Now the Holy Spirit is giving startling details. All glory to Jesus.

Mario, You could have not known, when you called me out tonight, but God/Jesus and the Holy Spirit knew. Today, I was contacted by my Internist, and told he was referring me back to the Kidney Specialist (Nephrologist) for further evaluation. You see I am now taking 15 and was told to increase medication to 25 tablets a day, 5 different medications to regulate my kidneys to preform the way they should.

My internist is afraid if we keep pushing the kidneys to preform the way they should, it may lead to kidney failure. Yes, these conditions were diagnosed in 2000.   (this was the year that Mario said these diseases began)  My Sister, was on Dialysis, prior to her death. Along with the kidney malfunction, I have veinous insufficiency, which leads to swelling and edema in the legs, feet and abdomen. All related to the kidney malfunction.

But Tonight, I WAS HEALED BY THE POWER OF JESUS AND ALMIGHTY GOD. My Husband and I have been coming 4 wks now. We are being blessed every night! Our Faith is so inspired with every night. From my Husbands initial healing for his pancreus and heart condition, His blood sugars used to run 282, they are now, 110!!!! My Prayer the first night, we attended, all day as a matter of fact, was for God, to add years to his life, you see, I love him dearly, he is my life, we have been married 40 yrs this past Sunday. As you grow older together, you take seriously the dreaded possibility that you may be separated by death.

I know now, that God did hear my prayers for my Husband, by healing him, he added to his life and mine too. The next day in service, you asked my Husband to help me stand, you see I have had Myasthenia Gravis,(grave muscle weakness) since 1994.I had had a Ischemic Stroke in Nov of last year, leaving the rt side paralysed, later with residual weakness. Jesus showed you all of those conditions in my body. I was able to decrease the amount of medication and no meds for MG 4 wks now.

The medical community calls that a Remission, for me ITS THE HEALING MERCIES OF ,OUR LORD> Tonights msg from Jesus, was a comfirmation that Jesus knows what is going on in our lives and that Jesus is in control, all HE wants us to do, is to have Faith in HIM and to Trust in HIM. The other night you called forth the Holy Spirts gift of heavenly language both my Husband and I were Blessed with the Gift of Tongues. We have been Church members for a number of years, but were not gifted with the heavenly language,we now are Blessed with this gift of the HOLY SPIRIT!!!! God Bless You Mario Murillo, we will keep the fires burning in Santa Rosa, CA
Dianne and Sam Mount
Members LWFC Praise God

I have not witnessed an event that has less to do with man and more to do with God.

In my entire life as a preacher I have not witnessed an event that has less to do with man and more to do with God.   Here is what happened:

Last night Therese gave a testimony that proves beyond all doubt that God is healing in this revival .  She told how one of the organs of her body had actually developed gangrene and began to destroy all of the vital organs of her body.  She went on to tell how her arms and legs were devastated.  She then described the moment of her healing and how instantly she was healed.  She then said, “I went to my doctor and was tested for everything.  He said that all of my sickness was gone!”

After this the altars filled with souls seeking to know Jesus.

Instead of a normal sermon, I taught a class on winning souls and exhorted the army to make soul winning the priority of this revival.  I told them that the river of healing and the outpouring of fire will not cease so long as we win souls!

God rewarded our focus on souls with miracles.  Oh how the power fell!  Healings popped in the room and soon we were overcome by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

This is when it happened!  A woman was picked from the audience and was told all about her agonizing battle with bone and joint disease.  She was asked to walk.  At first she took baby steps and then she simply went into a frenzy.  She was sprinting and leaping and almost knocked people over.  The fire hit her harder than anyone I have ever seen!

The Santa Rosa Fire continues to baffle and amaze!  This should have been a horrendously off night, instead it was nearly a record crowd. Let’s examine the facts:

-It was the first week of school.  This means that parents are scrambling to cope with new schedules for their children.   Churches notoriously avoid events at this time. Yet, the attendance was up and the people show no sign of a letup.

– Church attendance languishes in Northern California.  Many churches only meet on Sunday mornings, yet we are packed every night.

-Summer audiences are fickle.  Even the blockbuster movies see a steep drop off after the first week a film is released.  The Santa Rosa Fire continues to increase in overall attendance after nine consecutive weeks.  Each night, new people make up 25 to 30% of the audience.  Christians are bringing their unchurched friends and loved ones.  The altars are always full and generally the call for souls comes near the beginning of the meeting.

The people seem to overcome major obstacles effortlessly.  They have changed their lifestyle to make room for the outpouring of God.

The word is spreading fast about the Santa Rosa Fire.  Videos appear on Facebook and sites showing the power of God hitting people and healing them.  We are getting word from other nations who are praying that the fire will spread.

This much is clear: tonight will be amazing and we are going to make the announcement that the Santa Rosa Fire continues for week ten!

Week 9 explodes in the building but something astounding happened outside.

The 9th week exploded inside the building but something astounding happened outside the building.

Last night in Santa Rosa we began week 9 of this historic visitation of God.  Once again an overflow crowd came hungry and eager for more of Jesus.  By now you would think these people would be fatigued.  Instead, they are even more on fire than ever.

That is the key word: More!  They brought even more friends and loved ones.  The power and presence of God was even more intense.  The conviction of sin was even more evident.  The altar call was even more immediate and the harvest was great as souls seeking Christ flowed forward and filled the front of the church.

The healings were more abundant.  In one case, a woman was picked from the crowd and told everything that was happening to her joints, heart and lungs.  A surge of power flashed through her body and she said that all of her pain left.

Another healing sent a collective gasp throughout the audience.  A woman was told about 17 conditions that were in her body.  This moment left no room for doubt.  She took off and demonstrated how she was dramatically healed.


However, something more happened!  This miracle is one of the most historic signs of revival.  Let me give you the back story first.   My spiritual father is Ralph Wilkerson, the famed pastor of Melodyland Christian Center, which was once one of the largest churches in the nation.  He brought Kathryn Kuhlman and David Wilkerson to the West Coast.  He is considered the father of the Charismatic Revival.  Now in his 80s, he continues to have a razor sharp mind and a prophetic spirit.

Unable to reach me, he somehow he got pastor Larry King’s private cell number.  He began to excitedly tell Larry a word from the Lord about the Santa Rosa Fire.  20 years ago, Ralph preached a sermon in Los Angeles about the Church of the One Tree in Santa Rosa.  This historic church is famous because it is constructed entirely from the wood of one Redwood Tree in 1870.   It is downtown and owned by the Park and Recreations Department of Santa Rosa.  God reminded Ralph of this sermon and said,  “Call Mario and tell the leaders of Santa Rosa that if they will meet together and pray in this church the fire will spread to the whole region.

Here comes the astounding part:  Steve Puleo who is a staff Pastor at Vertical Call Church, knew nothing about Ralph’s prophetic word when got it in his heart to contact the Park and Rec Dept. and ask to rent this famed church for the leaders to pray.  When we found out that he made the reservation, you can well imagine the glory that coursed through our spirits.  So, on Thursday August 30, 2012, Pastors and leaders are going to obey this prophetic word and meet at the Church of the One Tree!   Here is the actual letter:

Cooperating Churches of Santa Rosa

Cordially invites you to attend a

Breakfast meeting with

Mario Murillo

Located at the
Church of One Tree

Thursday, the Thirtieth of August,
at Eight Thirty in the morning

Located in beautiful Juilliard Park
492 Sonoma Avenue Santa Rosa, CA

Church of One Tree site

Dear Church, Ministry, and Business Leader,

In response to the ongoing revival services with Mario Murillo, now in its ninth consecutive week, churches in Santa Rosa will be hosting a regional prayer breakfast for pastors and business leaders. This gathering will take place on Thursday, August 30th at 8:30 am, and is located at the historic Church Of One Tree in Juilliard Park in Santa Rosa. Mario will address this sustained move of God and its implications to this region and beyond. This is a significant opportunity to unite under the banner of God’s Kingdom will, and join our hearts in prayer for a move of God that will revive the Church and transform our culture for the glory of His Son.

The breakfast is free of charge, but will only accommodate the first 100 RSVPs. For reservations or more information please email Steve Puleo at or call 707-575-5956.


Church unity is one of the most historic signs of a true revival.  Rejoice with us.  If you are a leader in this region contact Steve Puleo now!   More than ever the Santa Rosa Fire will engulf this region in the flames of God’s love!


First the Santa Rosa Fire and now the Santa Roseburg Oregon fire!

First it was the Santa Rosa Fire now it’s the Santa Roseburg Fire!

Tonight I am in the Jacoby Auditorium on the campus of Umpqua Community College in Roseburg Oregon.  Last night a holy fire broke out.  So many souls came forward that it filled the vast stage!  Then massive number were healed.  What was startling was how the audience showed similar traits to the fire that is falling in Santa Rosa.

Thanks to Pastor Kel at the Lighthouse Foursquare Church in Santa Rosa I learned a firefighting term.  It is called Area Ignition.  Turns out Kel was a fight fighter for 28 years.  Area ignition: Ignition of several individual fires throughout an area, either simultaneously or in rapid succession, and so spaced that they add to and influence the main body of the fire to produce a hot, fast-spreading fire condition. Also called simultaneous ignition.

Imagine a bunch of fires converging to became a massive unstoppable fire, a fire so hot that the air itself ignites fires!

Area ignition is what happened here last night.  I told the people that Roseburg is the only meeting I did not cancel during the Santa Rosa Revival.  Then I described the ongoing miracle in Santa Rosa.  That is when area ignition took place!  The fire of God jumped on the people and they reached out to take the Kingdom by force.

It was the same fire, the same intense words of knowledge of the Holy Spirit and the same demonstrations of crippled limbs leaping and running. The same explosions of praise and shouting as bodies transform from being diseased to being miraculously healed.  Again and again God proved Himself mighty to these people.

For a moment I wondered if the key to revival is work with a Pastor with a celebrity “Larry” name in a city with the word “rose” in it.  The wonderful man of God here who put this outreach in Roseburg together is named Larry Gatlin.  Of course you know pastor Larry King who hosts the revival in Santa Rosa.  I think I even saw Larry Gatlin on the Larry King show years ago!

Seriously, I am sitting here preparing for tonight and knowing that a healing army is scouring this region for the sick, addicted and lost.  They are coming expecting.  We have over 1100 seats to fill and after last night, I do not doubt  anything that these people can do!

No matter what happens tonight one thing is certain:  God is pouring out His Spirit up and down the West Coast and I believe that soon all of these fires will converge and send a firestorm across North America.

I am going to race back to Santa Rosa to begin week 9 of the Santa Rosa Fire at Living Word Family Church.  I know that this is going to be the most powerful week of my life.  Hallelujah.

Will revivals like Santa Rosa go national?



Many have asked and I wanted to give you a thoughtful answer.  Will the Santa Rosa Fire go national.

Let me begin by saying that God knows how to incite reckless abandon on the part of sinners.  It is unmistakable when it happens.   

Matthew 11: 12 says, “The Kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force.” Jesus cited this verse as an explanation for the panic of righteousness that John the Baptist touched off.  Some historians estimate that John drew 120,000 Judeans into the Kingdom!  Even more surprising was that he did it with a hard message of repentance.

No matter what you call it, the common factor is a moral vacuum violently filled.  First Samuel 3:1 says, “The word of the Lord was rare in those days and there was no open revelation.”

It is ironic that these times of refreshing occur when morals are lowest and the idea of holiness is most far-fetched.

Activist judges and liberal leaders have starved America of God!  Rather than create a society that is immune, they have inadvertently created a voracious appetite for the Holy Spirit. Watch out when the banquet hall of revival opens. There will be a feeding frenzy!


The Fourth Turning, an American Prophecy, by William Strauss and Neil Howe is an unlikely source to confirm this miracle.  These mainstream sociologists came out and said, “At the end of a century Americans reach a point where all of their ideals and hopes are used up and they decide to party before doomsday.  In the next decade, they will collapse into either anarchy or religious fervor.  The indicators point toward a return to faith.”

I believe that Santa Rosa and many other cities will soon enjoy a blaze of revival and soon those seperate fires will join into on gigantic national fire!  Here are my reasons:

1. Reason number one is that America is over the top in rejecting God.

 This is suspiciously supernatural!  Why are anti-God forces fighting so hard to extinguish something they do not believe exists?  Why is it open season on the people of God?   Shakespeare said, “The lady protests too much, me thinks!”  This was the overreaction of Saul of Tarsus.  He railed against the Church even as he approached his inevitable collision with Christ on the Damascus Road!

2.  Reason number two is youth displaying a healthy rebellion against the Baby Boomers.

Studies show that radical parents are causing conservative children.  There is a trend away from drugs and casual sex.  Many are starting to ask questions that make liberals queasy.  “Can you tell me where God is?  Why is Harry Potter, the Koran and Lesbian material available on campus but not the Bible?”  Do not think for one moment that liberals will be  able to calm our kids down or get them to change the subject!

3. Christians have grown weary of their mega church.  Here and now, I am pleading with my brothers and sisters in leadership to abandon the marketing mentality.  We have tried so hard to be relevant that we are neglecting the things that make us relevant now: moral clarity, signs and wonders and spontaneous worship.

The public has grown beyond its fling with seminars and the “Starbucks” atmosphere.  Masses are forming like waves at sea.  They yearn for genuine revelation not artificial stimulation.  Preachers, I say this in love…lose the psychobabble!  Emotional well being is a passé subject.  People do not want enablement they want equipment!  They see themselves as soldiers not one nation under therapy!  Our meetings need to be boisterous and miraculous.

Our mood must change to one of anticipation.   It is no longer time to beg for revival but time to plead for mercy that we will be ready for the one that is nearly upon us!  

God has not just decided to visit America again; He means to make it the biggest outpouring ever.  Each one of us must…and I mean MUST, start to walk around with our heads up and ears open because it could start at any moment!  This means we surrender schedule, tradition, and routine.  We have to be ready at any moment to run to the glory zone!  If we move fast enough, we may even get there before this stampeding generation arrives.



What happened tonight in the Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa.

Here is what happened tonight.   Bear in mind that I cannot do justice to this singular event in one blog so I will do it in two parts.  First of all, we had a turn away crowd.  The seats filled up at 6:40 then the lobby was filled and then people just gave up trying to get in.

This was a night that God made a stunning statement to Santa Rosa.  We were in the building that was once a church.  It is a painful tale that I related to you yesterday.  This outpouring, happening in this building spoke volumes to the Christian community and the general population of Santa Rosa.

The worship team led by R.C. Carrillo was amazing.  They were pouring gasoline on a bonfire.  The people sang their hearts out and built a presence of God that was so thick you could barely stand. 

After  5 songs took the pulpit and spoke about destiny.  The atmosphere was supercharged with conviction and the reality of God.  Never in all my ministry have I seen souls react to the call to Christ like tonight.  They came to the front of the building almost immediately.

Then the miracles broke out.  Entire rows were being healed.  Every once in a while Jesus would order me to call out a healing in the audience.  When it did happen, the results were startling to all of us. 

One of the most outstanding healings of tonight happened to a woman that was incapacitated by so many diseases it took several minutes to name them all.  While they were being named, a man out in the lobby who knew this woman well was exclaiming to one of our staff how frighteningly accurate the word was. 

When I first saw this woman attempt to stand up, my heart sank because she struggled greatly just to stand.  Then the Faith of God arose within me and I ordered her to walk.  The whole audience let out a mighty roar of praise as she took off around the hall with no pain or restriction.

Her miracle touched off a chain reaction and soon healings were popping all over the building.  Wave after wave of healing came over the people. 

Before the night ended we announced that we would start week 9 of the Santa Rosa Fire on Monday night August 20th.  

When the worship team sang the Jesus Culture song Stirring Up Deep, Deep Wells it was the perfect description of this night.  After a long wait, all of the promises of God over many years are coming to pass…we have indeed stirred up a deep, deep well!

Will tonight fulfill prophecy in Santa Rosa?

Today I am overcome with expectancy.  Tonight will be a historic rally for the Santa Rosa Fire.  To many, this meeting tonight is a fulfillment of prophecy and the start of a mighty work of reconciliation and vindication for the Body of Christ.  Let me explain:

In 1979 there was a heartbreaking scandal in Santa Rosa that turned one of the most beautiful church buildings in America into a secular performing arts center.  Various local pastors have told me how thousands of Christians were scattered by this tragedy and many are still wandering.

That property is now the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts.   Many of the most famous acts in the world have performed on this stage.  Many people know it as the last place where comedian George Carlin recorded a show.

Tuesday was the first time that I walked into this building since preaching there as a kid.  Memories flooded back to me, some glorious and some very painful.  My spirit felt strange and deep impulses.  This grand facility with its amazing location was still radiating with the faith, vision and love of the people who sacrificed to build it.  It was as if the building itself was crying out to once again be a place of miracles!

There are saints from this great work who have never lost their fervor for God.  They have interceded for decades for the very fire that is falling on Santa Rosa right now.   Many have also received prophetic promises that this building would once again be used of God in a mighty way.

Is this the night that these prophecies are fulfilled?  Only God knows.  What I do know, is that Jesus is the only reason we are in this building tonight.  Every step that led to this night is Jesus.  He is the force the wisdom and the power that put the Santa Rosa Fire together.  My passion, my job, my mission is to stay out of His way.   Tonight will be all about Him.

The evangelist who walks on the stage tonight will be full of the fear of God knowing that he has nothing whatsoever to boast of in this unspeakable miracle that is about to hit Santa Rosa.

A few nights ago, I asked for those in the audience who had been healed during this revival to stand.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that nearly half of the entire audience stood to declare that they had been healed.  I mention this because God’s healing power has come to stay and continues to be a hallmark of this visitation.

Healing is what this fire is all about!  Tonight they are coming from everywhere for perhaps the greatest healing this region has seen.  A healing of hearts that will forget the past and reach for a fresh vision for not only Santa Rosa but for America.  I cannot wait to tell you about tonight!