If you or someone you love needs healing read this now!

Today my life will change forever.  How can I make such a wild statement?  Because today is our Living Proof healing rally at Dream House.  Today I know Jesus will make a personal appearance in Martinez to bring healing to many.

Teresa will tell her story:  For those who have not heard her testimony, her vertebrae were telescoping down; She had advanced diabetes, heart disease, and a dead liver.  Her last hope, a liver transplant became impossible in her weakened state.   Jesus healed her.  Everything is gone. She regained two inches of height, all vital organs are new and her blood is normal.

But why do I know my life will change today?  Because we have prayed, we have invited many with life threatening diseases and we have prepared an atmosphere of worship.  Now it is all in God’s hands.

Join us in Martinez today if there is any way possible!   However, I know that for many who read this, that is impossible.  But, I still want to make an urgent plea to you.  Please hear my heart!

I still believe you can be healed right where you are!  I already know the first thing I am going to say to the crowd today!  I will tell them that my job is to prepare them to receive a miracle.  That is our solemn task as ministers of Christ!

Then I will explain the work of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus gave the Holy Spirit the power and authority to overshadow people and give them miracles.  If God wants to heal then why aren’t there more miracles today?  The answer awaits those with honest hearts.  No one who approaches God with a double mind will hear anything! No one who comes humbly will be denied!

The Holy Spirit pines to release a blanket of healings but He is grieved by our unbelief.  The truth about healing is simple.  We stumble over it because it is profound. A child can grasp the wonder of what I am about to say but the proud intellectual will strain over the very first step. Let us blast forth the truth that we need so desperately now!

The theology that relegates the gifts of the Spirit to the apostolic age is the greatest lie the devil ever told.  Why would God ask the church to face the greatest explosion of false miracles, occult and demon activity in history with one hand tied behind her back?  This power-outage myth makes God seem foolish and cruel. If ever it made sense for miracles to appear it is now.

I have seen many try to work up a miracle and think that within themselves they could move God to heal.  If they could remove doubt and repeat verses over and over again, they surmised, God would heal. When you try to use human belief in the arena of the miraculous it becomes a cold mental exercise.  The faith that causes miracles is a grace of the heart that God imparts right before He heals.

Right now you can stop the madness that torments your mind.  Ask the Holy Spirit to carry you to Christ where you will receive Faith.  Do not over analyze, do not fret…rest!   Let Him do His work. Let Him carry you now.  In the face of a doctor’s fearful predictions, vicious pain and weakness… rest!  Do not choose  human belief that grits its teeth and wars in the natural for that which can only be won in the spirit and by the Spirit.

Let us sum up the matter.  It is time to do it God’s way. We are healed by Faith and no one described this faith better than Peter who said in Acts 3:16 “And his name through Faith in his name has made this man strong, whom you see and know: yes, the Faith which comes through him has given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all.”  Here is the clear and undeniable picture of Christ as the giver of Faith, Faith that heals.

3 thoughts on “If you or someone you love needs healing read this now!

  1. Please join me in prayer for my cousin Jenny who lives in Peru and is battling cancer in her bone marrow and the cancer is progressing so fast that now she can barely breath …oxygen s being given to her through a mask and a tube through her nostrils…doctors say she will need ventilation tubes in the near future…Please….support me in prayer…..May God,bless you!!!

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