It is  Sunday 2 AM and I feel an unearthly presence of God.  You see, I have been grieving over the great spirit of deception that is falling like a blanket over our nation right now.  The enemy has tried hard to discourage me in the battle for this nation.  

I nearly forgot about the most encouraging thing that I can think of!   I nearly forgot that we will begin week 14 of what is undeniably a supernatural act of God in Santa Rosa.

I turned my attention to intercede this week’s meetings,  the glory and presence of God has now overshadowed me.  I am buzzing and trembling with anticipation of the meeting tonight in Santa Rosa!

I know that tonight will be a blast of miracles.  I know that the worship will lift us to another realm.  All of the words you can find fall short of describing this ongoing miracle in Santa Rosa.  God means to bless a whole region and maybe a whole nation!  Everything that you and I have ever hoped would touch us has started to reveal itself in this meeting.  Tonight will be no exception.  It will be the strongest ever.

My hand trembles writing this to you!  My heart races at the possibilities!  To God be all of the glory!  The meeting begins as harmless as any other gathering until the first note of worship and then you know!  You know that you are in a place that is only partially connected to earth.

I remember the night that the people violently took the message to their hearts about the 4 lepers.  I told them that these lepers crossed the desert in search of food nothing else.  They crossed into the camp of the Syrians looking for a blessing but left to change a nation.

I said to the capacity crowd that is exactly who you are.  You are people who came for a blessing but found out that Jesus has something infinitely greater in mind for you, your family and this city.

Again, I am seeing things that I have read about.  The zeal, the force of faith and the total submission to Christ is overpowering in this place.  This is supposed to be smug, independent, godless California.  You would never know it!

I already feel it in my spirit!  A holy fire is warning me that the  words of knowledge will come forth in profusion.   Person after person who is riddled with pain and takes the bold step of faith will be instantly healed.  I see people who cannot walk charging around the church demonstrating their healing!   The Holy Spirit right now is testifying to me that spines, eyes ears, kidneys, lungs, hearts, arms, legs, every part of the body will be touched by the supernatural.  People will be healed of everything from cancer to migraine headaches…many of the healings will young people and children! I am getting that strong while I am praying right now.

I am still hours away from reentering this glory cloud in Santa Rosa.  I know that the impossible will become normal tonight!  Glory to God it is here and we will not let go of this invasion of heaven.

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  1. If there is this level of governmental control over churches now, imagine what it’s going to be like with Dear Leader Muhamobama as dictator of the United Socialist States of America!

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