What happened tonight in the Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa.

Here is what happened tonight.   Bear in mind that I cannot do justice to this singular event in one blog so I will do it in two parts.  First of all, we had a turn away crowd.  The seats filled up at 6:40 then the lobby was filled and then people just gave up trying to get in.

This was a night that God made a stunning statement to Santa Rosa.  We were in the building that was once a church.  It is a painful tale that I related to you yesterday.  This outpouring, happening in this building spoke volumes to the Christian community and the general population of Santa Rosa.

The worship team led by R.C. Carrillo was amazing.  They were pouring gasoline on a bonfire.  The people sang their hearts out and built a presence of God that was so thick you could barely stand. 

After  5 songs took the pulpit and spoke about destiny.  The atmosphere was supercharged with conviction and the reality of God.  Never in all my ministry have I seen souls react to the call to Christ like tonight.  They came to the front of the building almost immediately.

Then the miracles broke out.  Entire rows were being healed.  Every once in a while Jesus would order me to call out a healing in the audience.  When it did happen, the results were startling to all of us. 

One of the most outstanding healings of tonight happened to a woman that was incapacitated by so many diseases it took several minutes to name them all.  While they were being named, a man out in the lobby who knew this woman well was exclaiming to one of our staff how frighteningly accurate the word was. 

When I first saw this woman attempt to stand up, my heart sank because she struggled greatly just to stand.  Then the Faith of God arose within me and I ordered her to walk.  The whole audience let out a mighty roar of praise as she took off around the hall with no pain or restriction.

Her miracle touched off a chain reaction and soon healings were popping all over the building.  Wave after wave of healing came over the people. 

Before the night ended we announced that we would start week 9 of the Santa Rosa Fire on Monday night August 20th.  

When the worship team sang the Jesus Culture song Stirring Up Deep, Deep Wells it was the perfect description of this night.  After a long wait, all of the promises of God over many years are coming to pass…we have indeed stirred up a deep, deep well!

2 thoughts on “What happened tonight in the Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa.

  1. All Praise and Glory to (Jesus) our Lord and King for the SOULS he has allowed you and staff to WIN – By the POWER of His Holy-Spirit, who resides within us Bro. Apostle Murillo.

    Now, aside from this great event in Santa Rosa and the Awesome work our God is doing,
    I have a question for you. It has nothing to do with the event but rather just for a bit of understanding. I am sure you are aware that the ” Dream House” is next to
    a- masonic church, what was the thought process in that? Is this a confirm that it’s time to march after the “devil and take back” these areas that (God) had given his people long ago?

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