Precious Partner in the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

Revival has come to the most unlikely of regions, in the most unlikely way, at the most unexpected time.  The whirlwind events of Santa Rosa hark back to Elijah on Mount Carmel.  Before the prophet called down the fire, he ordered thousands of gallons of water to be poured onto the sacrifice.  The prophets of Baal were notorious for using sleight of hand to fake fire.  Elijah wanted to remove all doubt about the impending act of God.

Revival has come to the most unlikely of regions, in the most unlikely way, at the most unexpected time.  God has removed all doubt.  Not only is there no doubt, there is no let up.  It is as if the Holy Spirit wants to outdo the previous night, every night: More souls than before, and more miracles than before.

Take last night as an example.  I saw one of the most emotional and compelling scenes ever.  She was hidden in the audience until that moment that God her called out to the aisle.  Her legs were bowed and brittle.  No one could mistake the pain she felt just to stand there and wait on her miracle.  Then Jesus came!   She took brave steps toward the front of the building.  She moved slowly at first but then her chains fell off and she charged up and down the church free of pain and weakness!

So powerful is this move that Pastor Larry King felt an urgency to send out a letter.  Here are some excerpts from that letter:

“As the Pastor of Living Word Family Church I would like to thank each one of the Pastors from Santa Rosa and our surrounding area churches for your support and help in sharing this revival with our city. I believe it is this unity and combined belief that has influenced such a tremendous demonstration of God’s healing power and abundance of salvations at this perfect time.

THANK YOU JESUS for hearing our cry and bringing hope, help and healing to our City!

Now is the time for us to throw our nets over the other side into the deep and receive the greatest harvest of souls that Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and California has ever seen! Now is the time to believe for the impossible, wonders, signs, and miracles that we have been promised in God’s Word! NOW IS THE TIME!!!!  

In His Service, Larry King,

Pastor of Living Word Family Church.

Now let me ask you a heartfelt question.  Isn’t this what we have hoped for?  Mario Murillo Ministries has existed to reverse the tide of darkness over the youth of our nation.  Now we have reached the moment when, in fact, we can overpower a key city.  We can establish a stronghold and create a model for many other cities in America.

Our prayers have been answered and the revival we have yearned for is upon us!  This is why I am asking  our partners to pray fervently for this amazing miracle in Santa Rosa.

We are able to stay and see this through because of our partners.  Your gift of love, to win souls can. do more than ever!  Thank you for being bold and faithful in guarding our momentum.

This is what revival looks like.

This is what revival looks like.

Last night the Santa Rosa Fire reignited.   Starting week 5 was uncharted waters for Mario Murillo Ministries. When we drove up to Living Word Family Church we had no idea of what to expect.  I had nagging questions in my spirit.  Would the crowds still come after all of this time?  Was it just a fad, a flare up of emotion, and not true revival fire?

Whatever doubts I had were completely erased as I pulled into the crowded parking lot.  People were charging into the building.  Boisterous singing was spilling out to the neighborhood.  It was a house filled with hearts on fire.

Pastor Larry King welcomed the people and then the worship team form Vertical Call Church led by Steve Peleo took us to heaven.  From the moment we began to sing, it was evident that this event no longer belonged to any man.  This is now divine property and there is no going back.

A supernatural cooperation exists here that should be a rebuke to cities were Pastors are guilty of turf wars.  This cooperation has already produced fruit.  The churches who are involved are reporting that their attendance is up and the people are on fire.

My message last night came from Romans 8: 32 “He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?”  “I asked the people what would be harder for you to see your child die or for you to die yourself?  Now you can feel the heart of God the Father and His astounding and unspeakable love for us.”

Then I told them how mighty those 4 simple words are, “how will He not?  In light of the sacrifice that is beyond words, how can we think He will not heal, save, provide and protect?   This truth had an immediate impact on lost souls.

I called souls to Christ. We had the largest response of these meetings!  

Andrea came forward to meet Jesus.  Later as she was walking back into the sanctuary, she was describing her need for healing to the head counselor.   No sooner did she sit down than by Spirit I was ordered to have her stand and then proceeded to list the very same diseases that she had just related to the leader.  She was overcome by the power of God and declared that she had no more pain!

Tonight the miracle continues and we cannot predict what is going to happen.  All we do know is that Christ commands this meeting and He will control the night!

Lessons learned from a demonic attack in Santa Rosa.



Late one night in Santa Rosa while laying on my bed a dark and threatening being addressed me.  I can tell you this now because of the breakthrough that we had last Wednesday night.   It was clear that Satan had sent his local representative to threaten us.

We rarely talk about these things because it strains my credibility with a lot of folk.  I am going public with this because it is relevant for you to know some things about the immediate future.

The voice said, “do not take this meeting any further, just leave.”  That was it.  My first inclination was not to answer it at all.  However, an answer was required by heaven.  I roared at that devil, “tell your master that Jesus sent us here and we will not leave until He says so!”

This encounter is revealing for many reasons: 

We have struck a nerve.  The enemy only threatens when he is threatened.  Ancient principalities are losing their grip.  It is undeniable that  we are wandering into regions that have felt no threat for decades. These beings knew this was coming and they have no intention of losing this ground.   They will attack!

We must not be fooled.  The danger for any ministry are the extremes of fear and overconfidence.

Fear: We can make the mistake of caving into threats and packing our bags.  We can look at the array of bad things and use it as an argument to leave.  Ministries must have a higher degree of vision to see why they cannot buckle under the lies of Satan.

What if our momentum is challenged?  Does that mean the end of the revival?    Are we here to just have good meetings or to blast through for a permanent change in this part of the world?  If fear gets in us, we will constantly be looking for a way out instead of a way in.

Overconfidence: Many powerful ministries have carried the heat of the day for this great outpouring.  We have only entered into their labors.  We cannot boast of any extraordinary gifts or power.  This Fire in Santa Rosa is the property of all of the Body of Christ here.   WE DID NOT BRING IT AND WE WILL NOT TAKE IT WITH US WHEN WE LEAVE!!!

Our authority is only valid if we honor those who have sacrificed for Santa Rosa.  We dare not carry a hint of pride that we have brought the missing ingredient  to Santa Rosa.  This is the result of others who have prayed and held their ground for Christ.

Our ability to continue is based on discernment and a Godly fear of grieving the Holy Spirit.  At no point we assume that we have achieved some lasting momentum that no longer requires fervent prayer, repentance and a heart of worship.   Our dependency must grow and not diminish.

Finally,  I am moments away from a great over powering meeting in Santa Rosa.  The Spirit tells me that great waves of revival are crashing onto American soil and they will appear in many places at once!  Soon the supernatural will become normal and the fires of revival will become a way of life for millions of Americans!


Tomorrow we will resume the meetings that have come to be known as The Santa Rosa Fire. We are sobered by the fact that we must pursue this act of God with total abandon .  Yes, our plans for this summer have been interrupted, but many of Satan’s plans for Northern California have been devastated.

Everything within me tells me that I am facing the greatest manifestation of God that I have ever seen.  I am being warned to be prepared for power and glory to invade the next 4 meetings beyond anything this ministry has ever known.

Just consider these facts:

Gifts of the Holy Spirit have called out conditions in bodies with greater depth and force than ever before.  The Holy Spirit said “there is a man with hepatitis C, diabetes and kidney disease, tell him he is being healed.”  Days later that man returned beaming with health and glorifying God for his miracle.

A precious woman sat in agony with a host of diseases.  Again, the Holy Spirit spoke about 14 ailments in her body.  She was stunned.  Mechelle and another lady laid hands on her and she testified that power surged through her body.

Last night, a man came hobbling in on a walker ravaged by terminal bone cancer.  The Holy Fell on him and he took off around the building!

-Several churches are rallying together like an army.  This is not token unity but a heartfelt oneness that permeates the hearts of men and women of God.  God has altered the spirits of leaders here.  They do not care about recognition or even church growth.  It is their conviction that the city must be blessed, and the cry of hurting souls must take president over private ambition.   Offers of help keep coming in with no strings attached.  Indeed there is a supernatural cooperation at work here!

-Reinforcements are coming from other parts of America: People are flying in from Florida just to partake of the Fire of God!   Teams will be dispersing through the city to give loving witness to the power of the Gospel.  Roger Webb, a precious man of God from Ignited Church in Lakeland Florida flew out to be a part of the Fire.  He was electrified and is returning for 4 more days to hit the streets and bring in the harvest.

Reports of yet more miracles continue to pour in.  It seems that not an hour goes by without a testimony of someone being born again or healed.  One of the most wonderful results has been the restoration of backsliders.  You see, Santa Rose experienced a great spiritual wound that left many believers scattered.  Now God is tenderly gathering them in and restoring their destinies.

People have been set to prayer: Matthew Henry said, “when God wants a revival, He sets His people to prayer.”  A vast number of intercessors are bearing this revival up before the throne.  Through the blog at our website nearly 25,000 people have read about the revival and vast numbers are praying for this to flare up and touch all of the West Coast!

The stage is set for the greatest week in the history of this ministry.  Only God knows how many souls will be saved or what manner of miracles we will see in the next few days.  What will happen when the intensifying cry for revival in the hearts of these people collides with the aggressive love of God?  Only Jesus knows but one thing is certain, it will transcend anything we have seen before.

It is now or never.  While we all rejoice at the breakthrough, we are all very conscious of the solemn ramifications of this moment.  We know that Santa Rosa is only one of many places in America that is experiencing this same kind of intervention.

The most chilling question that I have asked God is why now?  It is because America is at stake and revival is no longer a wispy solution but imperative to our survival.  This is why we are all in.  This is why we must surrender to this ongoing miracle in Santa Rosa and see it through!

Evil made a statement last night.


When Super Villains are not just on the Screen.

“The image in our heads is stuck in there. I still have the ticket right here and honestly, I’m never going to forget this night at all. Because it was the first time I saw something that was real. Like a real-life nightmare that was there, not dreaming of,” Ramos told ABC News today.

CLAYTON SANDELL, KEVIN DOLAK, and COLLEEN CURRY Good Morning America- “The suspected “lone-wolf” shooter of the Batman movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colo. earlier today has been identified as PhD student James Holmes, who recently withdrew from his neuroscience studies at the University of Colorado before shooting up “The Dark Knight Rises” screening.

Holmes, 24, moved to Aurora to pursue his PhD at the University of Colorado medical center, living just blocks from the hospital in an apartment that is now laced with explosives and being searched by Haz-Mat teams.

Holmes killed at least 12 people and injured as many as 50, including U.S. military members, during the midnight premiere of the movie at the Century 16 Movie Theaters in Aurora early this morning. He barged into the theater mid-show, setting off smoke bombs and stalking up and down the aisles firing as many as four weapons at viewers.

He was captured by police in the parking lot while still wearing a bullet-proof vest, riot helmet, and gas mask.

Moviegoer Christopher Ramos today recalled the real-life horror of the midnight premiere of the latest Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” in Aurora, Colo., as a gunman decked in riot gear set off smoke bombs and opened fire on the unsuspecting audience.

“People were running everywhere, running on top of me, like kicking me, jumping over me. And there were bodies on the ground,” Ramos said. “I froze up. I was scared. I honestly thought I was going to die.”

 “The image in our heads is stuck in there. I still have the ticket right here and honestly, I’m never going to forget this night at all. Because it was the first time I saw something that was real. Like a real-life nightmare that was there, not dreaming of,” Ramos told ABC News today.

Holmes was caught by police in the parking lot of the movie theater shortly after the shooting still dressed in his riot gear, an outfit eerily similar to a villain in “The Dark Knight Rises.” He warned police that his Aurora apartment was booby-trapped, leading police to evacuate the apartment complex. They were working this morning to gain entry to and diffuse the apartment, which they said seems to be “elaborately” rigged with explosives.  CLAYTON SANDELL, KEVIN DOLAK, and COLLEEN CURRY Good Morning America (Matthew Mosk contributed to this report.)

They thought they were going to see a super villain on the screen and had not an inkling that he was in the theater.   We should all stop and grieve with the families of those innocent victims.  This is a national tragedy of epic proportions.  We should all be personally outraged by this senseless massacre.

This is not an isolated case but a horrifying national trend.  It is not even rare to this region of Colorado that witnessed the Columbine High Massacre, the attack on New Life Church, and now this.  But no one dares find a connection with demons.

True to form, they will send in grief counselors, they will blame society, environmental factors, dysfunctional families, even nutrition, but they will not admit the existence of evil.  This is what is making Satan laugh in the shadows.  Lucifier knows he can prey on a culture with impunity.

We are reminded of the chilling words of another movie villain Kaiser Soze in the film, The Usual Suspects, who said, “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.”  We have been tricked into letting our society be sacrificed to mass murders because we refuse to admit the root of the problem.

We cannot say that we were not warned.  Social sanity is a fragile balance protected by truth, love, morality and above all submission to almighty God.   Jesus warned us about the connection between social sanity and these things: Matthew 24: 12 “And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.”

Paul warned us when he said, “  2 Timothy 3 New International Version (NIV) 3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.”

Our “educational” system has flooded social agencies with robotically ignorant devotees who chant the secular progressive mantra: Hate God, but make it your mission to prove that God is the problem not the solution, and frame those who are Christians as the enemy of our social experiment.

Today condolences and messages of regret will fill the airways.  What you will not hear is a call for prayer, repentance, and national revival.  I for one, and there are many like me, cannot stomach anymore nor can I remain silent in order to appear “sensitive” to people’s feelings.

Is it because God is never in the storyline of our super hero movies that we assume we can defeat social evil with our wits?  Evil made a statement last night.  “I am not on the screen, I am in your midst with the power to create killing fields wherever, and whenever I want, and you cannot stop me.”

Now it is time for the American Church to make its move and  live up to her legacy.  Let’s admit that there is not only a devil but a mandate for us to confront and conquer his work.  It is well said that you are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution.  We have a book that can show us how, we have the Holy Spirit to imbue us with special powers and boldness to turn this nation back.  The call from heaven right now is blazingly clear: America does not need super heroes, it needs supernatural heroes!

Wednesday Night  July 18th Santa Rosa California

The dead of summer is an unlikely time for an extended meeting to occur but in Santa Rosa where a great deal of the population leaves on vacation it is unheard of.  So how do you explain last night?  Instead of the crowds diminishing, they are growing. Last night it was standing room only.

The atmosphere was electric and the air crackled with expectancy.  In no time, the excitement began.  Pastor Larry King brought a man to the front who wanted to tell his story.  He said that he no longer needed a liver transplant.  All of his symptoms of hepatitis had vanished.  He was now a completely different man. 

Then 40 others stood en masse to declare that during these meetings they had also been healed by the power of God.  Each testimony was like a bullet fired from a gun.  It blasted unbelief and ignited faith in the all of the new people who had come for healing.

Then the worship rose to heaven with unconfined passion for Jesus.  They did not sing the songs, they launched them to God.  They were living sacrifices of praise.  Time seemed to stand still.  If we kept singing, two hours could have gone by in an instant.

Pastors from everywhere came for their own touch from God, proving that this has now transformed into a general awakening.  All ages, races and backgrounds are here melted by the love of God and welded together for the purpose of this revival.

If there was a verse that overshadowed the night it was Esther 4: 14 “For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

While this army is grateful for what the Lord is doing for them, they feel a deep, sobering sense of purpose.  We believe that America has been infiltrated, and is now controlled by men from the bottom of society.

We are grieving over the Trojan Horse that has come in under the cover of our moral night.  We are convicted that this next election will make or break the future of our nation.  It is not just our love for God that moves us, it is our love for America. Revival is not entertainment and it is no longer a wispy option.  Revival is now do or die.

It was no surprise to anyone in that room last night, who felt the awesome power, who saw more souls saved, more bodies healed, and who felt the heart of God for America, that we must continue these meetings.  Week 5 of the Santa Rosa Fire begins Sunday Night at 6PM!

Now it is unstoppable.




Now without question it is unstoppable.  The fire has raged out of the control of any man and of anyone’s designs but God.  Once again we gathered thinking how could tonight be any better than the nights before?

All at once the question is settled!  Fire, pure fire descends on the crowd and ignites worship that is not possible in any other atmosphere but revival.   Again the souls were saved at the front of the meeting.  Again healing poured forth and electrified us.  Jesus proved Himself mighty.

Now comes the real questions, what does this mean and where do we go from here?

1. The answer is that we must pursue this revival with all that we have.  The time is now, and if we do not think so it is beyond dangerous.  This applies to anyone reading this who is in a revival.  The time is now and we dare not ask God to wait and use someone else at a more convenient time.

Mordecai told Esther these words:  “Do not think in your heart that you will escape in the king’s palace any more than all the other Jews. 14 For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”- Esther 4:13,14

God is warning us here that the blessing is that if we are bold and obey we will be instruments of revival but if we refuse and force God to wait for someone else then even the protection we may have had before this meeting will be removed.

2.  God wants us to see that America has been infiltrated:  Situation ethics from the 1970s have come in like camouflage; blurred issues, weakened our discernment and sapped our will to resist.  This infiltration came from men from the bottom of society who have risen and taken causalities from marriage, family, corporations and every segment of society.

3. We must get back to the Bible and ask honest questions.  How does God deal with evil in society.  What does the Word of God say about taking our position and pushing back this evil influence on America?

4.  It is time for the Church to study war! Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.We have spent so much of our time in the natural that we have lost sight of our responsibilities  in the heavenlies.  It is time to find the lost authority, lose the false niceness and see that in our neglect we have put our nation on the auction block.   Soon, without revival, we will feel the incurable remorse of losing this vital moment…this is when we stop the madness.

Santa Rosa has hit the point of being unstoppable…and we are going to see the indescribable Glory!