The Santa Rosa Fire will go on to week 8!!

The Santa Rosa Fire will start its 8th week on Sunday Night August 12, 2012.  The raging river of supernatural healing cannot be stopped or diverted.  Its source is God Himself.  The explosive events of last night leave us no choice but to go on. 

The presence of God, the flow of healings, the souls that are meeting Jesus, tell us that this is a historic event that holds the promise of making history like revivals of old.  Manifestations of conviction that cause entire sections of the church to begin weeping, groaning and in some cases outright wailing for peace with God. 

It is not an easy task to bring the details of this event to you but I feel a holy sense of duty to do it! When the words of knowledge come forth people scream.  They know that we have long since passed the realm of coincidence or emotion.  What Jesus is doing here is not just good but scary good.

The two features that stand out about this awakening are purity and simplicity.  The people come, the focus only on Jesus, they draw forcefully on the anointing of  the Holy Spirit.  There are no sideshows here.  There is no human agenda here.  The meeting flows with such freedom that one would assume that chaos would ensue.  Instead, there is a divine order that simply holds the people from drifting away from the destiny of this revival.

Last night we watched miracle upon miracle.  Again the crowd grew and after 4 more nights at Living Word Family Church we will make a historic move into the Wells Fargo Center!

8 thoughts on “The Santa Rosa Fire will go on to week 8!!

  1. Dear Mario, I live thousands of miles away from the revival center but I am asking for prayer for my physical body. I desire Gods healing for diabetes and it’s complications. I would be so grateful if you would pray for me, I am a Holy Spirit filled believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and I love Him so much. Thank you Susie.

  2. Dear Mario
    I would like to ask you and your staff if you would pray and agree with my husband and I as well as our kids. We have 5 kids, 2 were diagnosed with two different sicknesses. Our 10 year old was diagnosed with Autism, and our 4 year old with cerebral palsy. Since we got invited to the Fire revival, we haven’t missed a night. It is the desires of our hearts that our daughters will be set free and healed physically and be used for God.
    We thank you again,
    Martha and family

      1. Praise the Lord. Thank you so much for preaching God’s Word in boldness, truth and with love.
        We are praying for more Pastors to come and hear what God is doing in Santa Rosa and be part of the Fire, including the ones from the church that my husband and I have recently helped out.
        God bless you, your family, ministry and staff.
        Looking forward to hearing more about what God is doing this Saturday in Martinez.


  3. I lived in Santa Rosa 20 yrs ago running from God…..He has brought me back to himself but I still have bouts with drinking…..I have diabetes and Hep C and high blood pressure…..I would like to go out there but I live in Tenn. and cant afford it Ive been used of God in the past in street evangelism and the phrophetic….please pray for my freedom from drinking and my sicknesses……God Bless you all…..

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