Hunger but no Games: Week 4 the most Explosive Yet.

Hunger but no Games:  Why Week 4 of the Santa Rosa Fire will be the most Explosive Yet.

Mario Murillo Ministries begins its fourth week of the Santa Rosa Fire.  How did we make the decision to continue these meetings?  In this case, the decision was made for us on Wednesday night, July 11.

I can count on one hand the number of times in my life that I have seen so real, so innocent, so passionate, and so deep a hunger in people.  The people by acclamation roared their approval of adding these next 4 nights.  They are not tired, bored or spent, they are possessed of a seemingly unlimited appetite for more of Jesus.  .  No one can manufacture the excitement and heartfelt love in these people.

The hunger is not just in the people.  Pastors have wept at the altar of God and now have welded their hearts to this moment of awakening with an insatiable yearning for revival.  This week we will partner with several Churches and pastors who are of one heart to see true revival.

Then something else happened:  God demonstrated His Hunger to Bless!  Heaven shouted its approval of the added nights by demonstrating miracles of healing.  Jesus revealed why one of His names is Wonderful.  Words of knowledge popped that had no filler or guessing.  God healed instantly and undeniably.  The reports continue to pile in and in turn fuel even greater hunger in all of us.

These are not games but a sacred, and strategic series of meetings.  They have a far greater implication than any of us know.  There is a message burning in our hearts about the Santa Rosa Fire:

1. Fire is hungry!  Fire consumes and the Word of God tells us that our God is a consuming fire.  This explains the ever increasing appetite in the people.  Again, this is hunger but these are not games.

2. Revival is not an improved version of what we had before.  We cannot ever go back to what we were before.  It is something entirely new and unlike anything we have experienced before.  This must be clearly understood until there is no inkling or threat of returning to “normal.”

3. You only get one meeting to be a spectator.  After your first visit, you are a soldier. There is a concerted push to equip everyone for spiritual warfare against all of the works of the devil.  The focus each night is greater dependency on the Holy Spirit; a clearer understanding of the authority we have in Christ and the deep responsibility we have to express that to all who are oppressed of Satan.

Tonight, the Kingdom of God will expand into regions held by demons for centuries.  Of this we have no doubt.  The family of God in Northern California has a clear moment.  The time for regular religion has ceased.  It is being swallowed up by fire; true and hungry fire!

One thought on “Hunger but no Games: Week 4 the most Explosive Yet.

  1. Our prayer engine runnin here in Surfside Beach SC – prayer to fuel the fire… reading the diaries of Azusa St and the stories of Evan Roberts and the Wales Revival at the same time… Lord Jesus please continue the downpour and draw your people from around the world that this revival fire will spread around the globe…. and send your people from Santa Rosa to light more fires… and continue to lead Brother Murillo by your Holy Spirit…

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