Returning to Portland Oregon with a vengeance.

Why Portland Oregon Matters:  When two worlds collide.

I came straight to Portland from Chanute Kansas.  I did not take a break because this next assignment is so monumental.  I am in this great Northwestern city for revival!

Portland Oregon has lots of revival secrets hidden in its history.  It would shock many current residents of this ultra-liberal enclave to know the amazing acts of God that have taken place here.

In 1907, the spirit of revival burned so brightly here that all of the businesses downtown shut down between noon and 2PM everyday so that everyone could leave work and go to the Churches and pray.

Mario Murillo Ministries has a lot of history with Portland Oregon.  We have conducted 35 major outreaches here since the early 1980s.   However, it has now been many years since we have mounted a city wide assault on this bastion of bohemian life.  I felt that God had kept me away for a season but that now it is time for me to return by faith and believe for a greater revival than we have ever seen here.

Pastor Joel & Robbin Hjertstedt lead Destiny Christian Fellowship.  This church if filled with young people and revival fire.  I am here to preach two nights.  I am privileged to be joined by Dr. James Maloney who ministers in great power and miracles.  We are contending for this visit to be the ignition point of sustained revival in this key American City.

Today Monday November 19, 2012 many pastors will join us at noon to believe God for revival in Portland Oregon.  This city is due for revival, God is ready to send it and we are ready to receive it.

Why Portland Matters:  Many different groups regard Portland as the city of tomorrow.  Portland is seen as the model for the new America.  Whether it is Gays adopting children, abortion, secular humanism, legalized drugs, or assisted suicide Portland is considered the place where these radical ideas can be implemented in a way that doesn’t seem radical.  This is the palatable brave new world.

Portland can mask the failure of these concepts better than most cities.  An epidemic lurks under the Bridges, freeways and flop houses.  Young men by the thousands are hooked on crystal meth.  Drug labs are hidden everywhere.

By the same measure a revival in Portland would be seen as a model for America.  That is why I am here. I have waited years for this moment.  I knew I could not return until God had done something significant among the leaders.  The time is now!  Please pray as we move into the most important miracle rallies that we have ever conducted in this great city.

Meetings are tonight Monday November 19, 2012 and Tuesday November 20th at 7 PM  If you are anywhere near Portland please come but remember to come early because folks are coming at 5:30 PM.

Where:    Happy Valley Middle School 13865 SE King Road,  Happy Valley, OR 97086                                  PHONE: 503·723·4449

One thought on “Returning to Portland Oregon with a vengeance.

  1. I live in Portland and would absolutely love to come but I am flying out today to spend Thanksgiving week with my son whom is preparing to deploy to Afghanistan. Many blessing and I will be praying for you and your team. This is a city that needs a lot of help. Thank you

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