Louder than Words.


 Louder than words.

The best way to avoid action is to keep talking.  There are people who love to talk about what is wrong, who is wrong, what disaster will strike if we do not do something, and even expand on amazing ways to fix the problem.   They keep talking hoping that you do not notice that they are doing nothing.

I will never forget when Chris Rock interviewed Reverend Jesse Jackson.  Chris Rock asked him simply, “what do you do?”  The reverend began pouring out a stream of rhetoric.  Chris Rock interrupted, “yeah, I know about that but what do you do?”  Befuddled, Jackson started in again with high sounding verbiage.  Again, Rock came back with, “I know about that, but what do you do?”  This went and on until Jesse ripped his mike off and stormed out of the studio.

The biggest lie anyone will ever tell, is the truth they keep on telling emphatically, loudly and for so long that you do not notice that they have  postponed action indefinitely. 

At Mario Murillo Ministries we have endeavored to build a culture of action.  I believe that staff meetings are guilty until proven innocent.  My theory is that as long as we are sitting around talking about what we are going to do, we are not doing it.

Years ago, someone got us an elegant conference table and comfy chairs that you could sink into.  I hated this furniture so much because it caused people to smooze.   Until I got rid of it, I made our staff meet in the hall and stand through the whole meeting.  I kept using the hallway even after we got better furniture because I noticed how quickly people got to the point when we all had to stand.

William J. Lock said, “I believe half the unhappiness in life comes from people being afraid to go straight at things.”  The devil wants to us to do everything except get started.  The tendency today is to stare at our dreams rather than to live our dreams.

Many times God has asked me to do the seemingly impossible.  I learned to listen closer for the most important thing about vision…taking the first step!    I learned that when something looks impossible, start it, and then God will give out the next step, and then the next, and soon you will see that with God all things are possible.

Often the greatest enemy of wisdom can be conventional wisdom.  Take this Summer for example.  Conventional wisdom says to hit one city after another.  Instead, we have found that God wants to dig in and drill a well of supernatural salvation in a city, alter the DNA of churches and leave behind trained workers.  Then when you get a major breakthrough conventional wisdom will say “stay here because of the great success” and suddenly, God will move us on.

Our reliance on signs and wonders is not for exotic titillation, it is to win souls.  We have no stomach for events that amuse bored believers and leave lost souls out in the darkness.  Just because our meetings are boisterous does not mean we will let them get spooky.  We do not follow trends whether they be in worship, tactics or the latest buzz.  We are bent on being effective and taking actions.  We are a ministry that is endeavoring to be louder than words. 

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