The question is not, how can you still be in Santa Rosa, the question is, how could we leave?

The question is not “how can you still be in Santa Rosa?”  The question is “how could we leave!?”

This morning I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  Over 100 leaders including senior pastors, businessmen and women, plus community leaders met for breakfast to declare revival in the City of Santa Rosa.  This unheard of.

It was exactly as my spiritual father Ralph Wilkerson prophesied, “Get the leaders together to pray in the Church of the one tree and the fire of God will fall on the city.”

Indeed an atmosphere of love and cooperation prevailed in the room.  This show of oneness and support is a rebuke to leaders in many other cities.  Not only this, but this cooperation is a clear sign of  true revival!  But there are baffling questions:

-A hyper liberal city being inundated by the Holy Spirit?

– Northern Californians packing out a church night after night for 12 weeks?

-30 to 50 people repenting at the altar every night?

-40% of the entire audience standing to declare that at one time or another in this series they were healed by the power of God?

-Are you kidding me?


We are still here, precious partner, because there is no way we could leave!  We are still here because revival, true revival is our nation’s only hope!  We are still here because this is what we have all yearned for!

Mario, what about your mission to the rest of America?  The fire of revival is the best way to win a nation!  A true invasion of the Holy Spirit would reverse our fortunes in a moment.  If the fire of God reforged values into the American soul and the water of the Spirit cleansed the American bloodstream we would enter an era of peace and prosperity unmatched in our history.

The very gangs that are meant to ruin us would become the vanguard of reformation.  The signs and wonders of a freshly fired church would resolve the health crisis of America. Prophets and not pundits would be the voice of the American conscience. A force field of divine protection would cover our shores.  This and much more would be ours in revival.

How can we leave?  What if we are on the brink of the most amazing event in the history of this ministry?  What if we were to leave prematurely simply because we felt we had to go do other thing?

Staying here is the most gigantic step of faith we have ever taken.  We have had to drop everything  to stay here.  I know you believe in revival.  I know that you want to see a miracle in California spread to our nation.  This is why I am going to ask for your prayers so we can stay here.  I need to know that your heart is with us to stay here and see this once in a lifetime opportunity reach its potential!

There are two great evils at work in Northern California and they influence the whole nation.  One is angry despair and the other is intellectual atheism.  One controls the streets, the other controls the schools. One brings the bloodshed and despair that is shredding our cities.  The other prolongs the agony by systematically banning the only cure to the problem.

If you help me stay in Santa Rosa I will make this solemn promise I will attack the social message that assaults Christian faith.  I will direct lost souls to the living presence of Christ.  I will rip the mask off of Satan; to reaffirm our Faith against every onslaught and to ignite an outpouring of God to retake our nation.   I have never needed your prayers more!

3 thoughts on “The question is not, how can you still be in Santa Rosa, the question is, how could we leave?

  1. Father God release protection, favor, perseverance, and peace over your friend Mario and this revival! Send increase God on the people and for Mario! May the lost flood the meetings of this gathering and be saved! May it never stop for your glory, for Jesus’ fame, and for the destiny of America and this world which you love! Redeem, Father! You are redeeming all things! Holy Spirit we invite you to come like you never have before. Sweep this nation with the fire, wind, and rain of your love. Shekinah glory come down! We seek your fullness! You are our delight. May the Bride be beautiful and astounding for you, Jesus.

    Keep pursuing this, Mario! You must! The destinies of nations are at stake! Do not let up! Be refreshed and ignited again in Jesus’ name!

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