Why this is happening and why tonight I will make one massive decision.

Why this is happening and why  tonight I will make one massive decision.

Forget about Greece, China and Washington D.C.  What you need to be looking at is California. The spirit that will kill America comes from the left coast and not those other places.  Credit the people of Wisconsin for figuring it out.

What I am I talking about?  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker reduced unemployment and improved their economy but they wanted to throw him out of office.  Why?  Because he rightly saw that the entitlements of Government workers was destroying the state.  The unions rose up, gathered the signatures, and forced a recall.

The union government workers did not care that an economic recovery was under way for the public sector.  We are talking middle class people whose lives were getting better!  The working stiff learned that the government workers made more for the same jobs, had a retirement account that was 4 times better, and a health care program that was 6 times better, and get this… it is funded by taxes on the middle class.  The citizens were outraged.

California is this same insanity… but on steroids.  In California, government workers retire at full salary.  Yes!  That means that many who made $180,000 a year get $180,000 a year for life!

Last November, even liberal as they come, Governor Jerry Brown asked the unions and the Democratically controlled State Assembly for concessions on the bonfire of entitlements that are killing California.  They replied with all of the fervor of a Greek Occupier “NO WAY!”  The California war cry is “WE DON’T CARE WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM, WE WILL KEEP OUR BENEFITS!”

The oxygen deprivation does not stop there.  To save an inch long fish, Sacramento has cut off water to the farmers, turning vast portions of the central valley into a dust bowl!  The thought process here is, “just in case our entitlements fail to kill the economy, lets wipe out our farms.”

Maybe the craziness here can be explained.  Given the pandemic of medical marijuana, pill happy doctors, and meth labs here the state motto should be, “this is your brain on drugs.”

NO WONDER GOD IS POURING OUT HIS SPIRIT ON CALIFORNIA!  Yes, you heard me right.  Into this madness has come an undeniable move of God.  Last night at Living Word Family Church God went higher, deeper, stronger and more intense than I can remember in any meeting on the West Coast.

To begin with it was our largest crowd yet and more souls were saved than ever.  This on a night that was not advertised and was only by word of mouth.

This was the night that God decided to attack neurological diseases.  The woman you see in this picture could not explain how her pain vanished, her limbs worked again and why she could walk, jump and run!   This was the night that the Holy Jesus showered His healing virtue on the crowd and people all over the hall started walking, bending and celebrated restored limbs…tonight we will announce what happens next.  We are waiting to hear from God if this is the final service.

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