Santa Rosa Fire Last night was an emotional roller coaster of epic proportions.


Last night was an emotional roller coaster of epic proportions.  The excitement and expectancy is overpowering.  The seats fill up fast on what should have been an off night. 

It began with a young boy Harley, standing with Chris his dad and telling how we was healed of asthma at the beginning of this revival.  We cried with him as he told how he could not play any sports with his friends and how he could not breathe at night.  Now he said, “I am totally healed.”

Next came the call for those who wanted Jesus and again the altar filled with those seeking new life. This is what the Santa Rosa Fire is all about souls saved and wounded soldiers redeemed.


The crescendo of praise for the harvest gives way to a sense of impending miracles.  We could all feel the Holy Spirit coming upon us.  The Holy Spirit began to attack disease with laser sharp accuracy.  A young lady confirmed that she was afflicted from birth and demonstrated how her arms and legs could move freely.

The Spirit of God calls out a man.  I am ordered to tell him he has a diseased heart.  There is no doubt about it.  He erupts in praise as he confesses that this is true and that God is healing him.



Next, I find myself standing in the center of the room, pointing to my right shouting, “where is the man with the virus that is destroying his liver?!”  He was just a few feet away and he stood immediately to be healed.  When he placed his hand over his liver he said he felt intense healing power.  No one who was there can forget his reaction to the power of God.

Now a sweeping blanket of God’s presence and power covers the entire audience.  We cannot count the number of tragedies that Jesus erased.  We cannot calculate the weight of glory that God in his mercy permitted us to enjoy.

Each night I approach the building wondering if the crowd has returned.  I am tempted to see this event in the light of so many others that I have seen before.   When I leave at night, all my doubts are shattered and I am in awe of the sheer force of the work of God that continues to expand and deepen.

Momentum is a very hard word to define.  We all use it and it can many so many different things to many people.  If by momentum, you mean that an irresistible force is gaining speed and shows no sign of let up then the Santa Rosa Fire is momentum.


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