The question is not, how can you still be in Santa Rosa, the question is, how could we leave?

The question is not “how can you still be in Santa Rosa?”  The question is “how could we leave!?”

This morning I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  Over 100 leaders including senior pastors, businessmen and women, plus community leaders met for breakfast to declare revival in the City of Santa Rosa.  This unheard of.

It was exactly as my spiritual father Ralph Wilkerson prophesied, “Get the leaders together to pray in the Church of the one tree and the fire of God will fall on the city.”

Indeed an atmosphere of love and cooperation prevailed in the room.  This show of oneness and support is a rebuke to leaders in many other cities.  Not only this, but this cooperation is a clear sign of  true revival!  But there are baffling questions:

-A hyper liberal city being inundated by the Holy Spirit?

– Northern Californians packing out a church night after night for 12 weeks?

-30 to 50 people repenting at the altar every night?

-40% of the entire audience standing to declare that at one time or another in this series they were healed by the power of God?

-Are you kidding me?


We are still here, precious partner, because there is no way we could leave!  We are still here because revival, true revival is our nation’s only hope!  We are still here because this is what we have all yearned for!

Mario, what about your mission to the rest of America?  The fire of revival is the best way to win a nation!  A true invasion of the Holy Spirit would reverse our fortunes in a moment.  If the fire of God reforged values into the American soul and the water of the Spirit cleansed the American bloodstream we would enter an era of peace and prosperity unmatched in our history.

The very gangs that are meant to ruin us would become the vanguard of reformation.  The signs and wonders of a freshly fired church would resolve the health crisis of America. Prophets and not pundits would be the voice of the American conscience. A force field of divine protection would cover our shores.  This and much more would be ours in revival.

How can we leave?  What if we are on the brink of the most amazing event in the history of this ministry?  What if we were to leave prematurely simply because we felt we had to go do other thing?

Staying here is the most gigantic step of faith we have ever taken.  We have had to drop everything  to stay here.  I know you believe in revival.  I know that you want to see a miracle in California spread to our nation.  This is why I am going to ask for your prayers so we can stay here.  I need to know that your heart is with us to stay here and see this once in a lifetime opportunity reach its potential!

There are two great evils at work in Northern California and they influence the whole nation.  One is angry despair and the other is intellectual atheism.  One controls the streets, the other controls the schools. One brings the bloodshed and despair that is shredding our cities.  The other prolongs the agony by systematically banning the only cure to the problem.

If you help me stay in Santa Rosa I will make this solemn promise I will attack the social message that assaults Christian faith.  I will direct lost souls to the living presence of Christ.  I will rip the mask off of Satan; to reaffirm our Faith against every onslaught and to ignite an outpouring of God to retake our nation.   I have never needed your prayers more!

Now the signs and wonders threaten to unravel the core of this city.

He is a pastor that came to the meeting broken by heart disease, diabetes and complications to his arms and legs.  He is also a worship leader.  I knew nothing about this when I was ordered to walk up to him and say, “you have written songs but you have not released them.”

What this simple phrase did to this man will stay with me for the rest of my life.  He let go a laugh of joy and then tears that God would reveal this detail of his life.  Then came a torrent of  revelations about every last detail of his condition.

Now lightning struck his body and he discarded his crutch and stormed around the church feeling the life of God in his new arms and legs.  He felt the radiating heat of the Holy Spirit replacing death with life.

Now he took a moment to greet all of the fellow pastors and they rejoiced with exceeding joy.  This miracle set the entire room ablaze with the Glory of God.

This touched off a flurry of miracles where people were declared that their diabetes, cancer, paralysis and every illness imaginable was being healed.  Monday night August 27th was the greatest display of power in all of these meetings.  The army left the building determined to bring the lost and diseased to the next meeting.

As the army of God walked out into the night, I remember thinking, we have reached a point where the signs and wonders will begin to unravel the very core of Satanic power in Santa Rosa.  It was apparent that Jesus had launched an all out assault on every devil in this region.

When Tuesday August 28th arrived my heart was wondering how could Tuesday top Monday?  Somehow that question was answered almost from the first song.  Power, real power entered the house.  The Holy Spirit came with such force that people could no longer stand under the weight of His presence.

I walked up to a woman and told her that it was hard to be a prophetess.  She came unglued at the confirmation of her life.  I went on because the Word of the Lord was too powerful to hold in…”you are damaged in 15 different places in your body.  Heart, spleen, liver, kidneys, pancreas, lungs, legs, arms, eyes, feet, spine, neck, hands, and ears were all mentioned.  It was as if disease was being machine gunned down.  Each word shot life into her.  She had to walk, bend and run to get relief from the glory.

Again, the entire crowd reached out and received healing power.  The current of healing grew so strong that it became a clear and present danger to ancient principalities and powers of Satan.  I knew that the power was rising to the point of being impossible to hold in any building.  I knew now that whatever strays into the path of this raging locomotive of revival will be mowed down!

This is why we are announcing that the fire continues all the way to September 12.  We will see the fire next week in all of the cooperating churches.  We are moving the meetings into their buildings and then return for city wide meetings on September 9th!

This one thing I have asked of the Lord: How the Santa Rosa Fire touches our deepest longing by simply being a place full of the presence of God. 

Psalm 27:4 “One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek, inquire for, and [insistently] require: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord [in His presence] all the days of my life, to behold and gaze upon the beauty [the sweet attractiveness and the delightful loveliness] of the Lord and to meditate, consider, and inquire in His temple.”

In America’s darkest hour there is an enthralling miracle happening in Santa Rosa.  Last night only reinforced the sustained power and wonder of this event.  If only you could have seen the transformation that took place in the hearts of those who cried out to God at the altar.  If only you could have seen the way God healed before everyone’s eyes.

I can totally invite you and boast of this event because I know how little it now has to do with Mario Murillo.

No one can adequately describe it, you must experience it for yourself.  It is kind of like the fire fall in Yosemite.  People come from all over the world to catch a glimpse of that special moment when all of the elements are right.  During very rare sunsets, the light of the sun catches the falls just right and transforms it into majestic waterfall of fire.  You cannot experience it with photos, it is not the same, you have to be there when it happens.

Just like that water fall, all of the elements are right in these meetings in Santa Rosa.  “I have lived here all of my life and I can tell you that Santa Rosa has never seen anything like this.” When the man said that to me I was taken back.   Yet, I cannot deny that what is happening here is not like anything I have ever seen either.

Yes, there are souls being saved.  Yes, there are remarkable healings.  However, it is the atmosphere that is so truly amazing.  The presence of God is so real.  It is so real that it is the main soul winning force. This is what is melting hearts and drawing them to new life.

People have begun to come here from great distances.  They simply want to be in the presence.  There is no doubt that if the doors of the Living Word Family Church were left open, people would come at all hours just to sit in the atmosphere of the love and power of God.

No one but God can explain how the grinding cares of this world vanish from the very first note we sing.  People have dragged in here with the weight of the world on their souls.  They have come with the death sentence of disease; with an incurable addiction, it does not matter, there has been more than enough power to obliterate every work of Satan.

Only God knows how much longer He will permit this holy moment to last.  We are doing everything we can to stay out of His way and to keep the hand of man off of the glory.  I want to invite you to make the journey and come see for yourself why this is so unprecedented.

The DNC Joins Radical Islam


Radical Islam Joins the DNC


By: Breeanne Howe (Diary)  |  August 21st at 08:30 AM


Starting at the end of this month the Democratic National Convention will open with a focus on Islam. 20,000 Muslims are expected to attend according to the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs (BIMA), the national Muslim American non-profit coordinating the two days of events they claim are non-political. ”Jumah at the DNC” begins August 29 and will start with a Friday afternoon jummah prayer followed by other unnamed programs and events, leading up to the Islamic Regal Banquet. The following day will be an all day Islamic Cultural and Fun Fest which will include discussions on the topics of Islamaphobia, Anti-Shariah, Middle Eastern Crisis, Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act and more. The purpose, according to BIMA, is to attract national and international attention to the plight of American Muslims and to hold political parties accountable for issues that affect them. However, not all Muslims feel that BIMA represents them and M. Zuhdi Jasser M.D., Founder and President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, has expressed serious concerns.


It is troubling that the Democratic National Convention has decided to promote and lend its name and national political platform to the organizers of the Jummah at the DNC?. The leaders of this event Jibril Hough and Imam Siraj Wahhaj as advertised are no moderates. They are radicals. These individuals embrace Islamist supremacy and have demonstrated support for radical ideologies.


A quick Google search by the DNC would have shown them that Hough and Wahhaj are leaders in the separatist American Islamist movement. While they may be able to get a few thousand Muslims to attend the event, they are NOT going to be mainstream Muslims.   Most will likely come from Hough and Wahhajs radical networks that have long been entrenched in the Charlotte area. Make no mistake they are part of the Islamist movement.


This is not about their right of assembly; this group under a different name pulled the same stunt at the US capitol in 2009 claiming 20k and getting 2-3k. THIS IS ABOUT the DNC calling this an official function? listing these radicals as typical of the DNC community and more importantly about this organization speaking out AS representing supposedly typical American Muslims (or Mainstream?).


If that is who the DNC is consorting with then all Americans, Democrats should be concerned. There are many patriotic Muslims who are part of both parties, and when radical ideologues like this do a demonstration of solidarity  in the name of our faith and choose an imam like Siraj Wahhaj who I saw with my own eyes in 1995 seditiously say it his duty and our duty as Muslims to replace the US Constitution with the Quran- then we need to speak up!


Their jummah (group) prayer is supposedly against the Patriot Act, the NYPD, and Islamophobia and is actually NOT about our democracy but about empowering their Islamist and MB (Muslim Brotherhood) sympathetic groups into the very fabric of the political system so that Americans become anesthetized. We need American Muslims to speak up and marginalize these radicals. The DNC needs to understand and reject them because of their radical history and ideas.


They use our American Muslim identity to speak as one community as a political unit or as a bloc vote  a political Islamist party when in fact most us Muslims don’t want that political unity and seek reform against their ideology that seeks to hijack our community. They do not represent us.(emphasis mine)


In fact, Zuhdi Jasser is correct, Jibril Hough and Imam Siraj Wahhaj have said and done radical things in their past. Which means either the Democrats failed to utilize due diligence or they simply didn’t care. In addition to the Muslims being misrepresented, Democrats and Charlotteans also have a right to know how the DNC has failed them before they even arrive in Charlotte.


Jibril Hough may be a name many in Charlotte are familiar with already.  He is the leader of a Sunni mosque, The Islamic Center of Charlotte, who is been known for being outspoken against Representative Sue Myrick – a North Carolina Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee. Beyond calling her plan to fight against jihadist activity in America “a fear campaign” and the “new McCarthyism (or Myrickism)”, he confronted her in a Muslim Town Hall he organized in 2010. ?According to Jasser, the language used by Hough as his Town Hall was strikingly similar to that of the Muslim Brotherhood when he stated, “As citizens of a non-Muslim country and as American Muslims, we have a contract with America and not a contract on America. This means that we must abide by the laws of this state and we cannot be at war with this state.” ?As Jasser points out, “note the deep seeded separatism in this we mindset. Basically he is saying that this system of laws is not his or the Muslims he represents but they will follow it-for now.” Further, Hough commented on his support of laws that would mandate “Muslim” behaviors for American-Muslims, but wouldn’t affect nonMuslims; again Jasser notes Hough’s separatist tone that mimics political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood mindset, which supports “separate legal paths for each faith” instead of “one law based in reason”. ?Jibril has also stated he is the North Carolina head of the Islamic Political Party of America(IPPA), based in Charlotte, who in a 2002 press release claimed the Jews were behind 9/11. ?As if that weren’t enough, IPPA is close to another organization known as Jamaat Al Muslimeen (JAM), The Islamic Peoples Movement, who (in addition to being Holocaust deniers) had this advice for President Obama:


He should ensure that those Muslims he talks to do represent authentic Islam. All Islamic movements oppose America’s policies. If Obama talks to Muslims who support Americas policies, it will be an exercise in futility.


In response to Hough accusing Rep. Myrick of being anti-Muslim, he was interviewed on the formerly conservative radio station WBT in Charlotte. Radio host Keith Larson questioned him as to why his mosque was owned by The North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), an organization blacklisted by the U.S. Justice Department as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror finance case in U.S. history. According to the government, NAIT is also a front for HAMAS and the Muslim Brotherhood in America. Hough, when presented by Larson with the documents, claimed he didn’t realize his mosque was owned by NAIT and was also unaware that they had been blacklisted. Hough went on in the interview to defend HAMAS and accuse the U.S. and Israel of the only “real” terrorism.


Imam Siraj Wahhaj is imam of a mosque in Brooklyn, New York, the leader of The Muslim Alliance in North America, a member of CAIR, and an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. As a character witness for Omar Abdel Rahman (the Blind Sheik) who was convicted of plotting to blow up the World Trade Center and other New York City landmarks, Wahhaj described him as a respected scholar, and bold, as a strong preacher of Islam. Wahhaj is also a Board of Trustee member of the North American Imams Federation (NAIF)(who’s website currently features an anti-Jewish, anti-black rant), a Muslim Brotherhood front organization, who (coincidentally) held a conference in Charlotte last year on Islamophobia.  Like Hough, Wahhaj is also connected to NAIT by way of his membership in the Islamic Society of North America(ISNA), which was also found by the government to be a front for HAMAS and the Muslim Brotherhood. While Hough has been careful to play politics in Charlotte, Wahhaj has not hidden his hatred for America. He is quoted as calling America, “a garbage can… filthy, filthy and sick.” As an imam, he has stated, “Where ever you came from, you came to America. And you came for one reason  for one reason only- to establish Allahs deen (a complete way of life). He believes that the only reason to get involved in politics is to use it as a weapon in the cause of Islam. By his own admission, the question of why Wahhaj would be interested in hosting events at the DNC is obvious.

How BIMA gained access to the DNC is more of a mystery. Muhammad Heshaam Jaaber, the Executive Director, Jibril Hough, spokesman, and Captain James Yusuf Yee, BIMA National Representative for the DNC are the only publicly identified members and each one appears to be connected to U.S. Representative Keith Ellison; the first Muslim ever to be elected to Congress and a former supporter of Louis Farrakhan. Ellison, who attended President Obama’s Iftar Dinner earlier this month, made the news last month when Representative Michelle Bachmann called for him (among others) to be investigated for ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Whether or not he has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Ellison is not far from them having associates within BIMA. Jasser points out that Hough sought advice from Ellison before proceeding with his Town Hall with Rep. Myrick. Captain Yee (who will be speaking at the event) appears in BIMA’s promotional video for Jumah at the DNC quoting Ellison as saying, “If you’re not at the table, then you’re on the menu.” Yee is described by BIMA as “a chaplain in the U.S. Military” and an “eye witness to to the unjust treatment of military detainees and prisoners of Guantanamo Bay” who was allegedly detained “when he took steps to prevent the injustice.” However, BIMA fails to mention that Yee was charged by the military with sedition, aiding the enemy, spying, espionage and failure to obey a general order; charges ultimately dropped due to national security concerns about releasing evidence in the case. Also speaking will be Hassen Abdellah, who BIMA has no problem admitting was “a lead defense attorney for the 1993 First World Trade bombing suspects” Ellison has also appeared alongside Wahhaj on many speaking engagements for organizations such as ISNA and NAIF, despite both organizations being fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood. If Ellison is the link between BIMA and the DNC, then can it be said that, not only does he not mind the questionable associations of those within the organization, but also the other speakers they will be bringing in?

BIMA has stated they have smaller events planned for the Republican National Convention, however when reached out to, GOP convention staff said they have no knowledge of any events planned in or around Tampa at the time. With the Democratic National Convention only a couple weeks away, it will be interesting to see if the media chooses to cover what one would assume to be a controversial start to renominate President Barack Obama.


A new report by the Family Research Council and the Liberty Institute claims that there’s been a rising pattern of hostility toward Christians in America over the past decade.

The 140-page “Survey of Religious Hostility in America,” prepared by the Liberty Institute and the Family Research Council, highlighted more than 600 examples illustrating what it characterized as religious animosity shown by judges, government bureaucrats, schools and secular groups. From ObamaCare mandates that force religious entities to pay for contraception, to children being punished for uttering prayers in school, the report’s findings shocked even those who commissioned it.

“It’s way beyond anything we had imagined. It’s so much more prolific than it’s ever been before.”

– Kelly Shackelford, president of the Liberty Institute

“It’s a conflict of world views,” Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council, told “These groups want people to check their faith at the door of the public square.”

Among the examples listed in the survey:

Matthew Reynolds, valedictorian for HLV Junior-Senior High School in Victor, Iowa, was told he had to give a ‘secular’ speech after he wished to attribute his success to his faith in Jesus Christ during his graduation speech.

 A cross was removed from a veterans’ memorial in San Diego, after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit held that the memorial was unconstitutional.

.Dr. Frank Turek, a Cisco employee, was fired for expressing his views on traditional marriage in his book, even though he never voiced his religious opinions at work.

Samantha Schulz, 8, was barred from singing “Kum Ba Yah” at a Boys and Girls Club in Port Charlotte, Fla., because the song included the words “Oh, Lord.”

Catherina Lorena Cenzon-DeCarlo, a nurse at Manhattan’s Mount Sinai Hospital, was forced to participate in a late-term abortion against her religious convictions, and was threatened with job termination and loss of license.

The goal of the report is to raise awareness of these incidents to promote the appointment of judges “who are sensitive to the Constitution,” said Kelly Shackelford, president of the Plano, Texas-based Liberty Institute. The report was presented in Tampa just ahead of next week’s Republican National Convention.

According to Shackelford, the hostility can lead to violence, as in the case of the Aug.15 shooting at the Family Research Council headquarters, in which a gunman allegedly said he disagreed with the group’s beliefs before shooting an employee in the arm. He also cited the Aug. 5 shooting deaths of six people at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee.

“It’s way beyond anything we had imagined,” Shackelford told”It’s so much more prolific than it’s ever been before.”

One critic said the report is guilty of blurring the line between attacking religion and upholding the Constitution. A.J. Johnson, development director of American Atheists, Inc., said no one condones hate crimes such as the FRC shooting. But many other examples cited are simply cases in which advocates called for the separation of church and state,” Johnson said.

“The Family Research Council distorts court cases upholding the First Amendment as examples of “religious hostility,” she said. “In reality, they are imposing their beliefs onto others and claiming to be victims of religious persecution when they do not get unique Christian privilege.”

But Perkins said the secular nation that groups like Johnson’s seek was never envisioned by the Founding Fathers, and will not come to be.

“That’s not the future of our country,” Perkins said.

How can a spirit-filled Christian vote for Obama



How can a born again spirit-filled Christian vote for Obama?

Let me begin with the words of David Barton. Dr. David Barton is more of a historian than a Biblical speaker, but very famous for his knowledge of historical facts as well as Biblical truths.

– I do not share Obama’s vision or value system for America ;
  – I do not share his Abortion beliefs;
  – I do not share his radical Marxist’s concept of re-distributing wealth;
  – I do not share his stated views on raising taxes on those who make
$150,000+ (the ceiling has been changed three times since August);
  – I do not share his view that America is Arrogant;
  – I do not share his view that America is not a Christian Nation;
  – I do not share his view that the military should be reduced by 25%;
  – I do not share his view of amnesty and giving more to illegals than
our American Citizens who need help;
  – I do not share his views on homosexuality and his definition of marriage;
  – I do not share his views that Radical Islam is our friend and Israel
is our enemy who should give up any land;
  – I do not share his spiritual beliefs (at least the ones he has made
  – I do not share his beliefs on how to re-work the healthcare system in
America ;
  – I do not share his Strategic views of the Middle East ; and
  – I certainly do not share his plan to sit down with terrorist regimes
such as Iran ..
  Bottom line: my America is vastly different from Obama’s, and I have a
higher obligation to my Country and my GOD to do what is Right !
  For eight (8) years, the Liberals in our Society, led by numerous
entertainers who would have no platform and no real credibility but for
their celebrity status, have attacked President Bush, his family, and
his spiritual beliefs !

  They have not moved toward the center in their beliefs and their
philosophies, and they never came together nor compromised their
personal beliefs for the betterment of our Country!
  They have portrayed my America as a land where everything is tolerated
except being intolerant !
  They have been a vocal and irreverent minority for years !
  They have mocked and attacked the very core values so important to the
founding and growth of our Country !
  They have made every effort to remove the name of GOD or Jesus Christ
from our Society !
  They have challenged capital punishment, the right to
  bear firearms, and the most basic principles of our criminal code !
  They have attacked one of the most fundamental of all Freedoms, the
right of free speech !

  Unite behind Obama?  Never ! ! !
  I am sure many of you who read this think that I am going overboard, but
I refuse to retreat one more inch in favor of those whom I believe are
the embodiment of Evil!”

Strong words that we must consider.  So I ask you from my heart…how can a Spirit-filled Christian vote for Obama?  How? Why?  In what universe of reality can it be possible?  I would really love to know.  Let me hear your rationale.

Remember what my question is.  Don’t come back with, “well, how can we vote for Romney,” I am not asking you that.  The question is how can you, as an on fire, disciple of Jesus vote for Obama?



Two controversial questions about the Santa Rosa Fire

This is the most urgent blog that I have ever written to you.  It is about the ongoing supernatural events taking place in Santa Rosa California. I am going to answer two very controversial questions about the Santa Rosa Fire. Here they are:

1. Is this a true revival? Look at the evidence:

-Souls are coming to the altar at an average rate of about 30-50 per night.

-Healings are being reported on a depth and on a scale that is unprecedented in our 45 year history.  People are visiting their doctors and returning with confirmed healings of life threatening diseases.

-The momentum has continued unabated for 12 weeks.  It has overcome the dead of summer, a time notoriously bad for church attendance.  It has now survived the first week of school, when parents cannot go out to meetings because they are adjusting to school hours and homework.  Yet, this was the biggest week of all for the Santa Rosa Fire!

-A historic breakfast will take place on August 30th signaling a new era of cooperation between churches. Here is a copy of the letter:

“Cooperating Churches of Santa Rosa  Cordially invites you to attend a Breakfast meeting with Mario Murillo.”

Dear Church, Ministry, and Business Leader,

“In response to the ongoing revival services with Mario Murillo, now in its ninth consecutive week, churches in Santa Rosa will be hosting a regional prayer breakfast for pastors and business leaders. This gathering will take place on Thursday, August 30th at 8:30 am, and is located at the historic Church Of One Tree in Juilliard Park in Santa Rosa. Mario will address this sustained move of God and its implications to this region and beyond. This is a significant opportunity to unite under the banner of God’s Kingdom will, and join our hearts in prayer for a move of God that will revive the Church and transform our culture for the glory of His Son.”

Bottom line: God will honor any effort to sincerely seek revival.  To Him, it is a revival until man stops it.  This amazing event is still in its infancy requiring many more miracles and acts of obedience to Jesus before it can be the force to truly be a regional awakening .  However, it is a scary thing for anyone to say this is not a revival.

2. Should this revival take a political position? Many are squeamish about the fact that the Santa Rosa Fire may be making a political statement.  The fact is, a certain political party has taken a spiritual position that is blatantly and even proudly anti Christian.  In other words, the church has been called out.  We are being told that some of our core beliefs will soon be reclassified as hate crimes and may lead to infringement of our freedom of worship.  We have not gotten political, they have gotten spiritual and have forced us to react and take a stand.

This is why Billy Graham broke a long standing practice in order to speak out in favor of the marriage bill in North Carolina.  He rightly observed the threat to church and family.

This revival is very much about God’s zeal for America.  Is God pouring out of His Spirit over America  because we are in the most urgent election since the Civil War?   If a group is battling to control our nation’s soul can we remain silent?  If many people, including Christians are planning to vote in a way that will remove faith, destroy our economy, and make America a second rate power and God wants to save us, then shouldn’t we be alarmed and speak out?    Revival is supposed to lead to reformation.  What would a reformation look like in this current climate?  Yes, we must take a stand.

Now the Holy Spirit is giving startling details. All glory to Jesus.

Mario, You could have not known, when you called me out tonight, but God/Jesus and the Holy Spirit knew. Today, I was contacted by my Internist, and told he was referring me back to the Kidney Specialist (Nephrologist) for further evaluation. You see I am now taking 15 and was told to increase medication to 25 tablets a day, 5 different medications to regulate my kidneys to preform the way they should.

My internist is afraid if we keep pushing the kidneys to preform the way they should, it may lead to kidney failure. Yes, these conditions were diagnosed in 2000.   (this was the year that Mario said these diseases began)  My Sister, was on Dialysis, prior to her death. Along with the kidney malfunction, I have veinous insufficiency, which leads to swelling and edema in the legs, feet and abdomen. All related to the kidney malfunction.

But Tonight, I WAS HEALED BY THE POWER OF JESUS AND ALMIGHTY GOD. My Husband and I have been coming 4 wks now. We are being blessed every night! Our Faith is so inspired with every night. From my Husbands initial healing for his pancreus and heart condition, His blood sugars used to run 282, they are now, 110!!!! My Prayer the first night, we attended, all day as a matter of fact, was for God, to add years to his life, you see, I love him dearly, he is my life, we have been married 40 yrs this past Sunday. As you grow older together, you take seriously the dreaded possibility that you may be separated by death.

I know now, that God did hear my prayers for my Husband, by healing him, he added to his life and mine too. The next day in service, you asked my Husband to help me stand, you see I have had Myasthenia Gravis,(grave muscle weakness) since 1994.I had had a Ischemic Stroke in Nov of last year, leaving the rt side paralysed, later with residual weakness. Jesus showed you all of those conditions in my body. I was able to decrease the amount of medication and no meds for MG 4 wks now.

The medical community calls that a Remission, for me ITS THE HEALING MERCIES OF ,OUR LORD> Tonights msg from Jesus, was a comfirmation that Jesus knows what is going on in our lives and that Jesus is in control, all HE wants us to do, is to have Faith in HIM and to Trust in HIM. The other night you called forth the Holy Spirts gift of heavenly language both my Husband and I were Blessed with the Gift of Tongues. We have been Church members for a number of years, but were not gifted with the heavenly language,we now are Blessed with this gift of the HOLY SPIRIT!!!! God Bless You Mario Murillo, we will keep the fires burning in Santa Rosa, CA
Dianne and Sam Mount
Members LWFC Praise God

I have not witnessed an event that has less to do with man and more to do with God.

In my entire life as a preacher I have not witnessed an event that has less to do with man and more to do with God.   Here is what happened:

Last night Therese gave a testimony that proves beyond all doubt that God is healing in this revival .  She told how one of the organs of her body had actually developed gangrene and began to destroy all of the vital organs of her body.  She went on to tell how her arms and legs were devastated.  She then described the moment of her healing and how instantly she was healed.  She then said, “I went to my doctor and was tested for everything.  He said that all of my sickness was gone!”

After this the altars filled with souls seeking to know Jesus.

Instead of a normal sermon, I taught a class on winning souls and exhorted the army to make soul winning the priority of this revival.  I told them that the river of healing and the outpouring of fire will not cease so long as we win souls!

God rewarded our focus on souls with miracles.  Oh how the power fell!  Healings popped in the room and soon we were overcome by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

This is when it happened!  A woman was picked from the audience and was told all about her agonizing battle with bone and joint disease.  She was asked to walk.  At first she took baby steps and then she simply went into a frenzy.  She was sprinting and leaping and almost knocked people over.  The fire hit her harder than anyone I have ever seen!

The Santa Rosa Fire continues to baffle and amaze!  This should have been a horrendously off night, instead it was nearly a record crowd. Let’s examine the facts:

-It was the first week of school.  This means that parents are scrambling to cope with new schedules for their children.   Churches notoriously avoid events at this time. Yet, the attendance was up and the people show no sign of a letup.

– Church attendance languishes in Northern California.  Many churches only meet on Sunday mornings, yet we are packed every night.

-Summer audiences are fickle.  Even the blockbuster movies see a steep drop off after the first week a film is released.  The Santa Rosa Fire continues to increase in overall attendance after nine consecutive weeks.  Each night, new people make up 25 to 30% of the audience.  Christians are bringing their unchurched friends and loved ones.  The altars are always full and generally the call for souls comes near the beginning of the meeting.

The people seem to overcome major obstacles effortlessly.  They have changed their lifestyle to make room for the outpouring of God.

The word is spreading fast about the Santa Rosa Fire.  Videos appear on Facebook and sites showing the power of God hitting people and healing them.  We are getting word from other nations who are praying that the fire will spread.

This much is clear: tonight will be amazing and we are going to make the announcement that the Santa Rosa Fire continues for week ten!

Week 9 explodes in the building but something astounding happened outside.

The 9th week exploded inside the building but something astounding happened outside the building.

Last night in Santa Rosa we began week 9 of this historic visitation of God.  Once again an overflow crowd came hungry and eager for more of Jesus.  By now you would think these people would be fatigued.  Instead, they are even more on fire than ever.

That is the key word: More!  They brought even more friends and loved ones.  The power and presence of God was even more intense.  The conviction of sin was even more evident.  The altar call was even more immediate and the harvest was great as souls seeking Christ flowed forward and filled the front of the church.

The healings were more abundant.  In one case, a woman was picked from the crowd and told everything that was happening to her joints, heart and lungs.  A surge of power flashed through her body and she said that all of her pain left.

Another healing sent a collective gasp throughout the audience.  A woman was told about 17 conditions that were in her body.  This moment left no room for doubt.  She took off and demonstrated how she was dramatically healed.


However, something more happened!  This miracle is one of the most historic signs of revival.  Let me give you the back story first.   My spiritual father is Ralph Wilkerson, the famed pastor of Melodyland Christian Center, which was once one of the largest churches in the nation.  He brought Kathryn Kuhlman and David Wilkerson to the West Coast.  He is considered the father of the Charismatic Revival.  Now in his 80s, he continues to have a razor sharp mind and a prophetic spirit.

Unable to reach me, he somehow he got pastor Larry King’s private cell number.  He began to excitedly tell Larry a word from the Lord about the Santa Rosa Fire.  20 years ago, Ralph preached a sermon in Los Angeles about the Church of the One Tree in Santa Rosa.  This historic church is famous because it is constructed entirely from the wood of one Redwood Tree in 1870.   It is downtown and owned by the Park and Recreations Department of Santa Rosa.  God reminded Ralph of this sermon and said,  “Call Mario and tell the leaders of Santa Rosa that if they will meet together and pray in this church the fire will spread to the whole region.

Here comes the astounding part:  Steve Puleo who is a staff Pastor at Vertical Call Church, knew nothing about Ralph’s prophetic word when got it in his heart to contact the Park and Rec Dept. and ask to rent this famed church for the leaders to pray.  When we found out that he made the reservation, you can well imagine the glory that coursed through our spirits.  So, on Thursday August 30, 2012, Pastors and leaders are going to obey this prophetic word and meet at the Church of the One Tree!   Here is the actual letter:

Cooperating Churches of Santa Rosa

Cordially invites you to attend a

Breakfast meeting with

Mario Murillo

Located at the
Church of One Tree

Thursday, the Thirtieth of August,
at Eight Thirty in the morning

Located in beautiful Juilliard Park
492 Sonoma Avenue Santa Rosa, CA

Church of One Tree site

Dear Church, Ministry, and Business Leader,

In response to the ongoing revival services with Mario Murillo, now in its ninth consecutive week, churches in Santa Rosa will be hosting a regional prayer breakfast for pastors and business leaders. This gathering will take place on Thursday, August 30th at 8:30 am, and is located at the historic Church Of One Tree in Juilliard Park in Santa Rosa. Mario will address this sustained move of God and its implications to this region and beyond. This is a significant opportunity to unite under the banner of God’s Kingdom will, and join our hearts in prayer for a move of God that will revive the Church and transform our culture for the glory of His Son.

The breakfast is free of charge, but will only accommodate the first 100 RSVPs. For reservations or more information please email Steve Puleo at or call 707-575-5956.


Church unity is one of the most historic signs of a true revival.  Rejoice with us.  If you are a leader in this region contact Steve Puleo now!   More than ever the Santa Rosa Fire will engulf this region in the flames of God’s love!