Obama lost the debate in the worst way possible: With a false win.

After the last debate, the bar was set so low for Obama that he could hardly do worse.  What happened instead, was that he found another way to lose and that was by staging a false victory.

The debate tonight showed us a clear fact. No matter how Obama bobs, weaves, shucks and jives he must live with his record. Try as he would Obama could not escape the inevitable truth that he made promises that he did not keep and in fact broke in breathtaking ways. He doubled the debt that he said he would cut in half. He raised the unemployment rate by twice what he said he would lower it. While he had control of both houses he did nothing about immigration.
The liberal media will look at the debate and say Obama won and by doing so they will condemn him to almost certain defeat on November 6th.  The last thing that the Obama campaign needs tonight is a high five for zingers. Obama dug a deeper hole for himself tonight by thinking this is a contest of style points.  He is in denial if he thinks he got anywhere with independent voters tonight.   But no one in his corner is going to tell him that.

I would sum up his performance as “see, I’m more aggressive.” “Yeah, the record stinks and I said nothing tonight that would make you think that I will do better the next four years. But does that really matter? See how I interrupted, did you catch how I was more passionate?”

The audience looked pained at his performance. It was like, “why are you still trying that?” It doesn’t work anymore. No matter what he did or said to make Romney look bad it always came back to one unavoidable conclusion. The last four years have been terrible. Nothing has improved internationally or at home. Obamacare is hated and Obamanomics has not created jobs.

He did not appear presidential. He did not look competent.  He did not offer an explanation for his failings nor a plan to fix them now.  He tried to win on aggressiveness and his magic is gone.

Again and again Romney wounded him with facts, even when it appeared that Obama had the upper hand verbally. The American public saw something truly amazing tonight. We got lectured by professor Obama. We got told “are you going to believe me or your eyes?”

I cannot imagine where it will go from here.  There is nothing left but to be dirty, vicious and unleash a smear campaign because what other kind of campaign has he got left?

One thought on “Obama lost the debate in the worst way possible: With a false win.

  1. I don’t think there could of been anyone that could of done a worse job at the debate as you. I realize why I stopped watching CNN so many years ago. I wonder how Obama knew you had the transcript ? Shame on you .

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