I have not witnessed an event that has less to do with man and more to do with God.

In my entire life as a preacher I have not witnessed an event that has less to do with man and more to do with God.   Here is what happened:

Last night Therese gave a testimony that proves beyond all doubt that God is healing in this revival .  She told how one of the organs of her body had actually developed gangrene and began to destroy all of the vital organs of her body.  She went on to tell how her arms and legs were devastated.  She then described the moment of her healing and how instantly she was healed.  She then said, “I went to my doctor and was tested for everything.  He said that all of my sickness was gone!”

After this the altars filled with souls seeking to know Jesus.

Instead of a normal sermon, I taught a class on winning souls and exhorted the army to make soul winning the priority of this revival.  I told them that the river of healing and the outpouring of fire will not cease so long as we win souls!

God rewarded our focus on souls with miracles.  Oh how the power fell!  Healings popped in the room and soon we were overcome by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

This is when it happened!  A woman was picked from the audience and was told all about her agonizing battle with bone and joint disease.  She was asked to walk.  At first she took baby steps and then she simply went into a frenzy.  She was sprinting and leaping and almost knocked people over.  The fire hit her harder than anyone I have ever seen!

The Santa Rosa Fire continues to baffle and amaze!  This should have been a horrendously off night, instead it was nearly a record crowd. Let’s examine the facts:

-It was the first week of school.  This means that parents are scrambling to cope with new schedules for their children.   Churches notoriously avoid events at this time. Yet, the attendance was up and the people show no sign of a letup.

– Church attendance languishes in Northern California.  Many churches only meet on Sunday mornings, yet we are packed every night.

-Summer audiences are fickle.  Even the blockbuster movies see a steep drop off after the first week a film is released.  The Santa Rosa Fire continues to increase in overall attendance after nine consecutive weeks.  Each night, new people make up 25 to 30% of the audience.  Christians are bringing their unchurched friends and loved ones.  The altars are always full and generally the call for souls comes near the beginning of the meeting.

The people seem to overcome major obstacles effortlessly.  They have changed their lifestyle to make room for the outpouring of God.

The word is spreading fast about the Santa Rosa Fire.  Videos appear on Facebook and sites showing the power of God hitting people and healing them.  We are getting word from other nations who are praying that the fire will spread.

This much is clear: tonight will be amazing and we are going to make the announcement that the Santa Rosa Fire continues for week ten!

One thought on “I have not witnessed an event that has less to do with man and more to do with God.

  1. Mario, You could have not known, when you called me out tonight, but God/Jesus and the Holy Spirit knew. Today, I was contacted by my Internist, and told he was referring me back to the Kidney Specialist (Nephrologist) for further evaluation. You see I am now taking 15 and was told to increase medication to 25 tablets a day, 5 different medications to regulate my kidneys to preform the way they should. My internist is afraid if we keep pushing the kidneys to preform the way they should, it may lead to kidney failure. Yes, these conditions were diagnosed in 2000. My Sister, was on Dialysis, prior to her death. Along with the kidney malfunction, I have veinous insufficiency, which leads to swelling and edema in the legs, feet and abdomen. All related to the kidney malfunction. But Tonight, I WAS HEALED BY THE POWER OF JESUS AND ALMIGHTY GOD. My Husband and I have been coming 4 wks now. We are being blessed every night! Our Faith is so inspired with every night. From my Husbands initial healing for his pancreus and heart condition, His blood sugars used to run 282, they are now, 110!!!! My Prayer the first night, we attended, all day as a matter of fact, was for God, to add years to his life, you see, I love him dearly, he is my life, we have been married 40 yrs this past Sunday. As you grow older together, you take seriously the dreaded possibility that you may be separated by death. I know now, that God did hear my prayers for my Husband, by healing him, he added to his life and mine too. The next day in service, you asked my Husband to help me stand, you see I have had Myasthenia Gravis,(grave muscle weakness) since 1994.I had had a Ischemic Stroke in Nov of last year, leaving the rt side paralysed, later with residual weakness. Jesus showed you all of those conditions in my body. I was able to decrease the amount of medication and no meds for MG 4 wks now. The medical community calls that a Remission, for me ITS THE HEALING MERCIES OF ,OUR LORD> Tonights msg from Jesus, was a comformation that Jesus knows what is going on in our lives and that Jesus is in control, all HE wants us to do, is to have Faith in HIM and to Trust in HIM. The other night you called forth the Holy Spirts gift of heavenly language both my Husband and I were Blessed with the Gift of Tongues. We have been Church members for a number of years, but were not gifted with the heavenly language,we now are Blessed with this gift of the HOLY SPIRIT!!!! God Bless You Mario Murrilo, we will keep the fires burning in Santa Rosa, CA
    Dianne and Sam Mount
    Members LWFC Praise God

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