The fire has flared up again Santa Rosa. Last night boggled my mind.

blog shot for week 6 copyFebruary 11, 2013

The fire has flared up again Santa Rosa.  Last night boggled my mind.


Standing in front of the people, experiencing the worship from R. C. and Lauri Carillo, see the crowd embrace the Holy Spirit’s work was gloriously eerie!  It was as if the meetings of the Santa Rosa Fire Had never stopped.  WE LITERALLY CONTINUED RIGHT FROM WHERE WE LEFT OFF!

The crowd was ready.  The souls who needed Christ were ready.  Without hesitating I called them out of darkness.  It was as we had seen so many times before; they effortlessly flowed to the front to receive eternal life!  Once again the front of Living Word Family Church was filled with seekers.

Once the harvest of souls was safely led into the prayer room I had every intention of preaching but healing power simply overtook us.  The first miracle was staggering.  A young woman came to the meeting with terminal cancer and her disease was precisely what God told me to say.  Before we knew it a group surrounded her like a ring of fire and attacked the cancer in the power of God.

Then the Holy Spirit jumped on another section igniting miracles in bones, joints, lungs, kidneys, livers and everything and seemingly anything that Got in HIS way!  Near the back on the aisle stood a man who had come forward and had just returned to his seat.  It became clear by the Spirit that he need a creative miracle in his legs.  Ordered to stand he obliged.  Instantly like the man at the gate Beautiful he took off demonstrating his miracle.

Another wave struck after that and more people began to report how they noticed dramatic changed in their bodies.  Fiery praise rose to God and the people started to lay hands on each other unleashing yet another barrage of miracles.

Intense joy swallowed fear and sadness.  The thick presence of God spoke loud and clear that the 15 weeks were not a fluke and that God was working to sweep all of Sonoma County into this mighty visitation of God!

Even as I write this the crowd is making its way to tonight’s meeting.  They are bringing the hopeless cases knowing full well why they are not hopeless.  They are corralling the unbelievers, the skeptics, and all for whom Christ died.  Everything in me says that tonight will be even greater if not the greatest night ever!insert-ad

5 thoughts on “The fire has flared up again Santa Rosa. Last night boggled my mind.

  1. Man this stuff needs to be broadcast! The vessel is strong, wise and powerful in the lord! The world needs to see this!

  2. Mario I have no money to fly over from Norway but my passion burns to knowJesus in His Glory. So much of my past failures and sickness in my body robs me of my full life in Christ. I have repented cried out so much that I know to do. One can feel as if rejected set aside. My cry is to know Him and worship Him even more. I have so many things wrong with my body and doubts at times robs me. Debt increases with every month. Yet in the midst of this God allows my the honor of seeing lives touched and changed as I minister. I want to see one stop shopping where all that I am or need is in being in Christ to he transformed by His Glory as I Worship the Father. I don’t want to be tired of the battle of fighting to just make it through the day. I want to see His Glory and be changed. I know God flows over Skype and Internet could you please pray and release the fire of God over my life to encounter Him even more in my life to be consumed by Him. I know that in that place my body will be healed the passion will explode all my need be met but mostly I will come to the realization To be Still and Know He Is God, that place of perfect rest in Him. Thank you for you passion and love for the Kingdom of God and what Jesus has done for us. Peter

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    1. Peter, It is 1AM here in California and I just arrived home. Your worship went straight to the heart of God your Father. Your cry is very real and precious to Him. Oh that we would not have to suffer from the hand of man’s
      religious traditions! I am praying that God will grant you the revelation of His love, Grace and mercy and that His Hand will touch your sickness and make you whole! God bless you and I will pass along anything else that the
      Holy Spirit may give me for you.
      God bless you!
      Mario Murillo

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