6 million born again Christians voted for Obama. Why?

Six million born again Christians voted for Obama.  In essence they carried the election.  You know that I believe that no one who reads and understands the Bible could have pulled the lever for a platform so clearly against scriptural marriage, religious freedom, and Israel. So you can imagine how that statistic hit me.

Mario, why are you still talking about Obama?  He won the election, I get it but there is some explosive unfinished business.  First of all, there was pandemic voter fraud; so much so that a petition is coming to Congress to recount the votes.   However, that is not nearly my biggest concern.

My concern is if there was a great shift in America and we did not know it.  But the greatest concern is if it is true that 6 million born-again Christians voted for Obama because that is a massive earthquake in the Church.  That astonishing shift is what this blog is about.

Now let me get something off my chest. Two things that I have discovered: First of all, people do not like it when I criticize Obama. Second of all, those on the left are particularly adept at vile language and violent threats.  If you are one of those that come on our site and spew your hate, F-bombs, adolescent bathroom references, you should know that you are merely making our case.   I believe that Obama is the great divider, and these putrid posts help make the argument that he has divided us by race, gender, family, and doctrine.

Don’t bother posting hateful, nonsensical comments, they will be instantly deleted.  On the other hand no thoughtful comment will be blocked.  For example, one thoughtful post by a Christian who voted for Obama has made me want to dialogue and understand. 

Now back to the point of this blog.  Why did 6 million Christians vote for Obama?  There is plenty of blame to go around.  I believe that the Republican Party ignored the fundamental changes in America and especially they lost sight of the concerns of women, including Christian women.

Then there was the Mormonism.  I believe that Romney is an honorable man.  I would love to see him touched by Christ to see the error of Mormonism, but I still believe that he would have been a great Chief Executive.  However, many Christians could not get past his Mormonism.  How that alarmed them more than the extremes of Obama is curious.

Finally, there is the real issue: Christians do not know the Bible.  Christians have sat under pastors that do not teach Bible doctrine or call for commitment.  Many of the posts I have read showed remarkable illiteracy about what the Bible says.  They make remarks that remind me of Jay Leno’s man on the street interviews.  Where they could not find Montana on a map, or name the vice president of the United States.

I believe that Obama is the crowning achievement of a celebrity cult nation, a nation that prizes style over substance.  That same system is why celebrity pastors mishandle truth.   Ask yourself, shouldn’t it bother you that your pastor sounds like he is quoting fortune cookies in the pulpit?

The great Bible dumb down has filled buildings but it has emptied our souls.  Now we have a Christian constituency that can’t see anything wrong with secular situation ethics.   Take for example, one of the most famous young female country singers in America.  “I am a Christian but I believe in gay marriage because my pastor said we should not judge.”

With this sloppy agape on their mind, they went into vote blissfully unaware of the glaring contradiction of their faith.  All they knew is that they were being cool and nice to people.


My source for the 6 million is Joel C. Rosenberg.   Here is a more complete breakdown. * President Obama received some 6.6 million fewer votes  in 2012 than he did in 2008 (60,217,329 in 2012 votes compared to 66,882,230 votes in 2008).


* One would think that such a dynamic would have helped Romney win — clearly it did not.


* Incredibly, Governor Romney received nearly 1 million fewer votes in 2012 than Sen. John McCain received in 2008. (In 2008, McCain won 58,343,671 votes. In 2012, Romney won only 57,486,044 votes.)


Why? How was it possible for Romney to do worse than McCain? It will take some time to sift through all of the data. But here is some of what we know from the 2012 election day exit polls:


The President received a whopping 71% of the Hispanic vote (which was 10% of the total votes cast), compared to only 27% for Romney (McCain got 31% of the Hispanic vote in 2008). Obama also won 56% of the moderate vote, which was interesting given that Romney (who got 41%) was widely perceived by the GOP base as being a “Massachusetts moderate.” The President lost married women (getting only 46% of their vote to Romney’s 53%). But won decisively among unmarried women (67% to Romney’s 31%).


That said, what I’m looking at most closely is the Christian vote, and here is where I see trouble:


42% of the Protestant Christian vote went for Obama in 2012. This was down from 45% in 2008.

57% of the Protestant Christian vote went for Romney in 2012. This was up from 54% that McCain won in 2008.

When you zoom in a bit, you find that 21% of self-identified, white, born-again, evangelical Christians voted for President Obama in 2012.

You’d think this decrease in evangelical votes for Obama would have helped win the race for Romney, but it didn’t.

78% of evangelical Christians voted for Romney in 2012. Yes, this was up from the 74% that McCain received in 2008, but it wasn’t nearly enough.

To put it more precisely, about 5 million fewer evangelicals voted for Obama in 2012 than in 2008. Meanwhile, some 4.7 million more evangelicals voted for Romney than voted for McCain. Yet Romney still couldn’t win.

Meanwhile, 50% of the Catholic vote went for Obama in 2012. This was down from the 54% that Obama won in 2008.

48% of the Catholic vote went for Romney in 2012. This was up from the 45% that McCain won in 2008. Yet it still wasn’t enough.

Now consider this additional data:

In 2008, white, born-again, evangelical Christians represented 26% of the total vote for president, according to the exit polls.

In 2012, white, born-again, evangelical Christians represented 26% of the total vote for president, according to the exit polls.

In other words, we saw no change at all in the size of the evangelical vote, –no net gain, certainly no surge, no record evangelical turnout, despite expectations of this.

Of the 117 million people who voted on Tuesday, therefore, about 30 million (26%) were evangelicals. Of this, 21% — or about 6.4 million evangelicals — voted for Obama.

By comparison, of the 125 million people who voted in 2008, 32.5 million (26%) were evangelicals. At the time, Obama won 24% of evangelicals, or about 7.8 million people.

What’s more, in 2008, 27% of the total vote for president was Catholic, according to the exit polls.

In 2012, only 25% of the total vote for president was Catholic.

Remarkably, this means that Romney got a higher percentage of the Catholic vote than McCain, but millions of fewer Catholics actually voted in 2012, despite having Rep. Paul Ryan, a practicing Catholic, on the ticket.

16 thoughts on “6 million born again Christians voted for Obama. Why?

  1. How in the world did you get the numbers? On my Facebook page, I was in an intense discussion with an African American sister over the issues you mention here. I asked her to give me one scripture that I would consider in casting my vote for him. She did not, would not give me anything. Since I too, am African American, she just assumed that I would vote for then President Obama. I had seen too many policy decisions, especially against the church to even consider it. She could not or would not accept it. When she couldn’t give me a scripture to support her position, that’s when the personal attacks began. For a while she was being brought under conviction, but then something shifted. She was just gonna be justified in her position. She had no grounds in the word of God, and still doesn’t. I am so astonished. But you are right, not knowing the word. On the other point, women’s issues have been trying to be worked into the republican platform, mainly via the Tea Party. Modern day Jim Crow Laws are still an issue among many African Americans. They really want to vote conservative, but working with and living in other parts of the country other than my own, doesn’t give me enough data to examine to make an informed statement on this.Thank you for posting this.

    1. And he said, Hearken you, all Judah, and you inhabitants of Jerusalem, and you king Jehoshaphat OR your name (_______) <—-fill in the blank, Thus says the LORD unto you, Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the BATTLE is NOT YOURS, but {GOD'S} – [2 Chronicles 20:15]

  2. I had seen these stats and had time to think about them. 1. A lot of Christians DO know the Word, but chose to ignore it. They have not put the Word of God in final authority in their lives. (it also shows in their private lives, ask any Pastor) 2. The Republican party did not get out their vote. Too many Republicans stayed away from the polling booth. 3. I do think the Mormon issue was a bigger issue than we realized for a lot of Christians. 4. There is an inescapable fact: in many places the body of Christ did not heed their leadership. The leaders in the Body of Christ have lost influence over their flocks.

  3. I sent email after email to my black brothers & sisters in Christ, some I knew voted for Obama in ’08, and was very diligent in sharing with everyone really, white & black, the deeds of this administration, and I never received one response. After the election, I was on a Facebook page where one sister posted voting early in the morning and signed it Team Obama, and another woman on her page had pro-Obama post I inquired about and got no response. Then after the election, a well-known prophet had a black minister on his program/gathering and the prophet identified the black minister as a Democrat and one who is very proud to have a black president. I don’t get it! I was going to watch and listen to what in the world they were going to say and my computer wouldn’t even play it??? I go to church with many black sisters and brothers in Christ and they don’t get it either. How can you vote for a color and be a minister of the Word? I have lost all respect for those ministries. I will follow the Word of God and not a person, no matter what color they are. With the only possible candidates being Obama and Romney, the only righteous vote was a vote for Romney. When my biological sister was not truthful in her divorce proceedings and was so very hateful to my ex-brother-in-law, I sided with the truth, my ex-brother-in-law. I have a better relationship with him today than my own sister, but that’s okay because I stood for the truth. The allegiance to a political party or race within the church is not of God. The statistic I heard on BOTT radio is that 95% of the black protestant church voted for Obama. Very sad state of the church, very sad, indeed!

  4. Hi Mario,

    Why don’t you address another real problem of why churches are so dumbed down.

    Churches are now run like companies from the tithe spin.  Jesus would be livid.  Here’s a group that says a lot.

    Read the “about” tab if you care to see another real cancer  that runs through so many churches or more accurately called



    thanks for exposing demons and darkness.

    Stan Wenninger

    1. I am a born again African American and was absolutely astounded at how many black Christians voted for Obama. What do they do with “same sex” issue? Look the other way? If same sex marriage got a real stronghold in this country would these same Christians be out on the side walk with petitions and banners screaming against same sex marriage?

      Policies that are anti-Christian make it harder for Christians to live on a daily basis. Christians are shooting themselves in the foot by voting for Obama. It is simple…..VOTE YOUR VALUES, VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE.

  5. The reason those Christians voted for Obama is because they don’t have a relationship with Jesus, otherwise they would not have voted for him. When one has a relationship with Jesus one doesn’t agree or vote for sin.

  6. It would have been better for “Christians” to have not voted for anyone. Those Christians that voted for Obama voted for same sex marriage, abortions and against Christianity…. against God Himself. God have mercy on their souls.

  7. I would vote democratically at this point in time. I am a Christian, and have asked God a lot about when the time comes to vote who should I vote for, or more specifically, if Jesus were to sign a ballot, what would He do, and who would He vote for. Over and over again Jesus spoke about helping the homeless and poor, and democrats have a better plan for helping them over the Republicans plan of action. The great wealth imbalance shows the great about of greed in our country, and hurts my heart to see. There are helpless people but many candidates disagree with raising taxes on the rich in order to try and bring better balance. Don’t you believe Jesus would do everything He could to help these people? Another popular argument is on Gay marriage, a topic that I’ve thought over way to often without first going to the word and asking God for guidance. I believe that preventing the option of Gay marriage will in no way bring more people to Christ, but maybe even further them from considering following Jesus. Allowing them to make the choice is a better option. I recently read a book about a woman in a lesbian relationship who was married to a woman for many years. She became friends with a pastor and left that relationship years after the friendship grew, and has been follow Christ for years, and is now married to a man. Another topic of discussion is abortion. I am pro life, but I am also pro choice because of the amount of coat- hanger abortions that occur when the option is not legal. I also believe Jesus would vote against the death penalty because of his great forgiveness and promise of redemption after he died on the cross. Also because life in prison leaves more time for people to come to Christ, and for Him to work in their lives. And these are the reasons I would vote democratically at the current moment and why I would’ve voted for Obama.

    1. About Nicole, we do not normally post comments like this but in this one so masterfully demonstrates the kind of self-cancelling logic that modern preaching and our educational system has helped spawn. No need to correct her statements point by point. The comment takes care of itself. MMM

      1. I respect your opinion, and I will always go with what I believe God is telling me and not what others are telling me, and I will continually be praying about what he is calling me to believe, those are my current thoughts, and I will continue to seek out answers in what Jesus really would do. And I will look at your perspective and consider everything you say, as I too am a follower of Christ and want to follow Him as closely as I can.

  8. WOW. My God is cool. Okay so one look into His word is all it took, all this time I was asking my God what He would do when voting on these issues and what His beliefs are, and I was ignoring the verses that tell me exactly what He believes. Although I’ve read these verses numerous times before, maybe it was the reply I got from my last comment that pushed me to dig deeper, in fear I wasn’t glorifying my God by leaning towards voting democratically, something that would’ve been a mistake, or maybe it was God finally telling me READ MY WORD. And I listened and understand. We are all made wonderfully and beautifully in His eyes and our lives are precious to Him, so precious because we are made in HIS image. Abortion destroys someone who is important to God and therefore should be important to us. My God would not vote for a law that allows it, and neither would I, it’s time to stop accepting my parents liberal views and realize the only person I want to please is my God. Another topic Obama was for is gay marriage. A topic I have struggled with because before I gave my life to Christ I was all for it. I’ve gone back and forth on my view of this but I’ve come to see it is wrong in God’s eyes based on what He wrote for us to read. He also asks us not to condemn them, so I pray for them all the time, as I am just as guilty of sin but do not identify myself in it but with God. My heart aches for them, as it aches when I recognize my own sin. I hope this renewed view can be compared with my old view to show that God truly has changed my heart, and has shown me the truth.

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