Now the signs and wonders threaten to unravel the core of this city.

He is a pastor that came to the meeting broken by heart disease, diabetes and complications to his arms and legs.  He is also a worship leader.  I knew nothing about this when I was ordered to walk up to him and say, “you have written songs but you have not released them.”

What this simple phrase did to this man will stay with me for the rest of my life.  He let go a laugh of joy and then tears that God would reveal this detail of his life.  Then came a torrent of  revelations about every last detail of his condition.

Now lightning struck his body and he discarded his crutch and stormed around the church feeling the life of God in his new arms and legs.  He felt the radiating heat of the Holy Spirit replacing death with life.

Now he took a moment to greet all of the fellow pastors and they rejoiced with exceeding joy.  This miracle set the entire room ablaze with the Glory of God.

This touched off a flurry of miracles where people were declared that their diabetes, cancer, paralysis and every illness imaginable was being healed.  Monday night August 27th was the greatest display of power in all of these meetings.  The army left the building determined to bring the lost and diseased to the next meeting.

As the army of God walked out into the night, I remember thinking, we have reached a point where the signs and wonders will begin to unravel the very core of Satanic power in Santa Rosa.  It was apparent that Jesus had launched an all out assault on every devil in this region.

When Tuesday August 28th arrived my heart was wondering how could Tuesday top Monday?  Somehow that question was answered almost from the first song.  Power, real power entered the house.  The Holy Spirit came with such force that people could no longer stand under the weight of His presence.

I walked up to a woman and told her that it was hard to be a prophetess.  She came unglued at the confirmation of her life.  I went on because the Word of the Lord was too powerful to hold in…”you are damaged in 15 different places in your body.  Heart, spleen, liver, kidneys, pancreas, lungs, legs, arms, eyes, feet, spine, neck, hands, and ears were all mentioned.  It was as if disease was being machine gunned down.  Each word shot life into her.  She had to walk, bend and run to get relief from the glory.

Again, the entire crowd reached out and received healing power.  The current of healing grew so strong that it became a clear and present danger to ancient principalities and powers of Satan.  I knew that the power was rising to the point of being impossible to hold in any building.  I knew now that whatever strays into the path of this raging locomotive of revival will be mowed down!

This is why we are announcing that the fire continues all the way to September 12.  We will see the fire next week in all of the cooperating churches.  We are moving the meetings into their buildings and then return for city wide meetings on September 9th!

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