News Flash! Santa Rosa Fire will go on a 6th week!

When we meet tonight at 7PM, we will be announcing the news!  Next Sunday we will begin week 6 of the Santa Rosa Fire!  We have no choice.  This miracle has taken on a life of its own and is no longer capable of being controlled by man

Now the people are sitting in the lobby and overflow rooms.  Their faces glow with joy and appreciation for the outpouring of the Spirit in Santa Rosa.  They stand and blast the Fire Song.The worship team leads them into greater glory.  The church is now a forest of raised hands swaying in the wind of the Holy Spirit.  We are lost in unconfined worship to Jesus.

We cannot escape the conviction that this will be an unforgettable night.  Even the unchurched who have never seen anything like this, feel the presence of God.  Worship that is sincere, directed away from self and toward God is a powerful soul winning force.

I preach the Gospel to the people.  They are ready to receive.  Now I am calling them out of darkness and into the arms of God.  I see those who brought their loved ones praying with an intense yearning, hoping that their loved one will respond the call.  A stunning number of people come to Christ.  Now burning hope has become reality.  Sons, daughters, parents, wives, husbands, and friends are causing widespread jubilation as they say the sinner’s prayer and stand redeemed!

The prayer room is now jammed with souls!  This is the largest harvest yet in the Santa Rosa Fire.  I say to the audience, “if we were to end this night right now it would be a great night.”  But the night was not over.

Try to imagine what it is like when dozens of people stand at once to be healed of lung diseases ranging from asthma to cancer.  The Holy Spirit brooded over the people dispensing miracles. One after another began to declare their miracle and rejoice. 

Jesus did not leave it there!  He began to heal diseased hearts, spines, arms, legs, eyes, and litany of ailments.  It was clear that  we had once again exceeded the power of any previous meeting.

We still have tonight at 7 PM and then this Sunday it all starts again!  Only God knows the astounding things that are yet to come!

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