Week 9 explodes in the building but something astounding happened outside.

The 9th week exploded inside the building but something astounding happened outside the building.

Last night in Santa Rosa we began week 9 of this historic visitation of God.  Once again an overflow crowd came hungry and eager for more of Jesus.  By now you would think these people would be fatigued.  Instead, they are even more on fire than ever.

That is the key word: More!  They brought even more friends and loved ones.  The power and presence of God was even more intense.  The conviction of sin was even more evident.  The altar call was even more immediate and the harvest was great as souls seeking Christ flowed forward and filled the front of the church.

The healings were more abundant.  In one case, a woman was picked from the crowd and told everything that was happening to her joints, heart and lungs.  A surge of power flashed through her body and she said that all of her pain left.

Another healing sent a collective gasp throughout the audience.  A woman was told about 17 conditions that were in her body.  This moment left no room for doubt.  She took off and demonstrated how she was dramatically healed.


However, something more happened!  This miracle is one of the most historic signs of revival.  Let me give you the back story first.   My spiritual father is Ralph Wilkerson, the famed pastor of Melodyland Christian Center, which was once one of the largest churches in the nation.  He brought Kathryn Kuhlman and David Wilkerson to the West Coast.  He is considered the father of the Charismatic Revival.  Now in his 80s, he continues to have a razor sharp mind and a prophetic spirit.

Unable to reach me, he somehow he got pastor Larry King’s private cell number.  He began to excitedly tell Larry a word from the Lord about the Santa Rosa Fire.  20 years ago, Ralph preached a sermon in Los Angeles about the Church of the One Tree in Santa Rosa.  This historic church is famous because it is constructed entirely from the wood of one Redwood Tree in 1870.   It is downtown and owned by the Park and Recreations Department of Santa Rosa.  God reminded Ralph of this sermon and said,  “Call Mario and tell the leaders of Santa Rosa that if they will meet together and pray in this church the fire will spread to the whole region.

Here comes the astounding part:  Steve Puleo who is a staff Pastor at Vertical Call Church, knew nothing about Ralph’s prophetic word when got it in his heart to contact the Park and Rec Dept. and ask to rent this famed church for the leaders to pray.  When we found out that he made the reservation, you can well imagine the glory that coursed through our spirits.  So, on Thursday August 30, 2012, Pastors and leaders are going to obey this prophetic word and meet at the Church of the One Tree!   Here is the actual letter:

Cooperating Churches of Santa Rosa

Cordially invites you to attend a

Breakfast meeting with

Mario Murillo

Located at the
Church of One Tree

Thursday, the Thirtieth of August,
at Eight Thirty in the morning

Located in beautiful Juilliard Park
492 Sonoma Avenue Santa Rosa, CA

Church of One Tree site

Dear Church, Ministry, and Business Leader,

In response to the ongoing revival services with Mario Murillo, now in its ninth consecutive week, churches in Santa Rosa will be hosting a regional prayer breakfast for pastors and business leaders. This gathering will take place on Thursday, August 30th at 8:30 am, and is located at the historic Church Of One Tree in Juilliard Park in Santa Rosa. Mario will address this sustained move of God and its implications to this region and beyond. This is a significant opportunity to unite under the banner of God’s Kingdom will, and join our hearts in prayer for a move of God that will revive the Church and transform our culture for the glory of His Son.

The breakfast is free of charge, but will only accommodate the first 100 RSVPs. For reservations or more information please email Steve Puleo at steve@verticalcall.com or call 707-575-5956.


Church unity is one of the most historic signs of a true revival.  Rejoice with us.  If you are a leader in this region contact Steve Puleo now!   More than ever the Santa Rosa Fire will engulf this region in the flames of God’s love!


2 thoughts on “Week 9 explodes in the building but something astounding happened outside.

  1. The word is spreading in Central OR about what God is doing! The Holy Spirit is stirring here even as I write. I can feel it! I’ve shared this blog w/ as many as i can here. Other believers here are expressing a “quickening” in their spirits that they can’t explain. I continue to pray EXPECTANTLY. It is only a matter of time! Ever day we’re a little closer!

    I used to live in Santa Rosa, so I get even more excited about God’s glory that is taking that city by storm now.

    Wow GOD!
    Bend, OR

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