Chanute Kansas: Ground Zero for Revival Fire and Miracles.

According to Google Earth, Chanute Kansas is the exact center of the United States.  In fact there is a circle here that marks the spot for satellites.  Now Chanute is ground zero for something supernatural.

I have only been here two days and already I can say that we have been taken over by an aggressive and deep demonstration of the power and fire of God.  Both nights when we barely began the meetings, the altars were overflowing with those who wanted Christ.

Healing  popped all over the building.  Tonight, we all witnessed a healing of a woman with a severely curved spine.  Her husband put his hand on her back and began screaming, “I can feel her bones moving!”  Immediately the rest of the capacity crowd burst into praise and reached out for healing themselves.  

This is now the third outpouring that we have seen this year.  It began in Clearlake California in February for 4 weeks.  After this came the Santa Rosa Fire for 15 weeks.  Now Chanute is showing every sign of being a major outpouring of miracles and an in gathering of souls.

The people lined up to get in the 7 PM service at 6:30 standing in the chilly air.  Before the first song the house was full.  The presence and glory was so thick that I found myself struggling to stand.  The next two hours are very hard to describe.  I will try do my best.

The altar call came first.  Hands shot up when I made the call for Christ.  They charged to the front and filled the entire front of the Church.  How glorious to see the families in the audience rejoicing that their loved ones were brought safely home!

The souls overflowed their fellowship hall.  Meanwhile the miracles began in the sanctuary.  The vivid details that God granted in his mercy electrified the people and ignited faith.  When I told people what their healing was they instantly grasped their miracle.  In a wholesale demonstration of power, dozens and dozens were healed.  Only God knows all of the miracles that are now roaming every part of this city.

We still do not know how the word got out so fast to areas more than 100 miles away!  The crowd in made up of Catholics, Baptists, Methodists and just plain sinners.  Once they get into the PRESENCE they become one family.

I am warning you that the earthquake of the Spirit that is just dawning here is showing frightening potential.  I believe that God is doing this right after the election to empower His people to combat the onslaught of Satan in our nation.  This may be the biggest explosion yet!

If you live anywhere near this area I am imploring you to bring those in desperate need of a miracle.  The blast of miracle faith that is present here will overtake any disease!  Stay tuned.  I will have big news for you tomorrow.

Where: Living Word Assembly  located at 1000 W 14th Chanute, KS  66720.  Call (620) 431-7777.

When: Tonight Tuesday November 13, and Wednesday November 14 at 7 PM.      

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