Was this the greatest night of miracles I have ever seen?


Before I say anything else, I want to remind you of what I have seen.  I have seen little Paul get up and walk in the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, I have seen Barbara in Seattle restored from the neck down to walk and jump.  I have Warren in Baltimore come out of a body brace.  I have seen Delma who was blind receive her sight in Oakland but I have never seen anything quite as overpowering as the mass miracle that took place last night in Santa Rosa.

How powerful was it?  The staff was ruined.  All of us sat rehearsing the events of the night until the very wee hours of the morning.  All of us admitted that we had never seen anything approaching this before.  Pastor Kel from the Lighthouse walked up to me and with a firm handshake and a deep look into my eyes says, “Mario, I was here for the entire 15 weeks of the Santa Rosa Fire and this was by far the most powerful night of all.”

We live in a time when ministry is so intense, discouraging and combative that even the Pope resigns!  We are in a season of despair that is swallowing the up our young and wiping out an entire generation.  Santa Rosa sits in the vortex of the socialist, secular progressive mind set, a mentality that has zero use for God or the Bible. 

Cover for Augus 2012t Newsletter

Yet, for all of this, the Holy Spirit sends such a drenching as I have never experienced.  He Himself sent a presence that nullified the threats of our time, removed any doubt of the power of the Gospel to prevail in any culture at any time, regardless of how dark or doubtful it is.

Mario who got healed and of what?  My answer is simply more questions, who didn’t get healed and what didn’t get healed?  The best way to describe it is to imagine that the entire complex of Living Word Family Church suddenly morphed into a space ship that gently lifted up out of the fear, evil and heartache of this life and landed in a place of profound peace, joy and power.

It was as if God had altered the temperament of the people to handle such glory.  As one weaving, swaying being of compassion people reached out to others and with holy hands brought the miracle the most pain wracked bodies.  A testimony service would have been futile.  At the very least would it have taken all night!

I kept thinking about the souls that met Jesus at the beginning of the meeting.  I laughed inside because they would go home assuming this was the way church always was!  How gloriously messed up they are now for anything less than the GLORY!

In the coming days I will relate to you more of the details of this single night.  For now rejoice and take heart that God is on the move.  He has heard our cry.  Last night Jesus made a statement by fire.  No way will America go down without the most amazing intervention of God!

Now we are preparing to return to the Friedman Events Center in Santa Rosa for Good Friday March 29th!

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