2013 asks some very deep questions, the deepest is, “where are the men of God?”


2013 asks many deep questions.   The deepest one is where are the men of God? 


Honest hearts look at 2013 and ask deep questions.

Why are our children still dying in a war that our leaders do not seem to want to win ask the parents.  Dismayed parents ask,

What will the open sewers of TV, video games, music and movies flood on our children next?

Where will I find the means to survive and raise kids in a hell of decaying crack houses and in the crossfire of massacres?

How?  We hear Pastors crying “How do I compete with lukewarm entertainment centers that tickle ears and dilute the Gospel?”

“When will You oh God pierce the darkness and send true national revival?” cry the intercessors.

The greatest question is, “Where are the men of God?” I am not talking about men who can be bought, sold or silenced.  Neither do I speak here of men who fear their boards, denominational officials or the tide of public opinion.   Nor do I mean men who put career before the welfare of the children of God.

If you stood in a pulpit and endorsed a candidate because of race, or fear of losing tithers and you still see nothing wrong with it then you need not apply.  This call is for other kinds of men.


We do not need men who hide behind their momma’s skirt with such lame excuses as, “The end times are supposed to be evil,” or “We are not supposed to be political,” and my personal favorite, “We are not supposed to judge.”


We do not need you men who call others radicals simply because they will not compromise the way you do.


WE NEED MEN OF GOD!  A.W. Tozer said, “These free men will serve God and mankind from motives too high to be understood by the rank and file of religious retainers who today shuttle in and out of the sanctuary.  The will make no decisions out of fear, take no course out of a desire to please, accept no service for financial considerations, perform no religious act out of mere custom; nor will they allow themselves to be influenced by the love of publicity or the desire for reputation.”

God is looking for men He can transform in the heat of battle.  He will empower those who refuse to go out except at God’s bidding.   He yearns for men who know that being busy means nothing if it is not done by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We need voices of power, speaking truth from hearts made pure by effective seasons alone with God.  We need men that ignite abject fear in Satan by just being in the neighborhood.

Neither I nor anyone else who matters is impressed with charming speakers and their twittering bird stories.  We need men of God that have decoded this generation and can convict it with compassion and start fires.

God still makes men like this.  Are you one of these men?

2 thoughts on “2013 asks some very deep questions, the deepest is, “where are the men of God?”

  1. This is so good and so true! I remember men like this growing up in the Assemblies of God; the evangelists who used to hold the tent revivals too…I miss them and the ones today are too PC, like you said, except for a few…and some still have hope and potential to grow. Please, post this on FB today, I’m sharing!!

  2. Discipling men was a a priority for the Lord Jesus Christ And Men will not rise up in a feminist Church.Just a couple of thoughts.Yet the breakdown of male integrety in leadership has scrambled society from the home to the church.Uh Lord we need a revival of men getting real with God taking responsility and repenting.

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