Lessons learned from a demonic attack in Santa Rosa.



Late one night in Santa Rosa while laying on my bed a dark and threatening being addressed me.  I can tell you this now because of the breakthrough that we had last Wednesday night.   It was clear that Satan had sent his local representative to threaten us.

We rarely talk about these things because it strains my credibility with a lot of folk.  I am going public with this because it is relevant for you to know some things about the immediate future.

The voice said, “do not take this meeting any further, just leave.”  That was it.  My first inclination was not to answer it at all.  However, an answer was required by heaven.  I roared at that devil, “tell your master that Jesus sent us here and we will not leave until He says so!”

This encounter is revealing for many reasons: 

We have struck a nerve.  The enemy only threatens when he is threatened.  Ancient principalities are losing their grip.  It is undeniable that  we are wandering into regions that have felt no threat for decades. These beings knew this was coming and they have no intention of losing this ground.   They will attack!

We must not be fooled.  The danger for any ministry are the extremes of fear and overconfidence.

Fear: We can make the mistake of caving into threats and packing our bags.  We can look at the array of bad things and use it as an argument to leave.  Ministries must have a higher degree of vision to see why they cannot buckle under the lies of Satan.

What if our momentum is challenged?  Does that mean the end of the revival?    Are we here to just have good meetings or to blast through for a permanent change in this part of the world?  If fear gets in us, we will constantly be looking for a way out instead of a way in.

Overconfidence: Many powerful ministries have carried the heat of the day for this great outpouring.  We have only entered into their labors.  We cannot boast of any extraordinary gifts or power.  This Fire in Santa Rosa is the property of all of the Body of Christ here.   WE DID NOT BRING IT AND WE WILL NOT TAKE IT WITH US WHEN WE LEAVE!!!

Our authority is only valid if we honor those who have sacrificed for Santa Rosa.  We dare not carry a hint of pride that we have brought the missing ingredient  to Santa Rosa.  This is the result of others who have prayed and held their ground for Christ.

Our ability to continue is based on discernment and a Godly fear of grieving the Holy Spirit.  At no point we assume that we have achieved some lasting momentum that no longer requires fervent prayer, repentance and a heart of worship.   Our dependency must grow and not diminish.

Finally,  I am moments away from a great over powering meeting in Santa Rosa.  The Spirit tells me that great waves of revival are crashing onto American soil and they will appear in many places at once!  Soon the supernatural will become normal and the fires of revival will become a way of life for millions of Americans!


2 thoughts on “Lessons learned from a demonic attack in Santa Rosa.

  1. Praise the Lord, Bro . Apostle Mario Murillo…..may our God continue to Bless you and yours in the assignment He has giving you to lead!!!

    For the word of God is living and powerful! It is sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the dividing of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intentions of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12)

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