In tonight’s debate, Romney is once again walking into a trap. It will hinge on one word.

It surprised me to learn that many experts that I trust believe that the winner of tonight’s debate will win the election.   It has been a long time since debates have had that kind of clout.   They tell me that it is because of the trouncing that Romney gave Obama in Denver that tonight has become so critical to the election.

Once again I tossed and turned last night and in my time of prayer I became painfully aware that another trap is being set.  Since this is Obama’s last chance, HE WILL APPROACH IT LIKE A WOUNDED ANIMAL.

Tonight watch closely.  It will happen fast but it will be obvious. Once again there will be a trick.  Unless we pray fervently, you will see the debate become a staged gotcha moment for Mitt Romney.  I can even tell you that I believe there will be a single word that will be the weapon.    The word will be, “WAR.”   

Both the moderator and the President will frame Romney as a President that will take us to war.  Obama thinks that he can win by appealing to a nation that is sick of war. He thinks that all he has to do is get the word in as many questions as possible.   Obama will return to the “W” word again and again.  Just watch and see.

If Romney takes the bait by saying that he would arm Syrian freedom fighters and cannot then defend his position effectively it will spring the trap.  He must demonstrate that he understands the world is a complex, unpredictable, subtle and rapidly changing place. He must show that he can lead with strength and restraint.

For Obama’s part, look to see him suddenly appear as a voice of reason to a war weary nation.   His theme will be that we “simply cannot allow a new voice to come into the White House in this explosive atmosphere in the Middle East.”

To the untrained eye tonight may look like a fair and balanced debate.   Only a naïve child would think that the Obama machine that stretches from Hollywood to the Muslim brotherhood will go down easily.   They will employ every last shred of influence that they have from the media and everywhere else to save this presidency.

However, prayer worked in the first debate and prayer will make the difference tonight.  Join me and let me know you are joining me for God’s will to be done tonight! 

7 thoughts on “In tonight’s debate, Romney is once again walking into a trap. It will hinge on one word.

  1. If I am a Christian and I disagree with other Christians. I do not see Obama as purely evil. So where does that leave me? Am I an outcast? I am not expecting any candidate to be perfect. But I also never bought the idea he is a Muslim or a terrorist any more than I thought GWB was a terrorist. Or Romney.

    I left the Republican party years ago. I hold it accountable for the fact they had many opportunities to make abortion THE issue and never did. So I went with the party that at least tries to take care of the disabled and elderly. It doesn’t mean I am pro everything Democrat. It just means there is a better chance for the less fortunate. The least of the brethren. If I believed Romney would really address pro life issues it might be different. But he is double minded and has said both ways! So that is not a risk I can take again.

    Having said that, I am deeply concerned about Mitt Romney’s Mormonism. Not that he can’t practice it. Of course he can. But they believe Jesus and Satan are brothers. And to me that’s petty messed up. Plus, I think he is too desirous to go to war rather than negotiate.

    I believe that ultimately the Church only has Jesus to cling to. And that all political parties will eventually fail us. Because we aren’t supposed to put our trust in men. We are to put our trust in the Lord. And before the political structure is completely gone I want to go with whoever will take care of the less fortunate.

    I hope you are not offended at my post. I will vote for Obama, reluctantly in some ways. But there is no way on earth I can possible vote Romney. And Yes. I am still a christian.

  2. Pray we have been and continue to do …. Have Bern praying for evil to be uncovered and revealed tonight and that the devil will once again over play his hand … May Righteousness prevail and the cry of a Righteous people be heard in heaven and deliverance come even in the face of overwhelming opposition … There is No One like our God and He will deliver His people, the faithful ones …

  3. I have been praying in tongues all day about this debate. Been asking the Lord to take over and speak through Mitt, that it will be Him speaking. Praying for grace, Anointing, utterance, the wisdom of God. I’ve sensed it will be a David and Goliath situation. This will be the knock out blow for Obama. Claiming Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against Mitt Romney will prosper and every tongue that comes against him in judgement will be shown to be in the wrong. The battle is the Lord’s. It’s been against Him all along. But God’s plans will prevail. He will show himself BIG as we pray and trust Him to act. By His grace and wisdom this “war” plan will not prevail. Psalm 125:3 The scepter of wickedness will not remain on the land allotted to the Righteous. It’s in God’s hand and He is well able to deliver. Just the fact that He showed you what was going on, just proves to us that He’s revealing so we can pray and He’s answering our prayers. Trusting in the love and mercy of God for the people of the United States.

  4. I have been fasting and praying since yesterday. I will be praying with you!
    I so wish Romney would ask him about the Arms Trade Treaty that Hillary has already signed and Obama will plan to sign before leaving office even if he is defeated.

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