Will tonight fulfill prophecy in Santa Rosa?

Today I am overcome with expectancy.  Tonight will be a historic rally for the Santa Rosa Fire.  To many, this meeting tonight is a fulfillment of prophecy and the start of a mighty work of reconciliation and vindication for the Body of Christ.  Let me explain:

In 1979 there was a heartbreaking scandal in Santa Rosa that turned one of the most beautiful church buildings in America into a secular performing arts center.  Various local pastors have told me how thousands of Christians were scattered by this tragedy and many are still wandering.

That property is now the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts.   Many of the most famous acts in the world have performed on this stage.  Many people know it as the last place where comedian George Carlin recorded a show.

Tuesday was the first time that I walked into this building since preaching there as a kid.  Memories flooded back to me, some glorious and some very painful.  My spirit felt strange and deep impulses.  This grand facility with its amazing location was still radiating with the faith, vision and love of the people who sacrificed to build it.  It was as if the building itself was crying out to once again be a place of miracles!

There are saints from this great work who have never lost their fervor for God.  They have interceded for decades for the very fire that is falling on Santa Rosa right now.   Many have also received prophetic promises that this building would once again be used of God in a mighty way.

Is this the night that these prophecies are fulfilled?  Only God knows.  What I do know, is that Jesus is the only reason we are in this building tonight.  Every step that led to this night is Jesus.  He is the force the wisdom and the power that put the Santa Rosa Fire together.  My passion, my job, my mission is to stay out of His way.   Tonight will be all about Him.

The evangelist who walks on the stage tonight will be full of the fear of God knowing that he has nothing whatsoever to boast of in this unspeakable miracle that is about to hit Santa Rosa.

A few nights ago, I asked for those in the audience who had been healed during this revival to stand.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that nearly half of the entire audience stood to declare that they had been healed.  I mention this because God’s healing power has come to stay and continues to be a hallmark of this visitation.

Healing is what this fire is all about!  Tonight they are coming from everywhere for perhaps the greatest healing this region has seen.  A healing of hearts that will forget the past and reach for a fresh vision for not only Santa Rosa but for America.  I cannot wait to tell you about tonight!

One thought on “Will tonight fulfill prophecy in Santa Rosa?

  1. What a privilege to be alive at a time when God has chosen to settle a score with the devil who has abused and taken advantage of the people of God in Santa Rosa California … “This town ain’t big enough for God and the devil” so guess who has to pack it up and move on? All I can say to Satan and his crew is, “See Ya” !!! God has taken back Santa Rosa and He has done it with FIRE … The Grace and Power.of God is setting people free and healing broken bodies … Come And See what the Lord has and is doing !!!

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