The situation in America is now a monster movie.

The Situation in America is now a monster movie.

In the monster movies of the 1950’s and 60’s there was a formula that had 4 stages.   1: Someone, usually a young boy, finds a beast growing somewhere near the swamp and no one believes him.  2: He connects with the hermit scientist who is shunned by law enforcement and mainstream science but continues experiments in his barn.  3: The beast attacks the small town, as warned, and no weapons of the military can stop it.  4: The crazy old scientist uses a technology he has already been working on to lure the beast to the hydroelectric plant where it is destroyed.

Trying to figure out why so many Americans just don’t get it in this next election nearly wiped me out.  It was when I made the comparison between the old American International monster movies and our nation right now that I found some relief.

Part one: America is in that first stage:  Millions of us do not believe that a beast is coming to destroy our way of life.   We do not know what is at stake.  We have the kind of denial that our Founding Fathers feared most.  We are a complacent and ignorant electorate.  The last 4 years have eroded our net worth faster than any war.  The prospects for the next generation of Americans are dire.  Our standing in the world has faded and we are already considered a second rate power that will be tamed into being just another bit player in global socialism.

In the movies, the creature does not appear at first.  It attacks a few people and is spotted by too few to be exposed.  It lurks in the bog waiting until the right time to strike.  In our case, the beast waits to unleash the full fury of its agenda because it needs four more years.  The beast must hide its true intentions until the time it is firmly established and thus unstoppable.  If you thought the first installment was a disaster wait until you have the sequel.

As a child, it bewildered me why the boy, and the scientist’s warnings were dismissed out of hand.  I now know that without denial there would have been no story.   Our counterpart for this is the fawning media who will not entertain even a suggestion of danger in order to extend the life of their man.

But in most of the movies the greatest villain is often the sheriff.  The teary eyed boy looks up to the man who was once his hero, who in the face of insurmountable evidence still refuses to investigate the swamp, and says, “how can you call yourself a sheriff?”

Part two: You call yourself a Christian?  According to some polls nearly 85% of all Americans call themselves Christian.  That means that their votes swung the last election.  Let me say it again, their votes gave us these last 4 years.

Since the race is still tight, we must assume that many Christians are going to vote once more for same sex marriage, late term abortion, and an administration that according to Franklin Graham, “is shaking its fist at God.”   

The evidence of bankruptcy, malice toward God, Israel, churches, free enterprise is now insurmountable but they will not investigate the swamp.  The warning of the impending disaster for our nation will not even evoke doubts about how to vote.   So I have to ask them what the boy asked the sheriff, how can you call yourself a Christian?

Part three:  Revival is the stuff of mad scientists.  The movie reaches its climax.  All hope is gone. Nothing can stop the beast and at long last they are willing to let the professor do his stuff.   This embodies my prayer for America.  Revival, true revival, national revival, heaven sent revival, revival that restores natural desires and a love of truth is our great hope.

Yes, it is fashionable to marginalize those among us who prophesy the supernatural and preach national repentance, but we must have that sacred technology.  We need a miracle that will awaken drowsy, contaminated church goers.  We need fire to burn out the underbrush of compromise that is sapping the life from our roots.  We need a moral spine that will go with us into the voting booth.

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