Taking the Church from Sesame Street to Azusa Street.

Lightning Strikes Oak Tree

Taking the Church from Sesame Street to Azusa Street.

I was going to call this letter Taking the Church from Denial to Self-Denial.  The reason that didn’t fit is because I believe that a vast number of God’s people are practicing self-denial and love Jesus with all of their hearts.

Our crisis does not come from rank and file believers but from an elite group that hold sway over what we hear and what we are told to believe both within and without the church.

Taking a pulse of the real people of God was an illuminating moment for me.  Here are the two most overpowering issues that are on the minds of most Christians but are not on the mind of many of their leaders:

1.  The fix is in. They believe that he nation that you and I grew up in is gone.  They believe that the republic that was founded in 1776 by the Declaration of Independence, the nation that was based upon the Constitution was removed on November 6th.

Their question is this: Unless the system is rigged how could a man with such vacuous credentials, failed policies, and zero executive skills be back in the White House.  His performance in the debate, the Benghazi cover up, the unemployment rate and the economy are all disasters.  Anyone of these, by themselves would have cost a candidate the election in the real America.  But in the new America, all three of these and a hundred added outrages are not enough to stop the agenda.

Millions of Christians agree with Matt Damon who said this about Washington, ““I don’t think I said anything a lot of people weren’t thinking. It’s easier now more than ever in my life to feel the fix is in, the game is rigged and no matter how hard you work to change things, it just doesn’t matter.”  This is now true of both parties.  Neither one of them will make any meaningful changes.

There are many Church leaders in denial over this.  For reasons that I will not judge, they are content to keep going as if nothing had happened. You can attack the Christians who believe that we are no longer a nation under the Constitution.  You can call them kooks and you can falsely console yourself that it is some conspiracy theory but it changes nothing.

Leaders who alienate Christians who believe their nation has been unlawfully seized do so at their own peril.  Their numbers are far greater than you think and their inner fire is intensifying.

If you read this and say, “I don’t want to hear it because I do not know what the answer is,” it changes nothing about what you and your children will face if there is no moral reversal.

2. They believe that answer for America is supernatural not political.  Leaders heed this warning, if it applies:  While you might enjoy the soufflé of temporary success and the flattery of the carnal believers who reward your diluted message and your slick programs there is something else going on out in the pews.  People want fire.  They yearn for a plan that they know is born of the Holy Spirit.  They know that God needs to attack our nation’s heart with conviction; conviction that unborn life matters, the Bible is not just a book and America is not some secular accident but one nation under God.

These people do not want a theocracy.  They do not want preachers running the country!  They only want the church to be restored as the conscience of the nation and the firewall of truth that will give fair and just leaders for our nation.

Label them radicals, call them names, and dismiss them from the pulpit but saying things like, “their ways are not our ways”, but this seething growing mass of Spirit-filled people will not back down and they will find revival with or without you.

If you ask my advice:  Announce this Sunday that you are leading the people off of Sesame Street and to Azusa Street.  It will be painful and you will lose some but what you pay now will be nothing compared to what you will pay later.

Our only hope now is revival but it is a great hope!  You can ignite a fire that will join other fires and it can sweep this nation.

2 thoughts on “Taking the Church from Sesame Street to Azusa Street.

  1. Love this! Rage on my friend. This machine cannot be stopped by any man or Devil in Hell! I for one and I know many others who feel the same! Preach on Brother! Women warriors are waiting to be deployed!

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