One of the most invasive and blatant displays of God’s power that I have ever seen.

Friday November 16th in Chanute Kansas, will stand as one of the most invasive and blatant displays of God’s power that I have ever seen.   People came from over a 150 mile radius.   They stood patiently in the cold waiting for the doors to open.  When they did every empty seat was filled.   You would have needed a crow bar to get one more person inside the building.

Before this night would end, scores would give their lives to Jesus and an equal number would give witness to receiving dramatic healings of every kind.  By the end of this service one would doubt that that the fires of revival will burn for years in this region of the world.  Chanute Kansas became a small town that would roar and find its place among the great moves of God in history.

The text for my sermon was 1 Samuel 10:6 Then the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you, and you will prophesy with them and be turned into another man. 7 And let it be, when these signs come to you, that you do as the occasion demands; for God is with you.”

My point was simple.  Deep and dark things have happened to America in the last ten days.  Events are so intense that they call for fresh anointing and wisdom that is beyond anything that the Body of Christ has known.  The Spirit of God will come upon us.  We will be changed into believers that America has never had to address before.  We must be ready to do what the occasion demands and not what regular religion or standard practices demand.

Once the message was over, God began to grant signs and wonders.  Over to my right the Lord said that a woman had fallen down a flight of stairs and that it devastated her spine and neck.  No one responded to the word.   It turned out that a lady who had never been in a healing service before was being healed but she was too terrified to admit it was her.    Moments later, Jesus mercifully permitted me to know the exact woman.  The house exploded when she stood, admitted it was her and demonstrated her healing.

Her obedience brought in a wave of miracles that would touch at least 80 people who all stood and testified to clear and undeniable healing.  Then the altars filled with souls seeking Christ for new life.

I also want to mention a miracle that happened on Thursday night.  It is one the most amazing healings I can remember.  I was ordered to march to the last row and stand behind a certain man and tell him the following, “Sir, your feet are in agony, you have kidney failure, your pancreas is dying, you have massive heart disease and your spine is in excruciating pain.  Now, Jesus of Nazareth makes you whole!”  

He had struggled to drag his pain wracked and weakened body to this meeting.  He drove two hours from Wichita desperately needing a miracle.   I returned to the stage as Jesus made him whole.  Suddenly, he jumped to his feet and began to yell, “I MUST GIVE WITNESS TO MY MIRACLE!   MY FEET WERE CRUSHED IN A CAR ACCIDENT.  I AM ON DIALYSIS FOR MY KIDNEYS.  I HAD ADVANCED DIABETES AND SEVERE HEART DISEASE…NOW I AM HEALED!”  Once again, the audience roared praise to Jesus!

The great revival of Kansas rages on!

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