Now Look What Happened!



Many, many times we cannot report even some of the most dramatic healings that we see in Santa Rosa.  In the abundance of miracles we simply cannot keep up with all of them.  Here is one that you must know about.

When she was called out she was dying…each word was like a bullet when God began to heal her.   Here was a body that needed everything replaced!  Her best friend stood with her stunned by the accuracy of every word.  What she needed was a new liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, and knees.  She could barely breathe or stand let alone walk! 

Then all heaven broke loose.  She could feel supernatural life in all of her vital organs.  She could breathe and felt no pain.  You have to understand how destroyed her back and leg were to appreciate what happened next.  You could not see it but you could feel it…it was as if lightning struck her limbs and then she took off!

It was like reliving the healing of the man at the gate beautiful!  She jumped, she ran, she charged around the building on her new legs and she did not tire because now she had new lungs.  Amazement followed her around the room!

She finally was able to tell her story and it was in fact like something out of the Bible.  Oh how she had suffered!  She had no idea that God would heal her on this night.  It was greater than words could tell.

Now praise, real praise enveloped the entire audience.  So deep was the worship that it unleashed a river of even more healings.   People were staggering under the power of God that permeated the room.

Indeed, heaven has invaded Santa Rosa!  It is amazing to think that we are going to embark on an unprecedented 6th week this Sunday.

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