Precious Partner in the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

Revival has come to the most unlikely of regions, in the most unlikely way, at the most unexpected time.  The whirlwind events of Santa Rosa hark back to Elijah on Mount Carmel.  Before the prophet called down the fire, he ordered thousands of gallons of water to be poured onto the sacrifice.  The prophets of Baal were notorious for using sleight of hand to fake fire.  Elijah wanted to remove all doubt about the impending act of God.

Revival has come to the most unlikely of regions, in the most unlikely way, at the most unexpected time.  God has removed all doubt.  Not only is there no doubt, there is no let up.  It is as if the Holy Spirit wants to outdo the previous night, every night: More souls than before, and more miracles than before.

Take last night as an example.  I saw one of the most emotional and compelling scenes ever.  She was hidden in the audience until that moment that God her called out to the aisle.  Her legs were bowed and brittle.  No one could mistake the pain she felt just to stand there and wait on her miracle.  Then Jesus came!   She took brave steps toward the front of the building.  She moved slowly at first but then her chains fell off and she charged up and down the church free of pain and weakness!

So powerful is this move that Pastor Larry King felt an urgency to send out a letter.  Here are some excerpts from that letter:

“As the Pastor of Living Word Family Church I would like to thank each one of the Pastors from Santa Rosa and our surrounding area churches for your support and help in sharing this revival with our city. I believe it is this unity and combined belief that has influenced such a tremendous demonstration of God’s healing power and abundance of salvations at this perfect time.

THANK YOU JESUS for hearing our cry and bringing hope, help and healing to our City!

Now is the time for us to throw our nets over the other side into the deep and receive the greatest harvest of souls that Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and California has ever seen! Now is the time to believe for the impossible, wonders, signs, and miracles that we have been promised in God’s Word! NOW IS THE TIME!!!!  

In His Service, Larry King,

Pastor of Living Word Family Church.

Now let me ask you a heartfelt question.  Isn’t this what we have hoped for?  Mario Murillo Ministries has existed to reverse the tide of darkness over the youth of our nation.  Now we have reached the moment when, in fact, we can overpower a key city.  We can establish a stronghold and create a model for many other cities in America.

Our prayers have been answered and the revival we have yearned for is upon us!  This is why I am asking  our partners to pray fervently for this amazing miracle in Santa Rosa.

We are able to stay and see this through because of our partners.  Your gift of love, to win souls can. do more than ever!  Thank you for being bold and faithful in guarding our momentum.

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