4 thoughts on “facebook easter copy

  1. Bless the Lord, The Lord Bless you, Resurrection power! Have a joyous Resurrection Day!

  2. I was born again 52 years ago this season! What a glorious transformation in my life❣️❣️ Thank you for the anointed iMessages can you share.

  3. Ressurection Day has a deeply real and personal meaning for me. I have always believed in Jesus as the Good Shepherd since childhood. He became my Saviour 55 years ago. He became my Resurrection and LIFE Easter Sunday morning 2011 in the ER where I was told I was going to die. My entire insides had been infected with Necrotic Sepsis and the surgeon very clinically stated “We will do what we can, of course, but please understand you will most likely not wake up from surgery”. I said, “Well, I’m going to wake up SOMEWHERE.. either here or in Jesus’ arms!”. I woke up 36 hours later with an incision from ribcage to pubic bone and tubes everywhere. After 3 months in the hospital and 9 months of convalescent care & rehab, I was better than alive… I was and still am a living miracle, having had nearly 2/3 of my organs and digestive tract removed and NO ostemy apparatus! Only the supernatural power of the risen Christ is sustaining me! Kathi R. From Michigan

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