Will revivals like Santa Rosa go national?



Many have asked and I wanted to give you a thoughtful answer.  Will the Santa Rosa Fire go national.

Let me begin by saying that God knows how to incite reckless abandon on the part of sinners.  It is unmistakable when it happens.   

Matthew 11: 12 says, “The Kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force.” Jesus cited this verse as an explanation for the panic of righteousness that John the Baptist touched off.  Some historians estimate that John drew 120,000 Judeans into the Kingdom!  Even more surprising was that he did it with a hard message of repentance.

No matter what you call it, the common factor is a moral vacuum violently filled.  First Samuel 3:1 says, “The word of the Lord was rare in those days and there was no open revelation.”

It is ironic that these times of refreshing occur when morals are lowest and the idea of holiness is most far-fetched.

Activist judges and liberal leaders have starved America of God!  Rather than create a society that is immune, they have inadvertently created a voracious appetite for the Holy Spirit. Watch out when the banquet hall of revival opens. There will be a feeding frenzy!


The Fourth Turning, an American Prophecy, by William Strauss and Neil Howe is an unlikely source to confirm this miracle.  These mainstream sociologists came out and said, “At the end of a century Americans reach a point where all of their ideals and hopes are used up and they decide to party before doomsday.  In the next decade, they will collapse into either anarchy or religious fervor.  The indicators point toward a return to faith.”

I believe that Santa Rosa and many other cities will soon enjoy a blaze of revival and soon those seperate fires will join into on gigantic national fire!  Here are my reasons:

1. Reason number one is that America is over the top in rejecting God.

 This is suspiciously supernatural!  Why are anti-God forces fighting so hard to extinguish something they do not believe exists?  Why is it open season on the people of God?   Shakespeare said, “The lady protests too much, me thinks!”  This was the overreaction of Saul of Tarsus.  He railed against the Church even as he approached his inevitable collision with Christ on the Damascus Road!

2.  Reason number two is youth displaying a healthy rebellion against the Baby Boomers.

Studies show that radical parents are causing conservative children.  There is a trend away from drugs and casual sex.  Many are starting to ask questions that make liberals queasy.  “Can you tell me where God is?  Why is Harry Potter, the Koran and Lesbian material available on campus but not the Bible?”  Do not think for one moment that liberals will be  able to calm our kids down or get them to change the subject!

3. Christians have grown weary of their mega church.  Here and now, I am pleading with my brothers and sisters in leadership to abandon the marketing mentality.  We have tried so hard to be relevant that we are neglecting the things that make us relevant now: moral clarity, signs and wonders and spontaneous worship.

The public has grown beyond its fling with seminars and the “Starbucks” atmosphere.  Masses are forming like waves at sea.  They yearn for genuine revelation not artificial stimulation.  Preachers, I say this in love…lose the psychobabble!  Emotional well being is a passé subject.  People do not want enablement they want equipment!  They see themselves as soldiers not one nation under therapy!  Our meetings need to be boisterous and miraculous.

Our mood must change to one of anticipation.   It is no longer time to beg for revival but time to plead for mercy that we will be ready for the one that is nearly upon us!  

God has not just decided to visit America again; He means to make it the biggest outpouring ever.  Each one of us must…and I mean MUST, start to walk around with our heads up and ears open because it could start at any moment!  This means we surrender schedule, tradition, and routine.  We have to be ready at any moment to run to the glory zone!  If we move fast enough, we may even get there before this stampeding generation arrives.



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