Why You Are Here

It is hard  for us to fight feelings of anger and helplessness in a world that seems to ignore our voice and disregard our concerns.  It is easy to feel that life is random and we have no power to control but if you can answer the question that I am going to ask in this blog you can become unstoppable.

Why are you here?

The hope of His calling:  There is not only a hope of His calling; there is hope in His calling.  There is a great hope in knowing that you are called to be here at this time in order to do a special work.  You are not abandoned, forgotten, misplaced or marooned on earth, you are on assignment!

It is no accident that words like purpose and destiny are all over the landscape of the church.  We all sense intuitively the urgency of these words.  Life must have meaning! It is the depth of meaning that we find in life that determines our level of endurance.  The bigger the sense of WHY we are here, the greater our power to face WHAT is here. The more value that we place on our life, the more we will expect from our life.  ourselves and what we are doing.  It is a profound sense of mission that makes people productive.

The atheist and the agnostic face an unrelenting sense of meaninglessness.  To them, life is a cruel accident.  This is why I want to impress upon you one very great fact: it is not ease and comfort that make life bearable and it is not trials and tribulations that make life unbearable.

Suicide is pandemic among the rich and idle. But the joy of the Lord saturates missionaries fulfilling their calling in the most horrendous circumstances. You are not seeking the easy life, you are seeking the life you were born to live.  You seek that life that unmistakable stamp of divine approval.

You are an ambassador of God and that makes your home an embassy.  That means that you are here to do something that no one else can do and to do in a way that no one has ever done before.  It means that all of the authority of heaven stands ready to defend and strengthen your efforts.  That means that any anger or resentment you see is directed at God and not at you because the battle is not yours.

The call of God on your life must be more real than anything else about you. Everyday is your defining moment.  Let me say it another way: The life that lacks destiny, though it boasts of everything else is but a leaf in the wind. The life that knows it is here on purpose and for a destiny cannot be stopped by anything.

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