Two controversial questions about the Santa Rosa Fire

This is the most urgent blog that I have ever written to you.  It is about the ongoing supernatural events taking place in Santa Rosa California. I am going to answer two very controversial questions about the Santa Rosa Fire. Here they are:

1. Is this a true revival? Look at the evidence:

-Souls are coming to the altar at an average rate of about 30-50 per night.

-Healings are being reported on a depth and on a scale that is unprecedented in our 45 year history.  People are visiting their doctors and returning with confirmed healings of life threatening diseases.

-The momentum has continued unabated for 12 weeks.  It has overcome the dead of summer, a time notoriously bad for church attendance.  It has now survived the first week of school, when parents cannot go out to meetings because they are adjusting to school hours and homework.  Yet, this was the biggest week of all for the Santa Rosa Fire!

-A historic breakfast will take place on August 30th signaling a new era of cooperation between churches. Here is a copy of the letter:

“Cooperating Churches of Santa Rosa  Cordially invites you to attend a Breakfast meeting with Mario Murillo.”

Dear Church, Ministry, and Business Leader,

“In response to the ongoing revival services with Mario Murillo, now in its ninth consecutive week, churches in Santa Rosa will be hosting a regional prayer breakfast for pastors and business leaders. This gathering will take place on Thursday, August 30th at 8:30 am, and is located at the historic Church Of One Tree in Juilliard Park in Santa Rosa. Mario will address this sustained move of God and its implications to this region and beyond. This is a significant opportunity to unite under the banner of God’s Kingdom will, and join our hearts in prayer for a move of God that will revive the Church and transform our culture for the glory of His Son.”

Bottom line: God will honor any effort to sincerely seek revival.  To Him, it is a revival until man stops it.  This amazing event is still in its infancy requiring many more miracles and acts of obedience to Jesus before it can be the force to truly be a regional awakening .  However, it is a scary thing for anyone to say this is not a revival.

2. Should this revival take a political position? Many are squeamish about the fact that the Santa Rosa Fire may be making a political statement.  The fact is, a certain political party has taken a spiritual position that is blatantly and even proudly anti Christian.  In other words, the church has been called out.  We are being told that some of our core beliefs will soon be reclassified as hate crimes and may lead to infringement of our freedom of worship.  We have not gotten political, they have gotten spiritual and have forced us to react and take a stand.

This is why Billy Graham broke a long standing practice in order to speak out in favor of the marriage bill in North Carolina.  He rightly observed the threat to church and family.

This revival is very much about God’s zeal for America.  Is God pouring out of His Spirit over America  because we are in the most urgent election since the Civil War?   If a group is battling to control our nation’s soul can we remain silent?  If many people, including Christians are planning to vote in a way that will remove faith, destroy our economy, and make America a second rate power and God wants to save us, then shouldn’t we be alarmed and speak out?    Revival is supposed to lead to reformation.  What would a reformation look like in this current climate?  Yes, we must take a stand.

2 thoughts on “Two controversial questions about the Santa Rosa Fire

  1. Santa Rosa Fire Revival belongs to God and is for the people of Santa Rosa and the glory of God … All who join in will be healed and blessed … Obedience to the Will of God is paramount to what God intends to do throughout Northern California and definitely the San Francisco Bay Area and because of the Times we are living in it appears we are on the threshold of a National move of the Spirit of God that NO MAN can claim but only a broken and humble acknowledgement of the Power and Authority of God will do …

  2. Thanks for being brave and taking a stand, Mario! God bless you — and don’t back down! It’s time for the pulpits of America to bastions of truth — and not have the men and women of God cower in fear because of tax laws that are immoral and really illegal. Christians remained silent for decades — and look what society has become! Time to take it all back for the Lord!

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