The situation in America is now a monster movie.

The Situation in America is now a monster movie.

In the monster movies of the 1950’s and 60’s there was a formula that had 4 stages.   1: Someone, usually a young boy, finds a beast growing somewhere near the swamp and no one believes him.  2: He connects with the hermit scientist who is shunned by law enforcement and mainstream science but continues experiments in his barn.  3: The beast attacks the small town, as warned, and no weapons of the military can stop it.  4: The crazy old scientist uses a technology he has already been working on to lure the beast to the hydroelectric plant where it is destroyed.

Trying to figure out why so many Americans just don’t get it in this next election nearly wiped me out.  It was when I made the comparison between the old American International monster movies and our nation right now that I found some relief.

Part one: America is in that first stage:  Millions of us do not believe that a beast is coming to destroy our way of life.   We do not know what is at stake.  We have the kind of denial that our Founding Fathers feared most.  We are a complacent and ignorant electorate.  The last 4 years have eroded our net worth faster than any war.  The prospects for the next generation of Americans are dire.  Our standing in the world has faded and we are already considered a second rate power that will be tamed into being just another bit player in global socialism.

In the movies, the creature does not appear at first.  It attacks a few people and is spotted by too few to be exposed.  It lurks in the bog waiting until the right time to strike.  In our case, the beast waits to unleash the full fury of its agenda because it needs four more years.  The beast must hide its true intentions until the time it is firmly established and thus unstoppable.  If you thought the first installment was a disaster wait until you have the sequel.

As a child, it bewildered me why the boy, and the scientist’s warnings were dismissed out of hand.  I now know that without denial there would have been no story.   Our counterpart for this is the fawning media who will not entertain even a suggestion of danger in order to extend the life of their man.

But in most of the movies the greatest villain is often the sheriff.  The teary eyed boy looks up to the man who was once his hero, who in the face of insurmountable evidence still refuses to investigate the swamp, and says, “how can you call yourself a sheriff?”

Part two: You call yourself a Christian?  According to some polls nearly 85% of all Americans call themselves Christian.  That means that their votes swung the last election.  Let me say it again, their votes gave us these last 4 years.

Since the race is still tight, we must assume that many Christians are going to vote once more for same sex marriage, late term abortion, and an administration that according to Franklin Graham, “is shaking its fist at God.”   

The evidence of bankruptcy, malice toward God, Israel, churches, free enterprise is now insurmountable but they will not investigate the swamp.  The warning of the impending disaster for our nation will not even evoke doubts about how to vote.   So I have to ask them what the boy asked the sheriff, how can you call yourself a Christian?

Part three:  Revival is the stuff of mad scientists.  The movie reaches its climax.  All hope is gone. Nothing can stop the beast and at long last they are willing to let the professor do his stuff.   This embodies my prayer for America.  Revival, true revival, national revival, heaven sent revival, revival that restores natural desires and a love of truth is our great hope.

Yes, it is fashionable to marginalize those among us who prophesy the supernatural and preach national repentance, but we must have that sacred technology.  We need a miracle that will awaken drowsy, contaminated church goers.  We need fire to burn out the underbrush of compromise that is sapping the life from our roots.  We need a moral spine that will go with us into the voting booth.

The Santa Rosa Fire will go on to week 8!!

The Santa Rosa Fire will start its 8th week on Sunday Night August 12, 2012.  The raging river of supernatural healing cannot be stopped or diverted.  Its source is God Himself.  The explosive events of last night leave us no choice but to go on. 

The presence of God, the flow of healings, the souls that are meeting Jesus, tell us that this is a historic event that holds the promise of making history like revivals of old.  Manifestations of conviction that cause entire sections of the church to begin weeping, groaning and in some cases outright wailing for peace with God. 

It is not an easy task to bring the details of this event to you but I feel a holy sense of duty to do it! When the words of knowledge come forth people scream.  They know that we have long since passed the realm of coincidence or emotion.  What Jesus is doing here is not just good but scary good.

The two features that stand out about this awakening are purity and simplicity.  The people come, the focus only on Jesus, they draw forcefully on the anointing of  the Holy Spirit.  There are no sideshows here.  There is no human agenda here.  The meeting flows with such freedom that one would assume that chaos would ensue.  Instead, there is a divine order that simply holds the people from drifting away from the destiny of this revival.

Last night we watched miracle upon miracle.  Again the crowd grew and after 4 more nights at Living Word Family Church we will make a historic move into the Wells Fargo Center!

Santa Rosa Fire Last night was an emotional roller coaster of epic proportions.


Last night was an emotional roller coaster of epic proportions.  The excitement and expectancy is overpowering.  The seats fill up fast on what should have been an off night. 

It began with a young boy Harley, standing with Chris his dad and telling how we was healed of asthma at the beginning of this revival.  We cried with him as he told how he could not play any sports with his friends and how he could not breathe at night.  Now he said, “I am totally healed.”

Next came the call for those who wanted Jesus and again the altar filled with those seeking new life. This is what the Santa Rosa Fire is all about souls saved and wounded soldiers redeemed.


The crescendo of praise for the harvest gives way to a sense of impending miracles.  We could all feel the Holy Spirit coming upon us.  The Holy Spirit began to attack disease with laser sharp accuracy.  A young lady confirmed that she was afflicted from birth and demonstrated how her arms and legs could move freely.

The Spirit of God calls out a man.  I am ordered to tell him he has a diseased heart.  There is no doubt about it.  He erupts in praise as he confesses that this is true and that God is healing him.



Next, I find myself standing in the center of the room, pointing to my right shouting, “where is the man with the virus that is destroying his liver?!”  He was just a few feet away and he stood immediately to be healed.  When he placed his hand over his liver he said he felt intense healing power.  No one who was there can forget his reaction to the power of God.

Now a sweeping blanket of God’s presence and power covers the entire audience.  We cannot count the number of tragedies that Jesus erased.  We cannot calculate the weight of glory that God in his mercy permitted us to enjoy.

Each night I approach the building wondering if the crowd has returned.  I am tempted to see this event in the light of so many others that I have seen before.   When I leave at night, all my doubts are shattered and I am in awe of the sheer force of the work of God that continues to expand and deepen.

Momentum is a very hard word to define.  We all use it and it can many so many different things to many people.  If by momentum, you mean that an irresistible force is gaining speed and shows no sign of let up then the Santa Rosa Fire is momentum.


An eyewitness account of last night at the Santa Rosa Fire.

An eyewitness account of last night in the Santa Rosa Fire from Mario Murillo Ministries.  Last night God declared war on cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis in a way that we had not seen before.  Vengeance is the only word that fits in describing the onslaught of healing that swept through the audience.  After the downpour of the Holy Spirit over one hundred people stood to say that they had been healed in this one night of miracles.

Mario began by calling a woman out and telling her that she needed Christ.  No waiting for an altar call here.  This is revival and anything can happen and all methods are up for grabs!   It was not enough to tell her that she needed Christ.  The evangelist went on to tell the story of the wasting disease that was ravaging her body.  One look over at the mother of this woman and you could see that this was a blazing answer to prayer.  “You entire body is in pain and your pancreas, heart, lungs, arms and legs are under vicious attack.”   This was more than the young woman could bear.  Healing shot through her body even as salvation was entering her soul!

Next came a torrent of words for hurting people in the audience.  In rapid-fire succession healing power appeared on people all over the room.  Wholesale weeping broke out as both the diseased and the ones who brought them rejoiced at the undeniable changes in their conditions.  Indeed, you could feel that a cloud of miracles has encircled us and refused to lift.

In all, the flow of power lasted nearly two hours and seemed to leave no one untouched.  Just when it felt safe to leave another earth shaking word came forth.  A woman had come to this meeting from central Oregon because she was dying of cancer.  She and her husband came by faith and sat in the back expecting a miracle.

The Holy Spirit led Mario to them and told her various locations of tumors in her body.  She felt fire and glory and that death was being rebuked!   Now the praise was unstoppable.  Now the army of God was bolder than ever.

This was a night of souls save and bodies healed.  There was such historic power that no one can predict what will happen next.  An army went out into the night full of faith, and power and ready to scour the region for hurting people in advance of tonight’s revival meeting.  Stay tuned!

More amazing than ever…but before you ask for the same thing read this.

Before you dare to ask.  Tonight they are coming from all over the West Coast and other parts of the nation to see if the Santa Rosa Fire is real or not.  Some are coming who are at death’s door hoping for a miracle.  Then I hear of so many who want this in their city.  But before you dare to ask for it read this…

Yes revival is unmatched as an act of God on a city.  Yes revival is glorious and has no substitute in dealing with the evil in society.  Nothing populates heaven like revival.

However, do not think about revival. Do not even fantasize about it until you realize these surprises about revival.

1. Revival is something completely different.  It is not an improved version of what you had before.

If you have an emotional attachment to the way things are then do not waste God’s time seeking revival.  No tradition is safe and all sacred cows are targeted.  If your people have a favorite seat or comfortable routine confront it first.  It is absolutely essential that you face this first…all but the good parts of the old are going away.

In revival there will be a new school and an old school.  These two will collide, and if you are not prepared to go with the new, you will lose both the old, and the new.  However, if what you were doing was working you would not be in a position to seek revival…would you?

2. Revival is not a Church growth model.  Using revival to increase attendance is like having a baby to improve a marriage.  Revival gives you an area wide vision and an appreciation for the other leaders that God has placed in the city.  Yes, thousands will be added to all of the churches but it is not because of marketing or slick programs.  Revival is a military tactic of God meant to create quantity and quality for the church that is being built by Jesus.

3.  Keep it simple and joyous.  Revival is by nature a very emotional thing.  It is easy to become fearful of losing the blessing.  Since you did not make it happen you cannot also keep it going.  You must find new and creative ways of staying out of the way.  When it is forced, legalistic or hyperemotional God is no longer driving the movement.   This is the sin of the Galatians who “began in the Spirit but now are perfected by the flesh.”

4. Understand the message of the revival.  Stay true to the message that Jesus is using to drive the engine of the revival.  Changing messages to suit the times, or to advance your new found popularity is disaster!  For example, this outpouring in Santa Rosa has to do with the upcoming election and the dizzying changes in American culture.  We know that we are not the only outpouring there are several in the nation.  What Mordecai said to Esther applies to us. “you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.”

5.  Jesus alone must remain the thrill.  Beware of false joy and false holiness.  Houdini the escape artist died because the audience needed to see more exotic feats.  Revivals are destroyed the same way.  Audiences can corrupt the flow by demanding new and more titillating manifestations.  Evangelists can kill revival by feeling pressured to perform.  If Christ is not enough then there is something wrong with you not Jesus.    Emotional binges and self generated holiness are not sustainable.  A true revivalist grows in the knowledge of God, and gains deeper appreciation for the basics of our faith.

6.  You must give it away.  The four lepers in 2 Kings 7 had wisdom that we need.  After they found the great supply of food that the enemy had abandoned, they realized that they would be punished if they hoarded it.  The gospel and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are only ours long enough for us to be equipped to give them away.  This is how rivers become swamps.  Of all the things that I push in each meeting I say this most of all, “you must bring the lost and the hurting or the flow of God will stop!


The Santa Rosa Fire blazes on for a seventh week!

There are no words to describe last night.  I stood before the people and gave this message, “My day began with a vision of Jesus weeping over Jerusalem.  He had warned them over and and over that this was their final call.  Jesus’ prediction of there not being one stone left on top of another was fulfilled in painful detail in 70 AD.

On the day of Pentecost Peter delivered the final warning: Acts 2: 38 Then Peter said to them, “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 39 For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God will call.” 40 And with many other words he testified and exhorted them, saying, “Be saved from this perverse generation.”  

In his gospel appeal Peter did not mention hell but he warned against impending judgment.  The generation that had crucified Christ faced an immediate disaster and repentance was their only hope.

The amazing acts of God in that 4 year season were given to bless mankind but they were also a warning of something that would destroy them.

Isaiah 3:10, and 11, “Say to the righteous that it shall be well with them, for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.  Woe to the wicked! It shall be ill with him, for the reward of his hands shall be given him.”

We must take a new look at judgment.  Psalm 19: 9 says, “The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever; The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.”  The Holy Spirit revealed to me the power of the judgment of God.  We have a warped view of this side of God.  Judgment is not a bad thing.  It is when heaven returns a verdict on the acts of the devil and man.

The Holy Spirit said that God would not destroy America but that He would judge America.  I needed an explanation.   Here it is: There was no core of prayer warriors in Jerusalem but there are millions of intercessors in America.  This is why, what we will see in the next 99 days is a surgical strike will leave some desolate, but the righteous fully protected.  It is a preemptive strike meant to restore our Christian roots. 

Isaiah 3:10, and 11, “Say to the righteous that it shall be well with them, for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.  Woe to the wicked! It shall be ill with him, for the reward of his hands shall be given him.”

This is when I told them that indeed judgment was coming on America.  God has certain people in the crosshairs.  Those who would erase Christian values, those who would force unnatural laws on the people, those who peddle drugs, violence and perversion will feel the power of God in the next 99 days. 

Instead of furthering their cause they will meet an unexpected backlash.   The promise however,  is that if we repent the impending judgment before this next election will go right around us.

Then the power of God fell on the people!  The front filled with souls wanting to be set free by Christ!  Once again, the Holy Spirit allowed this treasure to be in an unworthy earthen vessel.  A woman stood and it was as if someone was reading her medical records she screamed hit the floor under the Glory and was resurrected by the power of Jesus.

Next came miracles upon miracles.  We could not keep up with God and the intensity of the power.  It rose to the point of unbearable glory.  When one man to my right and toward the back received his word none of us were ready for what happened next.  He decided that it was time for God to release him from his paralysis!  He stretched his afflicted arms up to heaven and took it by force.  His hands were loosed and now he decided to walk.  He was not content to walk, he began to run and jump and even spin in midair!  

The collective roar of the people of God was deafening!  We did not announce another week, the Santa Rosa Fire announced itself.  It blazes on this Sunday August 5th for a Seventh Week!