Rick Warren and the nightmare of trying to please everyone.

Rick Warren’s Nightmare is trying to please everyone.

An important lesson for all believers.

As the story goes, a man once tried to get safe passage across the Mason Dixon Line by wearing gray Confederate Pants and a Blue Union Army Coat thinking no one would shoot at him.   Instead everyone started shooting at him.   In the posts below you can see that both sides are indeed shooting at Rick Warren.

Rick made a clear mistake.  He is totally misreading the times that he lives in.   He and Bill Hybels are credited with perfecting the seeker model for Churches.  If by some slim chance you do not know what the seeker model is here is a short working definition:

This seeker friendly purpose driven Church growth movement is founded on corporative marketing strategies and pop psychology concepts that are known to be successful to reach large numbers of people. Most of the theology of Christianity that is less appealing to the world is shrouded so it will not be an offense to anyone.

Here is the problem.  Seeker models are based on a society that no longer exists.  Obama poisoned the dialogue.  He has so polarized America that everyone is forced to take sides on every issue.   Time was that Rick could avoid comment on all of these issues and just kept with the pop psychology.

This also means that the end of the seeker model is at hand because Christians are speaking out about compromise more than ever.  You will see the attendance begin to drop in Churches where the Pastor sounds like he is quoting fortune cookies.

What Obama has done is remind us that we are in a war.  He attacked our faith.  He made it clear that Jesus has no seat at the Obama agenda table.   Essentially, what happened is Gays, and all other activist groups wanted to know where Rick stood on the issues.   The seeker model is not designed for clarifying issues.   The hunt for clarity is on both sides.

This is why you will see more unapologetic Bible preaching.  A growing number of people are demanding it.   Obama caused that as well.  He made it okay to bash Christians.  Bashing Christians had a unique effect on the Church.  It unified and intensified doctrine and conviction.

Simply put, the neighborhood is now too noisy for the seeker model and all pulpits are being forced to come clean.  The seekers are no longer so friendly.

Thinking of taking your Spirit-Filled Church to a seeker model?   It is a clear path to disaster.

So here we see Rick trying to walk a tightrope on homosexuality and it backfires with Christians.

Rick Warren Uncertain if Homosexual Behavior is Sinful, Says ‘Gays’ Go to Heaven

November 29, 2012 |Heather Clark

Controversy is stirring over recent comments made by Rick Warren, author of the best-selling book The Purpose-Driven Life and megachurch leader of Saddleback Church in California, who stated that homosexual behavior “might be” sinful, and that he believes homosexuals go to Heaven.

During an interview this week with theHuffington Post, Warren was asked by Marc Lamont Hill if having romantic feelings for a member of the same sex is a sin. Leading up to the question, Warren was explaining that he does not hate homosexuals, and that people should disagree politely on the subject of homosexuality.

“What about the love part, though? I hear about the AIDS part,” asked Hill. “It’s not illegal to love somebody,” Warren replied.

“But you think it’s a sin,” Hill asserted. “No, it’s not a sin to love somebody,” Warren said.

“It might be a sin to have sex with them,” he added. “It might be.”

Peter LaBarbera, the president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality stated that he was shocked at Rick Warren’s comments.

“It’s also sinful to lust after another man,” LaBarbera said. “We can’t advocate sin as believers, and we have to think about how that the person that’s struggling with homosexuality is going to hear this.”

“There is no Biblical basis for his statements,” he added. “I think Rick Warren needs to retract that [‘might be’] statement and clarify it. If he does not retract it, he has fallen into error.”

“Rick Warren has a heart for lost souls, but he seems fearful he’ll offend people he could otherwise lead to salvation by telling the truth about their sin. That may indicate an inadequate faith in God’s sovereignty, or a failure to fully believe God’s Word has the power to transform lives,” Mason concluded. “I pray he’ll find the courage to be just as determined to be the salt of the earth as he is to be a light to the world.”

Requests for comment were not returned by Saddleback Church.

Now we see that all of that effort to gain secular acceptance not only alienated people in the church.   The gay community still thinks you are hateful

Rick Warren Doubles Down, Accuses Critics Of “Christophobia”


Via John Aravosis at AMERICAblog, Rick Warren is doubling down and accusing his critics of “hate-speech” and “Christophobia.”

Rachel Maddow has the video, and takes Warren to task for the hypocrisy of saying that it’s unfair to call his views hateful while simultaneously accusing his critics of hate speech. Moreover, as Rachel notes, Warren flat-out lies about his comments comparing gay marriage to pedophilia and incest.

Setting aside Warren’s role as inaugural invocation speaker (for a brief moment), I don’t think there’s any way to defend what he is now saying. I accept the proposition that it’s possible to disagree on the issue of gay marriage without calling someone names.

But there’s really no comparison between gay marriage and incest or pedophilia, and if Warren thinks they are equivalent, he’s either a fan of incest and pedophilia, or he has serious problem with gay people. And calling his critics “Christophobes” just makes matters worse.

A simple apology from Warren for having made the comparison probably would have made this whole controversy go away. But now he’s doubling down, and it’s just making matters worse.

2 thoughts on “Rick Warren and the nightmare of trying to please everyone.

  1. It is unfortunate that we have men today who draw men after themselves, making disciples for themselves and men putting man on a pedestal that they may follow them and not the Lord. His Word provides more than adequate information for christians to know the Absolute Truth for our faith and practice. We need ‘shepherds’ that will feed, guide, and warn the flock. There are men who love titles and promote themselves, interested little for the sheep. Consider John 10 in this regard.

    We’re told to be aware of false teachers and instructs us, how to identify them. To often, the sheep get lazy, complacesant, not willing to study and show themselves approved ‘of G-d’. They are therefore accountable to the Lord.

    Ultimately, the persons who take up the responsibility to sheperd(pastor) the flock will be accountable to the Chief Sheperd of His “Church” that He is building. All should be active in the “priesthood” both ‘holy’ and ‘royal’, 1 Peter 2. And as stated in Acts 2:43, they continued stedfastly in: the apostles doctrine, prayer, fellowship, and the breaking of bread. Is that how Mr. Warren’s church is expressed? I don’t know myself, i’ve never been there. Just a question that each one should answer for themselves.

  2. I have written two books exposing Warren, published by Southwest Radio Ministries, as well as our website (mostly under reconstruction now.)

    I invite you to view two film documentaries on him (one is mine):
    My friend and colleague Elliott Nesch produced this film documentary on him:

    Also see:

    Rick Warren claims that his book is the “best selling non-fiction hard back book in history”, when in fact all of the evidence proves this is false,
    including the President of Publishers Weekly:


    Rick Warren to Co-Preach at Mass with Pope in Fall 2017 in Philadelphia:

    James Sundquist

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