How the worst news became the best news

Bob Johnson does not say much but his faithfulness speaks very loud.  He serves us at the Dream House and has been seen in many different outreaches in Northern California.  He and his wife had been praying for a miracle in their son Mike to have a true conversion to Christ.   God answered their prayer in an amazing way.

I first saw Mike Johnson after he violently turned to Christ.  He gave all of the problems of his life to the Lord, and it has been full speed ahead ever since.  He began using his gift on our worship team.  All of us have loved the powerful way he plays drums in the spirit.

Mike also serves at his church with Pastor Steve Rutledge at the Winters Foursquare Church.

Mike, his parents and family started driving two hours each way to Santa Rosa just so Mike could continue to play and be a part of the Santa Rosa Fire.  It has always thrilled me how God gave Mike such a deep love for the Lord and all of us on the team have adopted him as family.

Mike began to feel weak and his arms began to cramp.  He even began to drop the drum sticks occasionally when he played.  So he went to the doctor.  Then came the terrible news, Mike had leukemia.  News that did not just make me sad, it made me furious.  Satan hated Mike’s new life, the devil had lost a soul that he thought he would always have.

This ate away at my spirit.  I thought about what a cheap shot this was by the enemy.  My pain turned into prayer and then became fire. 

Monday night July 23 I preached at the Santa Rosa Fire about our sons.  I talked about the contract of death that Satan has put on young men in America.  Suddenly I stopped preaching and yanked Mike from the audience.  The entire congregation as one voice declared a miracle over his body!

Two days later, Wednesday July 25, 2012 he returned with a doctor’s report. The new tests showed that leukemia had vanished and that he is totally healed!  What a mighty God we serve!

3 thoughts on “How the worst news became the best news

  1. What is being witnessed at Santa Rosa, California, dubbed Santa Rosa Fire is Powerful, Amazing, Emotional, Beyond human ability and grounded in the Word of God. Hurting hungry hearts are being satisfied. Those who have labored and prayed for years for God to bring healing and life to the families of Santa Rosa are blessed and privileged to witness the “beginning” of the answer to their prayers. Some might wonder if this is really God and just as John the Baptist sent his followers to ask Jesus if He is the One or should they look for another, Jesus answered them in Luke 7 when He said, “Go and tell John the things you have seen and heard: that the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, the poor have the gospel preached to them and blessed is he who is not offended because of Me.” Let me say this, JESUS has come to Santa Rosa in power and He has not only ministered through Mario Murillo as a servant of the Lord, but God is ministering healing through the body of Christ as they respond to the Holy Spirit and minister to those around them.

    The move of God, the FIRE of Santa Rosa has brought a spirit of unity to the Body of Christ in this area, He has shaken the skeptics and He has Healed broken hearts, spiritually and physically, and there is no indication that and end to this move of God is in sight.

    I truly believe what is being witnessed is God’s will and God’s time for Santa Rosa and the enemy of our souls will be defeated and made to pay for the damage he has done in this region.

    I encourage everyone that reads this blog to make an effort to attend one of these meetings, not because God is only moving in Santa Rosa, but because you will see what will soon be what God has planned for California and the Nation.

    This revival fire is NOT a work of men, it is the work of God in response to the cries of His people seeking His mercy, grace and power.

  2. We too rejoice in the powerful healing that had taken place in Mike’s body … increasingly, God is demonstrating His compassion and power at Santa Rosa and the lost are coming to Jesus increasingly as well … Glory to God !

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