Listen to these words from Pastors who have been to Santa Rosa Fire


 Tonight we have to make a big decision.  However, one of the biggest signs that God is moving is when Pastors in a city get a mighty touch from God.  Let me share two:

Hello Mario,
We are pastors in Santa Rosa and we have attended nearly all of the meetings. We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for listening to the Spirit’s leading, even being willing to change your schedule. This alone has communicated God’s heart toward us. We also want to thank you for what you have spoken to us as well. You have challenged, provoked and encouraged us. You have said words that needed to be said. They are seeds that have found good soil. Most of all, you have loved us with His heart. We can tell that you know what He feels about this city and the prophetic destiny over it. Your words are confirming what has been prophesied by others. There are those of us that have been standing, contending for the release of our destiny, some for decades, others more recently. Many have attended the meetings anticipating moving closer to God finding His dwelling place here.
There is so much to say, but please know that we are grateful for you and the revival deposit you are making in Santa Rosa! There are still many more that need to join us, but they ARE coming! The evidence is in the enthusiasm that has filled the room in every meeting. You have accurately described “that Santa Rosa look,” but during your time here, it has begun to break off, revealing the beautiful Bride beneath!

So blessed to serve Him with you,
Brad and Teri Friedlander
Pastors, Connection Church

  • Hi Mario, I just wanted to say that for me personally this has been an un expected refreshing for me. I have steadily attended meetings throughout your time here in Santa Rosa. I was not sure what to expect…but it’s been everything I hoped for and more. I did not realize how much I needed to simply sit, recieve, not concern myself with the details of a meeting, as a pastor normally does. This has lead,
    and I choose my words deliberately, to a”reviving” for me! There is a group of pastoral couples and teams here that have been at these meetings. This has served to further fuel the fire towards Santa Rosa and for us as we press into all that God has for us here. My wife Mary has enjoyed this time of refreshing as well. There is a difference in our home, we are more consistent in our time as a couple in Him. Last night you had said if you want a “new beginning with God”..that’s what this has been and we are grateful. I’m also glad that other pastors from our staff have been in attendance as well. They have been impacted. Thank you for landing here in our city. We do hope to connect again.Continue to give em’ heaven, as we will too –

Peace, pastors Kel & Mary Slater Lighthose Santa Rosa

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