A therapist once asked a juvenile delinquent a question that was meant to reveal his personality.   He asked, “What would you do if a lion jumped through that window?”  The youth said, “I would raise my rifle and shoot!”  The therapist said, “But where did you get the rifle?”  The youth replied, “Where did you get the lion?”  


Today, lions are jumping through windows.  We have never seen stress like this and we have never felt so much of our strength sapped by everyday life.  There have never been attacks like this and there has never been so much intense strife.


It seems that we are constantly in need of a miracle.  Daily, we see more and more instances of where life is a cliff hanger.  We see frequent times where no human solution will do.


Right now we are seeing our broken government at work.  Capitol Hill is a trash heap of confusion, disarray and paralysis.  However, that same drama is being replayed in the kitchens of millions of Americans.  Many believers and in a vast number of churches are not exempt from this onslaught.


This morning, June 22, 2012 the voice of the Lord said, “the kingdom of God is not what you think.”  Of course I asked what that meant.  Immediately, I saw some scenes in the New Testament.  That explained what I had just heard.


The disciples were devastated by misunderstanding the Kingdom of God.  The Cross dashed their hopes for a temporal kingdom.  The disciples saw themselves on thrones beside Jesus, using supernatural miracles to run Israel.  When it did not happen they were scattered and terrified.


The same disappointment and shock is touching Christians who made assumptions based on hysterical teachings and trendy doctrine. What we forget is that the Kingdom comes out of nowhere and flattens its adversary when we least expect it.


The resurrection of Christ exploded the church into existence.  Now the 12 saw that they were global not local.  They saw that the mission was not to build a regional paradise but to destroy the worldwide curse of Satan.  The Kingdom was not what they thought.


Not long after that they huddled in an upper room once again feeling abandoned and disappointed.  That is why their numbers dwindled from 500 to 120.  Once again, the Kingdom had other things in mind.  Tongues of fire, a mighty boldness and the constant companionship of the Holy Spirit transformed them into an unstoppable force.  The future was not what they thought.


It did not take long for massive persecution to come and now they felt helpless again.  They were slandered, maligned and driven underground.  They felt they had no voice, to retort to the angry, sophisticated society that God had plunged them into.


Suddenly, a light flashes down onto an angry intellectual, religious terrorist…the Bin Laden of the Jews if you will.  Saul becomes Paul and the church gains a voice that Jesus predicted.  “I will give you a mouth and wisdom that no man can gainsay nor resist.


Today, you must not be disappointed or despairing.  The Kingdom does not always let us see our true resources or know the stunning breakthroughs that are just ahead.  What we do know is that the Kingdom we have received is unshakable.   For every lion there will be a rifle.

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