So God made a farmer.commercial: A Divine Interruption?

First there was what the Detroit Free Press said:

“Talk about contrasts.

There were no pretty women, comedians, babies, barking dogs or monkeys in Chrysler’s second Super Bowl commercial for Ram pickups.

Instead, Chrysler resurrected Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer,” an ode to the hard work and dedication of farmers in a two-minute commercial that aired during the fourth quarter.

“God said, ‘I need somebody willing to get up before dawn, milk cows, work all day in the fields, milk cows again, eat supper, then go to town and stay past midnight at a meeting of the school board,’” Harvey says in the stark, somber commercial as Ram aired as photos of tractors, combines, Ram pickups and gritty, hard-working farmers.”

“So God made a farmer.”

“So God Made A Farmer” Super Bowl Commercial Gives A Boost To Agvocacy- Farms.Com

Ram Pays Tribute to Farmers with Voice of Paul Harvey and Powerful Images

By Amanda Brodhagen,

It’s the Super Bowl commercial that everyone in the agriculture community is talking about – Ram Trucks version of the famous 1978 speech with the voice of Paul Harvey known as “So God Made a Farmer.”

Not only was the commercial a great advertisement for Ram Trucks, but it also gave a boost to “agvocacy”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term agvocacy, it’s the combination of the two words – agriculture and advocacy to create the word agvocacy. The whole purpose of agvocacy is to communicate about agriculture with the non-ag audience.

One of the biggest challenges to being an impactful agvocate is ensuring that you are engaging with the non-ag audience and not preaching to the choir. Ram’s commercial was able to reach that non-ag audience, which helps set the stage for agvocates to connect with the average consumer. The message was bold, the images were powerful and it was a positive message about those behind agriculture production.  Thank you to Ram Trucks for their tribute to the American Farmer!

And finally let me share:  A Divine Interruption?

Divine interruptions.

Now that you have read what others have said let me share a brief thought about this commercial.  I know that from a human standpoint it was a genius move for Dodge to totally contrast all the other ads during the Superbowl.  The other ads tried hard to justify paying millions for a few moments of your time and for the most part failed miserably because they merely fed us back the vacuous culture that dominates America now.

The voice and images in this commercial blended to evoke the America we lost and in eloquent language reminded us of how far we have fallen.   Imagine mentioning God in the first sentence of a commercial!  Even Churches don’t do that anymore.  Imagine showing a country church in all of its compelling simplicity!  Imagine honoring hard work, humility, sacrifice, perseverance to an audience that either cannot remember these qualities or never knew them or what these have to do with America.

Most of all it was the voice of Paul Harvey that went through my soul.  It convicted me because it reminded what voices used to sound like, before the whiny therapist voice, before the tedious activist voice, we had credible voices.  Harvey had such similar tones to the ones I remember from Billy Graham in the 1960’s: A voice that does not apologize for truth and is not ashamed of God.

I will not over spiritualize a truck commercial but it felt like reason interrupted insanity and in that quick moment people felt things they had not felt in many years or couldn’t explain.  So God made a farmer like Paul Harvey who even after he went to heaven could sow seed into the American soul.


8 thoughts on “So God made a farmer.commercial: A Divine Interruption?

  1. I loved Paul Harvey as a kid/teen/young adult and miss his radio show so much! The commercial should win awards. Everyone in my house got silent. It was amazing.

  2. The rest of the commercials were promoting the idea “you deserve” … a cold beer, an opulent lifestyle, an amazing phone, a sporty car, etc. This was truly a reality check. How did all of these things even get here? What am I doing to contribute! Real people are working hard to put food on your tables. There was an attitude of gratitude. I believe its message struck the very core of our souls. The best part is that it resonated with people. Everyone I know liked it. So that tells us, people really are ready to hear truth and they secretly, deep down, want to live differently. Preach the Good News, Mario! They will listen!

  3. Well said! I did not watch the Super Bowl, but I did see this commercial. It made me sad, but I could not explain why. You have put into words exactly what I was feeling. I mourn the loss of America as she once was. Even more, I grieve the fact that my children and their children will, in all likelihood, never know that America… On a positive note: The state of our country, our values, beliefs and morals, increasingly remind me that this is not my home…

  4. It was indeed refreshing, but I was quite shocked at the animosity toward it by urban liberals. The comments on (a Hollywood insider site) went from “boring” to angry. JA Andande on ESPN actually castigated it for not including “immigrant workers” (he also falsely claimed they made up 70% of the workforce). It was so interesting that the ad was actually attacked showing me that the spirit of this age is much more entrenched than I thought.

    However, one sign of hope was that a Super Bowl commercial website, admitted they initially dismissed it, but after the emails/messages of it missing from their “top SB commercials” – they watched it again and it “grew on them.”

    I’m convinced more than ever that without a move of God to change hearts, this culture is lost to political or media efforts. And likely it will NOT be with “persuasive words of wisdom” but in demonstrations of the Power of God.

  5. So God made a Farmer…..a powerful commercial that people responded to because they are hungry for something that truly ministers to a soul that is starving for solid values.

  6. For all the noise and and banter that was going on with our crowd while we watched the Super Bowl, everyone stopped talking to listen to this commercial. Really – the room went dead silent and focused on the big screen and Paul Harvey’s voice. It wasn’t until it was over that someone blurted out, “It was a truck commercial!”. Someone else countered by saying “Yes, but did you see how silent and focused we all got?”

    It Was Good, for all the RIGHT reasons!… 🙂

    1. Powerful! God has always illustrated His will and His ways to me as that of a farmer. Scriptures states, …..the father is the gardner. Illustrating tilling, sowing, tending, weeding, trimming, pruning and harvesting. Our heavenly Father does all these things to us His children.

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