First the Santa Rosa Fire and now the Santa Roseburg Oregon fire!

First it was the Santa Rosa Fire now it’s the Santa Roseburg Fire!

Tonight I am in the Jacoby Auditorium on the campus of Umpqua Community College in Roseburg Oregon.  Last night a holy fire broke out.  So many souls came forward that it filled the vast stage!  Then massive number were healed.  What was startling was how the audience showed similar traits to the fire that is falling in Santa Rosa.

Thanks to Pastor Kel at the Lighthouse Foursquare Church in Santa Rosa I learned a firefighting term.  It is called Area Ignition.  Turns out Kel was a fight fighter for 28 years.  Area ignition: Ignition of several individual fires throughout an area, either simultaneously or in rapid succession, and so spaced that they add to and influence the main body of the fire to produce a hot, fast-spreading fire condition. Also called simultaneous ignition.

Imagine a bunch of fires converging to became a massive unstoppable fire, a fire so hot that the air itself ignites fires!

Area ignition is what happened here last night.  I told the people that Roseburg is the only meeting I did not cancel during the Santa Rosa Revival.  Then I described the ongoing miracle in Santa Rosa.  That is when area ignition took place!  The fire of God jumped on the people and they reached out to take the Kingdom by force.

It was the same fire, the same intense words of knowledge of the Holy Spirit and the same demonstrations of crippled limbs leaping and running. The same explosions of praise and shouting as bodies transform from being diseased to being miraculously healed.  Again and again God proved Himself mighty to these people.

For a moment I wondered if the key to revival is work with a Pastor with a celebrity “Larry” name in a city with the word “rose” in it.  The wonderful man of God here who put this outreach in Roseburg together is named Larry Gatlin.  Of course you know pastor Larry King who hosts the revival in Santa Rosa.  I think I even saw Larry Gatlin on the Larry King show years ago!

Seriously, I am sitting here preparing for tonight and knowing that a healing army is scouring this region for the sick, addicted and lost.  They are coming expecting.  We have over 1100 seats to fill and after last night, I do not doubt  anything that these people can do!

No matter what happens tonight one thing is certain:  God is pouring out His Spirit up and down the West Coast and I believe that soon all of these fires will converge and send a firestorm across North America.

I am going to race back to Santa Rosa to begin week 9 of the Santa Rosa Fire at Living Word Family Church.  I know that this is going to be the most powerful week of my life.  Hallelujah.

5 thoughts on “First the Santa Rosa Fire and now the Santa Roseburg Oregon fire!

  1. Mario I have been praying physical strength for you. As you pray for others more strength with come into your body. Love you both. Hope

  2. Does anyone know if there is a church in Roseburg that is moving and carrying this anointing? I didn’t know Mario was here last weekend. So sorry to have missed this.

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