Here is the decision about Santa Rosa.

Here is the decision about Santa Rosa.

We do not want to get tedious in reporting the miracles that happened last night in Santa Rosa.  We report them to you because we believe two things:

  1.  We believe that they are acts of mercy and they are not the result of any righteousness that we possess.
  2. We believe that they are a great encouragement to all of us.  These signs indicate a season of God working in our nation…not just in our nation, but in a part of our nation that is considered burned over for the Gospel.

However, there is much more to this phenomenon than physical healing.  Santa Rosa is home to a pervasive spiritual wound. Many, who once walked with God in this region have been scattered.  We all knew going in that at some point we would need to address this glaring need.  Last night, God collided with that need.

Now let us give you a factual description of last night.  It was a full house again.  It was easy to see that many were there for the first time. It always gives us pause when we see people bringing people who need a miracle.

A beautiful young woman sat with a painful secret.  She was diagnosed with lupus.  She once walked with God but had lost her first love. Now she saw little but impending agony.  Lupus is basically the body declaring war on itself until it is completely destroyed.

Mario picked her out of the crowd and by the power of the Holy Spirit described what was happening to her blood, nerves, muscles and vital organs.  That she was healed is only part of the story.  The real power was that all was forgiven and now a beloved daughter had returned home to her Father.  She wept tears of joy and restoration.

Another drama was quietly building up in a woman who was scheduled for surgery for cancer that very day.  She chose to be here instead, and delay the procedure.  Again, Mario picked her from the audience and said, “Cancer, put your hand on your chest.”  The explosion of praise was immediate.

The message that night was about how God used Hezekiah to restore the Passover and how “Hezekiah and all the people rejoiced that God had prepared the people, since the events took place so suddenly.” 2 Chronicles 29: 36.    What the people did not know is the painful decision that this ministry would have to make to keep these meetings going in Santa Rosa.  We would have to disappoint other cities and deal with the jumble of details that such changes create.  It was an already exhausting year and now here we were again pushing our staff and our resources beyond the limit.  However, something tells us that this will be the visitation of a lifetime.  So we are digging in, gritting our teeth and we are going for it!

This miraculous event was recorded in 2 Chronicles 29 and 30 began as a crazy idea.  When the people heard the King’s idea they rejoiced greatly and even ended up extending the Passover celebration.  At that point Mario announced that we were going to add 4 more nights to the Santa Rosa Fire.  We would resume the meetings July 1-4th.  Yes, we are even going to have a meeting on the 4th of July…talk about fireworks!

The night ended with a call to be born again and for those who were backslidden to come home.  It was an overwhelming scene as the front of the church was filled with souls set free by the love and power of Jesus!  So there you have it…the fire rages on! 

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