in tact, just buried. Maybe, I don’t know, just maybe that will help someone keep from sitting down, cause sometimes, sitting down seems very very inviting….

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