The Fire Within Me.


Tonight at the Dream House in Martinez I will open my heart in a blatant attempt to spread revival fire.  Here is a taste of my message this evening:

God is not waiting for liberals to find out America needs revival.  He is not anticipating revival prayers from atheists, secular humanists or any think tank.  Our creator scans the nation looking for only one group to cry out for awakening.  “If my people,” is not a catch phrase it is the key.

God’s core have a much greater role in the affairs of state than anyone can imagine.  A vivid example of this is when the people of the boat screamed at Jonah when they found out that he had disobeyed God and caused the storm.   “Why have you done this to us?” they shouted in anger and the question is even more valid today than it was then.  God, and society is waiting for the American church to decide that enough is enough. 

Again and again I am being asked why the Santa Rosa meeting is so different from any of the other meetings going on right now.  They difference is that they get it and they know that it is now or never for America.

Most pulpits today say this but if they meant it then the real fire would fall.  In the Santa Rosa it is not just words.  They  possessed with a divine desperation.  Their war cry is, “IT IS NOW OR NEVER FOR AMERICA!”

I was in another meeting that many thought was revival.  We had crowds, we had miracles but we did not have a sincere desire for change in the majority of the people.  Often during that meeting I would tell the audience that it was not yet revival and many were upset and bewildered by my remarks.

It is now clear that they only wanted a better version of what they already had.  In Santa Rosa, they are passionate about change. They want a permanent change of heart, behavior, and church life.

Revival can be a fad.  When it becomes a fad, it can be worse than never having had revival.  Most homes have a box in the attic or garage with beanie babies, pet rocks, Pokémon cards, photos in old outfits, and other remnants of past passion.  Sorting through the box often brings embarrassment, and a wondering about how we ever were so excited about that stuff.  It is tragic when revival gets put in that box.

The Santa Rosa Fire has come into my life at a time when I have outgrown the need of celebrity, recognition, or even legacy.   It is all about souls, souls, and more souls.  The only other fire that burns in this evangelist’s heart is for God to save my country from herself.

It baffles me when a pastor is more afraid of displeasing a board than failing God.  It grieves me how easily the weeds of tradition can grow back once the fires of revival have cooled.  I am befuddled by the side shows that excite so many Christians.

Somebody needs to help me understand why we cannot just get desperate?  What more evil do we need?  How much worse does it need to get before we collapse before God and do away with human marketing and compromise?

My mission in Santa Rosa is clear: I would rather fail in a total attempt to see God’s glory on a dying nation than to succeed in a ministry that has all of the outward features of achievement that is really only self delusion.


5 thoughts on “The Fire Within Me.

  1. Eternity happens everyday … It is not God’s will that ANY perish … The Church has been intrusted with the Words of LIFE … I agree with Mario Murillo and the many Christians who not only believe but realize it is now or never … The revival, or as we have come to identify this hunger for more of Jesus, Santa Rosa Fire is an intensifying passion for healing in the body of Christ and a unified army desiring to see the Power of God change lives and preparing them for eternity … just as Jesus demonstrated His compassion for those affected and wounded by Sins destruction, He is stepping on Satan’s head with miraculous healing and delivering power … Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever … Come and SEE what the Lord is doing … Dream House Estudillo Street Martinez Ca Friday nights 7:15 pm

  2. Continue my dear Brother to trust in Him and rely on the annointing of God to see you through the revival in Santa Rosa. I agree with you that the fire of the Holy Spirit will continue in your midst there. We love you and believe with you for more GREAT reports Mario.
    Oh the precious name of Jesus!!! Ray Jasper

  3. It is good to hear that you, Mario, are desperate for an authentic move of God among and through his people. God is tearing down the strong holds of religious tradition in all of us as he is introducing himself to a new generation that have never known him. As we partner with him, I see us all waking up to the amazing awareness of his unrelenting love. Revivals in the past have sometimes been about working people up to accept Jesus out of fear of eternal fire. This revival, since we seem to need to label it some way we can relate to, is about waking people up to the fact that our daddy wants us to get to know him better. He wants to show us what he is really like. He wants to demonstrate his love for us. The other night you mentioned that God was doing miracles in Santa Rosa in order to kick Satan in the face, or something close to that phrase. Anyway, I’ve been considering that. My experience has been more that, since Satan was utterly defeated in the death of Jesus, what God is doing here is showing us what that means in a real, practical manifestation of his “lavish” love for us. My experience is that my daddy is getting a “kick” out of hanging out with us because he wants to. He used to walk with Adam and Eve in the garden. I get that he is calling us out to play in the cool of the summer evenings and that we haven’t really seen anything yet. There is so much more to come. You spoke over me and my husband on the 15th. You named many of the conditions that God has been healing in me over the last few years. Day by day I have to listen to the Spirit as to what is next. That night he drew me to fellowship with you all. I was there with a desperate plea for more of Jesus, more of an ability to hear his voice, to see what he sees and do what he does. That is all I wanted…and still want. My body is still in pain. I’m still contending for a full healing, but because God gave you the Reader’s Guide to my conditions and you spoke them over me, I was encouraged that my daddy is hugging me close and will bring me all the way through to ALL that Jesus purchased for me with his life, death and resurrection. I don’t think it will matters to our Creator what country we live in, or the form of our earthly government. He wants us to live in His Kingdom 24/7. Thank you for your humble obedience to the voice of the Spirit.


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