I have a message from God to You about Your Place in Saving America.

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I have a word from the Lord for you!  I know that because even as I am writing this to you my hand is shaking from the current of His power.  I am sitting here preparing to preach tonight in Martinez California.  Then it hit me that I was supposed to get this out to you right away.

Here is the fire that is overtaking my spirit.  Here is the word of the Lord to you.  Push away doubt, fear and apology.   Reject limits, lies and threats.  Today God will reveal your place in Saving America.  Jesus has targeted you for special ops! 

I am sitting here staring at the title for my message tonight:  Your place in saving America.

It begins with specific questions.  What would a revival in the San Francisco Bay Area look like?  In this bastion of liberalism, in this matrix of technology and social networking how would God do it?

These are the questions I will ask and answer tonight!  However, these truths apply no matter where you live!

1. Prophecy trumps policy:  The most urgent step you can take right now is to review the prophetic promises God has made to you.   Caesar Augustus felt powerful but he was manipulated by the prophetic when he ordered the world to register in their hometowns.  He had an echo of power because the real power was using him to get Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.

Our Caesar Augustus is Barrack Obama.  Sorry if it offends but he is a tyrant on a binge to reshape America.  He is punishing what he perceives is the arrogance and greed of our nation.  He wants to erode everything that makes us exceptional and get us to fall into line with the other nations of the world.   His agenda beyond that is shrouded in mystery and darkness.

How could Augustus have known that one day his throne in Rome would fall to the Nazarene?  In the same way let every anti-God agent in America heed my warning.  Not only is God not done with the Church and our nation, He has not yet begun to fight!

The prophecies about you are greater than the policies that try to control you!  Tonight it will be my thrill to stand and remind those in Northern California of the prophecy that was given to me by none other than Bob Dylan the folk and rock legend himself!   Moments before he called me on the phone God said, “I will pour out of my Spirit on San Francisco.”   Minutes later Bob is on the phone to me and he asks, “Did God tell you He was going to pour out His Spirit on San Francisco Mario?  Well, He is.”   There are no words to describe the power I felt.   Since then amazing miracles have happened by seizing that promise but the best is yet to come!

2. Relevant, essential and supernatural:  1 Corinthians 14: 24 “But if all prophesy, and an unbeliever or an uninformed person comes in, he is convinced by all, he is convicted by all. 25 And thus the secrets of his heart are revealed; and so, falling down on his face, he will worship God and report that God is truly among you.” Paul asks us, “What kind of impact to you want to have on the outside world?  We think that we are a universe away from revival but in fact, as dark as it may seem and as entrenched as evil looks, Satan’s hold is fragile and tenuous.

Relevant essential miracles overtake the narrative.  No matter how angry people are about rights, policies, liberal and conservative issues, the arrival of miracles stops debate.  It changes the conversation from race, drugs, guns and every other hot button issue to one about the Grace, Mercy, Goodness and Power of Jesus Christ.

God can instantly create things that were not there before and suddenly make the Church essential to those who wanted nothing to do with God!  God instantly created a hunger on the day of Pentecost!  The men in the crowd cried out to Peter, “what should we do?!  He can write new songs that will pierce a jagged generation!  He can impart new methods that

You may feel out of place with much of the religious world right now.  All that means is that you are meant for another place of service altogether.  If you have tried on the armor of Church tradition and it does not fit is because you are a new breed.  You are strangely normal and supernaturally appropriate to this moment when God breaks out in a shocking and irresistible way!

Check out this video about the ARC  

For those of you in Northern California area who want to hear this message live tonight:

7: 15 PM   The ARC 1015 Estudillo Street

Martinez CA 94553 Call 925 300 3007

11 thoughts on “I have a message from God to You about Your Place in Saving America.

  1. Brother Murillo, is Bob Dylan a Christian now? Or is that irrelevant? Sorry I’m asking, just curious and what you are prophesying above is exciting, wonderful and so God-given!! I can’t wait to see what He is going to do! People need to wake up and look up! Can you come to Vegas? 🙂

  2. How about for the South end of Cali
    To hear your message?
    At the end of the Harbor Fwy 110 South..
    Wilmington Cali/ San Pedro

  3. I was a student at CFNI when you told us about leading Bob to the Lord. I’ve never forgotten it, no matter what I’ve seen in the media.

    1. Kathy, While it would have been wonderful to lead Bob Dylan to the Lord it was Ken Gulliksen and the Vineyard Church that played a strategic role in Bob’s conversion. It was in 1974 that I stood at Melodyland Christian Center in Anaheim that I felt the compulsion to predict that Bob would be converted and write Christian music.

      1. The years may be playing tricks on me. I remember you telling about being called to a location to meet with someone and your skepticism – asking the question, “What are you trying to get out of now?” Something like that. Remember those CFNI sessions to this day and value you and your ministry.

  4. “If you have tried on the armor of church tradition and it does not fit, it is because you are a new breed. You are strangely normal and supernaturally appropriate to this moment when God breaks out in a shocking and irresistible way.”

    Thank you for those words.

    For years I’ve been told that one must “go to church” in order to stay close to the Lord but I’m just not a “group” or “tradition-following” type of person. I’ve tried but it just never “took”.

    As a Born-Again christian of many years, I simply prefer to pay attention to God and His Word while away from people and distractions for a little while…like walking through the woods or sitting by a stream. While I love my brothers and sisters in Christ, I prefer to be a more solitary type of Christian when it comes to worshiping our Father and our Savior.

    And it may sound a little strange but ever since childhood I’ve always felt that we were all living at the start of the End Days. And now here we are…

    May God Bless and strengthen us all. In Jesus’s name, I pray.

  5. Although, my sister Muriel, I do believe community of some type is important, so you always have accountability and fellowship when you are in the valleys, I’m kind of like you too. I have found an amazing church and pastor who challenge and inspire me in my walk. I’d searched for years to find a permanent church home, so praise God!

    On a side note to Brother Murillo, I pray for many who are famous celebs, and ask God to become real to them, speak to them and save their souls. Two who were really cool salvations that I’d prayed silently about ended up being Charlie Daniels and Alice Cooper. Still got Ozzy and Eminem and John Travolta and so many more still on my list! haha, I know it’s silly in a way, but God loves them too, and wouldn’t they be amazing testimonies for Him?!

    That’s what I like about my pastor, he’s not afraid to meet with and talk to, anyone at all, and he makes salvation and living for God sound and look as exciting and fulfilling and creative as it is! So do you, sir!

  6. OMGosh!!! Fiiiiiinnallly someone is saying something about what to expect and is clear about it and BOLD!!! Say it all Mario, you will anyway, smile, yeyyyyyy! I am sooo with you, I am one of those people already doing what God is telling me to do. I live in the tullies of Montana, beauuutiful here, and our valley is about to explode, let’s explode together! smile…Last week I finally did what God asked me to do a few mts ago..I walked around the local porn store 3 times for 7 days in a row, praying and commanding the business to close, to sell or give to a Christian org, for all associated with the place to come to Jesus this week. It went well, natural like, that tells me I was correct in knowing the assignment was from God. I soooo want to be in the forefront of all of this…but being waaay out in MT….well…I will do WHATEVER I can. I am soooo revved up and finally HOPEFULLLLL!!! NOOOoo other known preacher has been able to set my heart at rest…I was soooo worried that we’d be like in the days of Hitler and the m z llll mmmm zzz would be chopping off our heads here in America! And worse of all I have kids which made me more concerned to say the least. I have started to let go and let God but THIS that you write here…well I am revved like I said!!! What next God??? I will do it!!! Thank youuuuuuuu Mario

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